Sunday, 29 April 2012

Fake Pharmacy peddled fake pills, but its instigator stole £15.4 millions of real cash

Your free-thinking readers should find the latest news from Britain both frightening and informative. 
Almost three years ago, Simon Hickman (from Manchester) was sentenced to just two years prison for running a fake 'online pharmacy' which he used to peddle fake 'Viagra.' 
Hickman had relied on the fact that the majority of his victims would be far too embarrassed to come forward and complain.
Even though Hickman advertised his stolen wealth (buying luxury cars, properties, etc.), it apparently took a team of British law enforcement agents 6 years to discover how much cash he had thieved, and for them to find it.
A court has now ruled that Hickman took £15.4 millions, but he has been given 6 months to hand over $14.4 millions.
David Brear (copyright 2012)

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