Monday, 9 April 2012

Beware! Crooks lurk to loot your hard-earned money

Of late a number of crooks are lurking out there to cheat you and snatch your hard-earned money in the name of easy and quick money and even employment. Corporate Frauds Watch has been exposing the dubious ways of various multilevel marketing companies like Amway, Herbalife, Tupperware, AMC, Max New York Life Insurance and others. However, several new crooks are raising their ugly heads with new schemes. 
We come across a number of advertisements in Classified columns in newspapers everyday under the head Business Services. They claim that you could earn sizable income sitting at home by making paper plates, tube light chokes, CFL bulbs, candles, Mobile towers and other things. If you evince any interest you would lose a sizable amount of money. They charge exorbitant price to erect the manufacturing units at your home and try to rope you in with an offer of high commission to bring in more people. Thus you too would become a part of the racket. 
The latest in the racket is the employment opportunity. Advertisements appear in vernacular newspapers offering employment in various industries with a salary of Rs. 12,500 to Rs. 20,000 in various capacities like supervisors. All one has to do is register themselves with the advertiser by paying Rs. 1,500 and keep ready four photographs, ration card or any other card for identification. If anyone is hooked with the good employment opportunity, he is told to deposit the amount in a bank account in his town and wait for the appointment order.
Generally, all these advertisements appear in the name of young girls who try to hook the prospective clients with sweet talk to deposit the amount immediately. They never disclose where their office is located. If anybody insists they would be told to come to a particular place in the capital city of Hyderabad for inquiry. In effect, they have to travel eight hours to learn that they are cheated. And nobody would go to police to lodge a complaint for the amount of Rs. 1500. On the other hand, they feel ashamed to tell anyone that they are cheated. That is how these crooks are surviving.
Advertisements also appear inviting applications to erect mobile towers on the roof top of your house or on the empty space in your backyard. The advertisement claims that the mobile companies would pay you Rs. 12,000 monthly rent and an interest-free deposit of Rs. 10 lakh..All one has to do is deposit Rs. 5000 in a Bank account and wait for the erection of mobile towers. No need to say this would never happen. You keep on waiting till you realise that you are cheated. Same is the case with this category. They maintain silence and refuse to share the information with anyone let alone lodging a complaint with the police. 
Anyway, police evince little interest to take the complaint on file and investigate. They simply laugh at you to further your embarrassment. 

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