Wednesday, 16 November 2011

'MLM income opportunity' racketeers have been buying stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, legislators for decades

Your free-thinking readers (including some honest, senior law enforcement agents), know that, for more than half a century, 'Amway' has been the thought-stopping title for a pernicious/criminogenic cultic organization (i.e. 'Amway' hides a self-perpetuating, non-rational, totalitarian belief system instigated for the clandestine purpose of human exploitation). They are also aware that 'Amway' has generated such vast profits for its greedy bosses, that it has been copied by countless greedy racketeers. We now have a tidal wave of essentially-identical, parasites and parasitic organizations - a criminogenic cancer consuming the unprotected population and quietly multiplying, and gnawing, its way into the democratic process and rule of law in every country it visits. Meanwhile legislators have remained too stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, to identify, let alone cut out, this malignant disease, whilst the mainstream media (with a few notable exceptions) has concentrated its attention in other more-marketable directions.
When is the wider-world finally going to face up to the ugly reality that, for decades, the secret goal of 'MLM income opportunity' racketeers has been to introduce, their own thought-stopping jargon into legislation around the world, subverting the democratic process and, thus, obtaining a corrupt license to reap billions of dollars from the rest of us, by running dissimulated money circulation schemes and related advance fee frauds, on an unprecedented scale, but without any risk of being held to account for these titanic crimes. Although it remains very difficult for many people to accept, the plain truth is, that these absurd, but nonetheless dangerous, cultic gangsters disguised as 'pious and philanthropic capitalists,' have infiltrated traditional culture and have effectively legalized a particularly cruel type of mass-theft by deception, which traditional culture has (to-date) failed to identify accurately as being just another form of closed-market swindle, or money circulation scheme.
Closed-market swindles dissimulated as 'MLM income opportunities' are always essentially the same false beacon of hope which can lure their most vulnerable victims into a delusional, self-destructive state, akin to a chronic gambling addiction. In reality, no matter how they are disguised, closed-market swindles only enrich their instigators and a few early recruits, with their latest victims' money, but since (by definition) a closed-market has no real external revenue, the latest victims are, in turn, promised the same chance or right to be paid from future victims, ad infinitum. Thus, closed-market swindles dissimulated as 'MLM income opportunities,' propagate the malicious false promise that endless-chain recruitment + endless contributions by the recruits = endless profits for all contributing recruits. Self-evidently, by design, this economic Utopia cannot be fulfilled, but the cruel illusion has been sustained simply by hiding its catastrophic results. Thus, preventing its victims from complaining. Consequently, although all 'MLM income opportunity' rackets have secretly produced loss/drop-out rates of effectively 100% (other than for their instigators and earliest recruits), they have continued to function, because this key-information has been deliberately withheld from the wider-world by criminals. Indeed, the act of occulting this information, has itself been fraudulent.
'MLM income opportunity' racketeers have sought to prevent prosecution of endless-chain recruitment schemes by laundering most of these schemes' unlawful internal transactions through what they have arbitrarily defined, in their thought-stopping jargon, as 'product purchases.' Each smokescreen 'purchase' has included at least 40-50% margin for apparent 'profit payments' collectively, to persons arbitrarily defined as 'Distributors' or 'Business Owners' , but who have actually been insolvent victims of a closed -market swindle - temporary de facto slave recruiters, doomed to failure. This 40-50% has been apportioned according to an incremental percentage-formula based on the victims' position in the endless-recruitment chain above the latest victims. Thus, any payments to the instigators and to the earliest recruits have been the product of fraud, whilst the remaining payments going to the so-called 'MLM' companies from the smoke-screen 'purchases' of the latest victims, were also the product of fraud.
In the USA, various court decisions, and some State laws, specify that any payments apportioned to the participants in a multi-tiered sales organization (ignoring the fact that these organizations, have all been criminogenic) must derive from outside of the sales organization and be the result of genuine retail sales to the public, not from smokescreen 'purchases' made by the recruits themselves. However, to avoid court rulings in the USA that might identify, and outlaw, closed-market swindles dissimulated as 'MLM income opportunities,' their instigators infiltrated and subverted an existing, US-registered, corporate structure known as the 'Direct Selling Association,' to acquire influence over legislators in more than a dozen States. Thus, existing US anti-pyramid laws were rewritten in precise, but essentially meaningless, terms (like 'anyone' , 'products', 'consumers', etc.) to exempt closed-market swindles in which the revenue is secretly derived from smokescreen transactions arbitrarily defined as 'product purchases,' thereby illegally  removing the key-distinction as to whether the participants are actually making authentic retail sales to the public. Using these subversive tactics, closed-market swindles dissimulated as 'MLM income opportunities' have been effectively legalized in the USA (and in various other countries), but the false promise that endless-chain recruitment + endless contributions by the recruits = endless profits for all contributing recruits, upon which all 'MLM income opportunities' have been based, remains intrinsically fraudulent under universal criminal laws which define theft by deception.
Corporate Frauds Watch has recently uncovered these same subversive tactics evidently being pursued in the Indian State of Kerala, where the de facto agents of the'Amway' bosses (i.e. the officers of the 'Indian Direct Selling Association') have also been attempting effectively to legalize dissimulated money  schemes which launder illegal internal payments through smokescreen transactions arbitrarily defined as  'product/service purchases'.  Stupid, and/or Lazy, and/or corrupt Kerala officials have recently been caught red handed trying to redefine traditional direct selling in the familiar, effectively meaningless terms, to include the unlawful continuous-recruiting of insolvent victims (arbitrarily defined as 'direct sellers'),who illogically will not be obliged to sell anything directly to the public, by fake corporate structures (arbitrarily defined as 'direct selling' companies), which illogically will be allowed to derive the overwhelming majority their revenue from their victims, who merely make smokescreen 'purchases' under the delusion that eventually, by exactly duplicating a plan of recruitment and self-consumption, ad infinitum, they will be able to retire and receive reward in perpetuity. However, all such closed, money circulation schemes are already banned by existing, Indian, criminal legislation. 
Readers of CFW should be aware that the subversion of the democratic process and the rule of law in the USA by 'MLM income opportunity' racketeers, included a proposed Bill, HR1220, in the US Congress. This shameful document was written by officers of the so-called 'Direct Selling Association' and it was introduced into the US House of Representatives by a traitor to the American Republic, who, ironically, was an elected Republican Member for Texas, Joe Barton. Co-traitors, included a small flock of apparently pious Republican/Christian Congressmen/women whose political campaigns had been largely-funded by money produced by 'MLM income opportunity' fraud. In simple terms, these legislators had been bribed with stolen cash, but they have not yet been held to account. The corrupt Bill they proposed, would have created a federal law, maliciously designed effectively to legalize 'MLM income opportunity' fraud throughout the USA, and to override common-sense federal court decisions which had previously served as the guide in all other federal court cases dealing with the 'MLM' question. However (probably due to the invasion of Iraq in 2003), the law was never passed.
Jack Abramoff has recently admitted that he was part of an extensive, corrupt 'lobbying' system in Washington which has been partially exposed, but not halted. Abramoff has confessed that he was paid millions of dollars to bribe stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, US federal legislators to conceal modifications in federal legislation which were secretly of great financial benefit to his clients, and against the interests of the people. These modifications were the product of crime. They were written in precise, but incomprehensible, terms often referencing (but not explaining) previous laws or obscure sub-sections of previous laws. Similarly, 'MLM income opportunity' racketeers have used corrupt 'lobbyists' to cloak their own modifications to legislation in thought-stopping, apparently pious terms like, 'reform' , 'updating', 'anti-pyramid,' etc. To casual observers, terms like,  'anyone',  'consumer' , 'product', etc.  can appear quite harmless. However, to intellectually-rigorous observers, this obvious subversion of the democratic process and the rule of law by the manipulation of language, is revealed as a co-ordinated devious campaign launched by cultic gangsters, to redefine traditional direct selling, and thus, include, and effectively legalize, the cancer of 'MLM income opportunity' fraud (which has no real connection with traditional direct selling), from which these parasites continue to reap billions of dollars from countless millions of their constantly-churning victims. 
David Brear (copyright 2011)

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