Thursday, 13 September 2012

Gopal Singh Shekhawat and wife absconding after judicial magistrate issues non-bailable warrant

The Borivali magistrate court, Mumbai, on Thursday issued non-bailable warrant against the accused in the NMart fraud case Gopal Singh Shekhawat and his wife Pratibha..
The AP police issued a petition in the magistrate court stating that the accused who was enlarged on bail by the same court on the condition that he would present himself in the Ongole magistrate court on or before September, did not present himself in the Ongole court. Hence police preferred the present petition.
The Borivali court issued the NBW against the accused Gopal Singh Shekhawat. The police reached the residence of the accused where they did not find both the accused - Gopal Singh Shekhawat and his wife Pratibha Singh Shekhawat. The concluded that both were absconding.
After searching the house they found the evidence that the accused were in the process of packing luggage and vacating the house.
The police  searched the entire house and seized some incriminating evidence including documents and a laptop.
They have also seized some cars and motorcycles belonging to the accused.
In the next course of action, the police issue a lookout notice for the arrest of the accused wherever they are found including railway stations, airports and others.
The senior police officers confidently said that the accused would be arrested soon.



sundhar sir meeku ela telusu ee matters dont write bad roomars. nmart prove it success this month ending.wait and sea.your a just disturbment this matter you not a win,nmart field force is wins finally .


hi sunder, dont write negative roomers we are not afraid of your this matter ur not a win,nmart fieled force finally winners. wait and see this month ending.we are all doing business back coming soon.bye.

Unknown said...


ye paagal kuchh bhi likhta hai kuchh bhi.. budha jo ho gaya hai, dimaag kaam nahi karta, he thinks everyone is stupid like him, Shyam what police says you keep on writing and you think what you write people will/should believe?

Stupid stop blackmailing, if you think that they will pay money they go fish.

Ghar mein paani aata hai to sab bhaagte hai, tu bhi bhage ga bas wo din dur nahi. Ek Ek Namrtian tujh pe complaints daalenge aur tu yaha se waha aur waha se yaha bhagega.

Tu jitne patthar phenkega us ko hum phool bana denge, us phoolo ki mala tujhi ko tere gaaon me aake pahenayenge,aur tujhe usi ke Karz mein rakh denge.

Zindagi bhar pure Andhra mein muh dikhane ke kabil nahi rahega, log bolenge wo dekho Aheshan Faramosh jaa raha hai, Wo dekho Ahesan faramosh jaa raha hai,

Aur Police bhi yahi bolegi, "Ye dekho Aheshan Faramosh aa raha hai".


wait and watch nmart is a lawful company,,,,you have raised some issues to nmart company,,,,you are opposite to nmart company so your msg always against to nmart company,,,be cool nmart can broke all this issues,,,,,

Vikas@Rkl said...


Shyam Sundar said...

Thambi, pahale ye bolo, Gopal bhagraha hai yaa nahin. Pahale tu bolte ho, ye sab jhoot hai. Baad bolta hai mein bhee bhagegaa.
Pahala ye faisala karo, Gopal bhagraha hai haa nahin. LoL.

shah712 said...

police ke naam se to GOD bhi darta hai, to gopal kyu nahi.Aisa na ho kal tum bhago.

Shyam Sundar said...

An honest man is never afraid of anyone. Why should he run away? He could present his case in the High Court and convince the judges.
By running away from long hand of the law, he only complicated things for himself and for his followers like you.
You still believe that it is not a racket.

javed said...

shyam bhai tum to hindi bolane lage....very

jaiinfotech said...

Shyam Sunder aap khud apne blog ko dekho.. yahan par 99% log Nmart ke sath hai... tum apni antaraatma se pucho ki tum Sahi kar rahe ho? please bahut honest tarike se apne aap se puchna..
Pure Bharat main Nmart ko support mil raha hai..
meri tarah har NMART Associate ki subhkamnaye NMART Ke sath hai..
apne liye baddua mat lo..
dukh ki ghadi main ye sab yad aayenge.. ki maine kyun logo se baddua li ..
chalo koi bat nahi aap apna kam karo Gopal jee apna kam karenge.

Shyam Sundar said...

Did I every say that I do not know Hindi. This blog is English blog and people from 52 countries read this blog regularly. That is why I am asking our people to write in English.

shah712 said...

It's because of u payments were stopped immensely.Indian is an enemy of Indian..

shah712 said...

In all 52 countries, no one supporting you.Initially our banking system was also ran on financial pyramid system only, after that RBI intervene.

shah712 said...

You don't really know the popularity of Shekhawat ji.He is everything to his associates.No body believe your words.He is an international figure and respectable human.

shah712 said...

if it's a racket, why so many nmart malls today, negative persons barking since mall one.You have less knowledge in mall business.

Unknown said...

Hi Shyam, how r you? There is no interesting this bore blog. Do some thing which will be more mazaa.

As per you have given 2 writ petition numbers. 1 is wrong number. and another 1 is NMart filed case on AP Govt, DGP, SP of Ongole & also on you my dear Hero. Where is important matter? I have visited & collected all data. It is 100% sure that, u cannot escape from this picture. It is very clear. OK OK cool my friend. You are now International Figure. OK OK.
I am not opposing you. I support for TRUTH. You are correct as per your knowledge. I am correct as per my knowledge. Then why this quarrel? So there is some communication gap. Am I Correct?
Thats why i requested you since one week to give proper details, Writ Petition Numbers, Seriousness of this case. So that, I will also accept you. No doubt. But till today what you given is JUST SILLY.
Anyway you are supporting me. Thank you very much. But now atleast give some strong information as Strong Petition Number. Otherwise this blog is getting very bore. Please my loving friend.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Dear sham sunder well done. simply u save hard earned money of many innocent people. but realy ashamed that people who know that is fraud but still fight for and favour for gopal. in india 1000 of people ready to file case againest nmart.

shah712 said...

in 20 lakh members, 1000 is very vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv small, ask any mathematcian, why they filing cases simply because of shyam, he ruined the nmart system by giving false information, all the malls were looted and police raided every where.All Blame on shyam only.Purchasing a smart card is illegal?, there are health cards which are sold by hospitals also.Today news came in that to facilitate Reliance Central Govt reduced Gas cylinders only 6 per year to one customer, is't this a big corporate fraud??????

shah712 said...

Hi jack desuja, in this matter your brother peter suffering by loosing out employment in nmart store and his wife also, and you happy?

Unknown said...

jack desuja,

abbey ye kaisi surname hui?

desuja, samaj mein nahi aya, Christians mein desuja nahi suna, De'suaza zaroor suna hai.

Bevkoof bana na bandh kar be, hamein nahi pata kaun hai ye sab tere favor karne wale?

Shekhawat ke khilaf 1000 hai to hum 1.6 million hai, kitne? 1.6 million, Indian mein ginti batau kya?

16 lakh, Zindagi puri ho jayegi court ke chakkar kat te kat te. Tushar Kapoor jaisi haalat ho jayegi zindagi puri hote hote,

ei ou, a e i o u.. ai oying, ei oiying.

Venkat Andhra said...

What ever it may be the good name of nmart got spoiled and even if nmart runs again also people will not have any interest in joining in this but may be the joining will be very slow after opening the mall again and nmart website is also not getting open and inverters are also not interested due to this issue and the fact is nmart violated the term by stopping Rs220/- per month and new material is also not coming to the mall then everybody will think badly about gopal sir closing nmart website is very big -ve and insult to the company and what what will happen about monthly purchase rule and as per the nmart rule monthly purchase rule is there although it is modified little bit if the case is not solved fast then common people will face more problems because they have to complete Rs72000/-
and some people didn't get the hundred rupees bond paper agreement also those who don't get bond paper with agreement thy will get scared about company i wish gopal sir must come back and run nmart normally but the main problem is nmart must have good staff for customer care and take some necessary steps for the customers to shop without waiting and must allow all the products to purchase with nmart cu-pans but sugar and oil are not applicable for the nmart cu-pans that must be removed and some more necessary steps to make customer convenience
let us see what will happen but court must solve this problem quickly otherwise many people will suffer lot

Unknown said...

Watch the entire nmart scam on channel one news and lemon tv news, on 8/11/12 at 10 30 pm and 9/11/12 at 8 30 am and 10 30 am