Saturday, 14 April 2012

Police arrest Akshaya Gold owners

Andhra Pradesh police swooped on a meeting at Ongole in Prakasam district in Andhra Pradesh organised by Akshaya Gold group and arrested the agents, members, and office-bearers of the company which has been collecting deposits without any authorisation from the Reserve Bank of India with the offer of huge returns in a short span and huge commission to the agents who collect such deposits.
The Superintendent of Polcice, Mr Raghuram Reddy said that the fraudulent company has been cheating the gullible with the promise of huge returns on deposits and it has no permission from the Reserve Bank of India to mobilise deposits.
So far, it is believed that the company has collected about Rs. 200 crore (two billion) from public.
However, the company owners say that the company has purchased several acres of land with the funds to enable it to refund deposits to the public.
History proved otherwise. Not a single company right from the Golden Forest in the 1990s which has purchased lands with the public money never refunded a single rupee to the public.
So is the case with AgriGold. It is also collecting deposits paying as high as 30 per cent commission to its agents. The intention is clear. 

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srinivas said...

TRILLIONS INDIA DISTRIBUTORS LTD.,ERNAKULAM, COCHIN. is doing the same business and cheating the innocent public. The MD is SHABU from Kerala.

I have invested all my hard earned money of Rs.3.5 lacs in the month of april'2011 through

two LIC agents

(1) mr. M. Rahimsab
LIC agent (agent code no. 0135565c)
s/O Mahaboobsab
h.No. 18/820-j2, tilak nagar
Guntakal - 515801
Anantapur District
mobile nos. +919290524205, +919133555090.

(2) mr. D.S. Hari krishna,
LIC agent
s/O satyanarayana
(laadu bandi)
h.No. 5/82, jonnagiri (post)
tuggali (mandal)
kurnool (dist.)
Mobile nos. +917396458117, +919052507298, +919963355137
landline no. 08520 236887

in preference shares of trillions india distributors ltd. Ernakulam, with monthly returns,

believing the words and commitment of these LIC agents and expecting that it will help for my children career.

The above LIC agents have send the amount through rtgs (sbinh 11119302849) from state bank of india to trillions india distributors ltd a/C no. 501011020936, ing vysa bank, ernakulam.

After a month I could not get any returns nor the preference share certificates, when I enquired, the LIC agents has given me a partial preference share certificates and when I asked for the rest of the certificates and monthly returns. They said that you will get in few days and has dragged the issue till date.

Till date I have not recieved any amount nor the preference share certificates and now I understand the I was cheated and these agents are working as brokers for many money circulation comapnies for their benefits and getting high commissions and cheating the innocent public.

Hence I request the authorities to advise and help me to get back my hard earned money.

And also request the authorities to save the innocent public from the cheating agents.