Thursday, 20 September 2012

Don't fall for promises of easy and quick money

Many people are arguing in this blog that why I have taken so much time to set the law in motion. Some others want a regulatory mechanism to bring order in multilevel marketing. 

When the law clearly says that becoming a member and enrolling others to become members in such schemes is prohibited under the provisions of Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978, 1978, what is the point to have a regulatory mechanism to make an illegal act legal. It is an open illegal money circulation scheme.

I have made it clear several times, many people who join in these schemes want to earn easy and quick money though they know it is a crime. I have heard at one NMart retail shop, that NMart is going to file a writ petition in the High Court, and we could continue for sometime. It means that they know well that they are cheating their own friends and relatives to join such scheme. 
That is why people are vociferously raising their voice against me and even casting aspersions on my action.
Andhra Pradesh High Court in its judgement in the writ petition filed by speakasiaonline pointed out that "The first contention raised by the learned Senior Counsel is that First Information Report can be registered only on commission of an offence. It is true that First Information Report is to be registered on commission of an offence, more particularly, for a cognizable offence. Once a cognizable offence is committed, First Information Report can be registered. But at the same time, some of the provisions in the law enable the Investigating Agency to register First Information Report for mere preparation alone, for example, Sections 120-B, 399 of IPC and 7(1)(a) of the Criminal Law Amendment Act. Further, whether an offence committed or not always depends upon the ingredients mentioned in the provision of law. Some provisions in the penal laws made the preparation also as an offence. When the provision deals the preparation as an offence, the preparation itself is commission of offence."
The Supreme Court in its judgement in AR Antulay vs. RS Nayak (AIR  1984 SC 718) case stated that "Crime is a wrong against the society at large and therefore, as a general rule, any person having knowledge of the commission of an offense may set the law in motion by a complaint."
It is clear here that a person need not be a victim to lodge a complaint and anybody could complain whenever a crime takes place.
In the speakasiaonline case also, the racketeers raised the same question that the complainant made unjust demands and when it was not met, he lodged a complaint.
The High Court has looked whether there was prima facie offence in the complaint and when the crime was found it dismissed the writ petition.
This is exactly what is going to happen in the case of writ petition filed by the NMart.
In fact, the first complaint was lodged with the police way back in 2010 and had the police taken action at that time, the NMart would not have grown to this extent. Many people would have been saved. Now everyone is going to lose their hard-earned money. I really feel sorry for them. Many of them were lured by easy and quick money and high returns. Even today they strongly believe that they are going to earn a lot of money as per the promises of Gopal Shekhawat.
People should realise that it is a crime to join such schemes and that the friends and relatives they have joined in such schemes would never believe them in future if they suffer loss. If the mutual trust is lost, the society would collapse.
I appeal to the people all over world not to join such multilevel marketing companies and cause damage to the social fabric of our closely knit society.


Unknown said...

Another company called "" started in A.P. Headquartered at Lucknow. Company name is AxilCore (Moral Group of Companies)Their Hyderabad office is at H.No.6-3-200/A,First Floor, Moparthy Towers, Premnagar,Road No.1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad-500004. This company has started in July'2012. Around 1500 people joined in Andhra Pradesh. In Vijayawada also around 50 members joined. But unfortunately in Vijayawada no member has received their gifts and digital cards for their value of amount paid to the company Rs.4500/- till date since two and half months completed.I think this is also another scam company like Nmart. This is very initial stage I found and informed to you to take any action against to this company.

Oozingthoughts said...

Hi, sent u a mail regadng qnet & voice of a common man...hav u recd it?? plz reply

Shyam Sundar said...

Kindly go to the nearest police station and lodge a complaint with the police about this fraudsters. Tell your friends and relatives about this fraud and warn them not to join. However, on the other side, do you know what they tell you? People who joined first would make money and the latter may lose. That is why everybody rushes to join such criminal activity. That is the pathetic part of the crime. It is next to possible to stop these people.
That is why it is an appeal to people to approach the police at an early stage of such scams. you might have noticed that people are casting aspersions of my interference. Please join hands against such crimes and I will guide you how to lodge a complaint and how to write a complaint. Kindly help the society to rid of such scams.

Unknown said...

I don't have that much of courage and knowledge about the complaint and further proceedings. So, I can give you the information about it. On 22/9/2012 and 23/9/2012 this company chairman will be visiting Hyderabad to conduct some meetings about their company.


money circulation act is for what.
it is purely for fraud firm if anybody come into the business and make money and they will escape in short period.that is the reason this act was formed.
I am asking to the indian government.
if anybody want to create this type of opportunity business,GOVT take under control and should verify.they should analyse the plan,how can make profit,and other joining people also.analyse all things then its ok for the indian market.then approve it.
this is the way india will grow and individual income also grow in nation wide.
MLM is great opportunity to all kind of people.

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