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India needs an intellectually-rigorous, and accurate, definition of 'lawful direct selling'

I notice that (without offering to produce any quantifiable evidence to support their anecdotal claims) certain intellectually-castrated Indian adherents of 'NMart' keep bleating that 'MLM' is perfectly lawful, whilst other correspondents of Corporate Frauds Watch have politely asked: How can 'NMart' be reformed? 
Hopefully, the legislators tasked in the republic of India with drawing up a new definition of 'lawful direct selling,' will take note of what has been happening in the USA, where 'MLM/Prosperity Gospel' rackets have spread like cancers, and where (to date) they have only been challenged by less-than-intellectually-rigorous, and/or corrupt, trade regulators who have allowed billionaire-criminals to write their own inaccurate definition of 'lawful direct selling.' 
I have previously described this tragi-comic situation as the equivalent of trying to stop the spread of the 'Nazi' lie, by asking the governing body of the Boy Scout Movement to keep an eye on the 'Hitler Youth.'
Your free-thinking readers should be aware that a common-sense, but effectively-toothless, new US Federal Trade Commission 'rule' was introduced at the start of 2012 which requires anyone in the USA selling a 'business opportunity (other than a so-called 'MLM') to supply anyone buying that 'business opportunity,' with a one page disclosure-form which must include:
  • evidence to support any earnings claims
  • a list of any previous legal actions against the sponsoring company
  • a declaration of the sponsoring company's cancellation/refund policy 
In other words, although they are obviously not described in accurate deconstructed terms by current FTC officials, this 'business opportunity rule' specifically excludes blame-the-victim 'MLM Prosperity Gospel' cults from regulation and has effectively-placed their bosses above the rule of law in the USA.
Sadly, FTC agents have completely failed to recognise 'Prosperity Gospel' cultism as a form of major, ongoing racketeering activity, because the FTC has itself foolishly allowed the instigator/leaders of these gangs lawfully to register their unlawful activities as 'direct selling/MLM' companies - 'Amway', 'Herbalife', 'NuSkin', 'Xango', etc. However, in the adult world of quantifiable reality, no evidence exists (in the form of audited accounts; particularly, income-tax payment receipts) proving that a significant number of the constantly-churning adherents of any of these organizations (which all have exhibited the universal identifying characteristics of a cult) has ever received an overall net-income from lawfully-retailing goods, and/or services, directly to the general public for a profit.

To add insult to injury, the following non-specific statement had previously been made by David Vladeck, the current  US FTC Director Bureau of Consumer Protection:
'The victims of these (business opportunity) frauds are our neighbours - people who are trying to make an honest living... they risked their limited financial resources in the response to the promise of a job or an income - a chance at a profitable home-based business. But these turned out to be empty promises - and the people who counted on them ended up with high levels of frustration and even higher levels of debt.'
David Vladeck's largely-empty rhetoric was also repeated by another leading FTC attorney, Eileen Harrington. Obviously, it is a perfect description of 'MLM income opportunity' fraud, but these laudable words were part of the FTC's ironically-titled initiative, 'Operation Empty Promises' which, unbelievably, has not targeted any of the most-pernicious 'MLM' mobs.
Meanwhile, the US Dept. of Justice, which (due to its previous, let's turn a blind-eye to all businessmen, policy) is now sinking in a sea of fraud, has recently announced the following impressive-sounding initiative - a 'consumer protection working group to combat consumer fraud.' In plain language, this translates as: large numbers of US Justice Dept. attorneys now have a further pretext to keep holding 'conferences' at the expense of their employers (the public) whom they have failed to protect.
Judging by their previous, shameful track-record, legally-qualified, senior US government officials, would appear to be some of the last people in America who should be tasked with coming up with solutions to fraud. Self-evidently, the only common-sense legislation which could have halted blame-the-victim 'MLM Prosperity Gospel' cultism in the USA many years ago (and before it became a global problem), would have been to have made it a fundamental requirement for the instigators of all alleged 'direct selling/income opportunities' to produce quantifiable evidence to prove that they have had a significant and sustainable source of revenue other than that deriving from their own participants. Had such common-sense legislation been enacted, and rigorously enforced, then (since 1970) if the instigators of any alleged 'direct selling/income opportunity' had been unable to produce such elementary proof of the economic viability, and legality, of their alleged 'commercial' activities, they could have been immediately arrested by FBI agents, their labyrinths of counterfeit corporate structures closed-down and all their illegally-acquired assets seized, under existing RICO legislation. 
Once you understand that all so-called 'MLM' companies have been cultic Trojan Horses, it is a pointless exercise examining their reality-inverting 'commercial' exteriors. The blindingly-obvious common-sense questions which have never been put to the officers of the so-called 'Direct Selling Association' by either the American mainstream media or by US law enforcement agents, are:
  • Exactly how many US citizens have signed up for so-called 'MLM income opportunities' overall, and exactly how many overall have got back more than they paid in
  • Out of all the alleged 'multi-billion dollar direct retail sales ' claimed by you and your member companies in the USA down the years, exactly what percentage have been authentic, external, retail transactions to members of the general public for a profit, rather than internal transactions between your member companies and their many millions of alleged 'business owners,' but which have been laundered as 'retail sales' by you, and by your member companies, in order to dissimulate the operation of closed-market swindles from which the ill-informed ordinary contributors cannot have hoped to receive any more money than they paid in?
  • Excluding all your own member companies' documentationand that issued to their alleged 'distributors,' what quantifiable evidence can you produce proving that any of your member companies' alleged 'Multi-Level Marketing income opportunies' have actually had any significant, and sustainable, external source of revenue other than that deriving from their own participants?
Although it remains unthinkable to many people, a large part of the so-called 'direct selling industry,' which recently boasted '$28.56 billions of annual retail sales in the USA,' can be proved to have been nothing more than the 'corporate'-front for a collection of blame-the-victim 'MLM/Prosperity Gospel' cults which have been running some of the most extensive, and outrageous, dissimulated, closed-market swindles in history. 
For a long time, it has not been in the interests of the US Justice Dept. to face up to this ugly reality, because 'MLM' racketeers have greased the palms of a remarkable number of key persons, and organizations, in the American establishment (particularly, leading members of the Republican party). Indeed, the ultimatedream of 'MLM' racketeers (to have the protection of the sitting US President), might soon be again turned into a nightmare reality. 
David Brear (copyright 2012)


Rupesh said...

Mr. Shyam Sunder if any company sale a product to a cust. and give the bill of sold product of full value and if cust. give a sale to other cust. and found commission from shopkeeper is it comes under money circulation act or not. Pl. reply me

Shyam Sundar said...

Enrollment of members for a fee is prohibited under law. That is the crime of NMart. They openly admitted that they are paying the members on enrollment of new members. Why do you worry of such things.
Gopal Shekhawat admitted his guilt by running away from the law.
what else is there to argue. Just go home. The show is over.

Unknown said...

Dear Shyam, you have given this petition number is wrong. Writ Petition No. 252315 of 2012

Please verify & give correct number. And also give detail of Case No.154/12 which you filed in Kandukur PS in detail so that we will know where is the problem lying in.

And give updates of hearing dates so that I will sit in court & watch what is going on.

I hope you will give these details.

Unknown said...

Picture Abhi Baaki hai mere Dost.

Teri aur tere Rowdy Reddy ki.

Unknown said...

Lagta hai aaj Raat Shyam ne neat maara hai..

Hahaha.. Picture se Parda uthna Baaki hai bevkoof.

I don't want to say, What? Why? How?
Par sab ye kahenge, Wo dekho haramkhor ja raha hai, wo dekho haramkhor ja raha hai, aur Tera SP Bhi Yahi kahega...... Wo dekho haramkhor ja raha hai.

Haramkhor pata hai kisko kehte hai???

Dusro Ka Muft mein khaane Wala.

Unknown said...

Just Go Home, the show is Over.

Bhidu ye Hum bolenge, tu nahi.

Unknown said...

Arre Soch tujhe Sharm aayegi, to tere bachcho ko Bhi to Sharm aayegi, ki kitne nalatak Baap ki mahenat Ka phal hai wo.

shah712 said...

How can u say Gopal ji running away from law that has to decided by Hon Judge sir? Mr shyam day by day you becoming Supreme of Law and ego ful.What ever you say is true? common shyam..control, if i come to your home, and you not in home, means u absconding, may be other reasons.U know I paid my Broadband connection fee in advance for one month to BSNL, is that a crime done by BSNL? answer me, i paid my Car aadvance for 3 months before to a car company, amounts to fraud? any law of the land say one can be guilty if one committed actual fraud.

Unknown said...

Stop fooling people around Shyam, just post all my comments i posted last night.

Unknown said...

Uthjaa beta aaj Sunday hai, Social workers aaj ke din jaldi kaam pe chalte hai.

Shyam Sundar said...

Excuse me Mr Mallappa, Why don't you go to your lawyers, as you know their names, and ask for information.
Only a couple of crooks crowing here. What happened to other crooks.
One says three lakh members, the other says 1.5 million and another says 2 million members.
Actually how many people were cheated by this crook. And how much money you have made, Mallappa. lakh or two lakh.

Shyam Sundar said...

And what about other gifts. How many gifts you received after enrolling your friends and relatives. Have you received a computer or a car?
Where does money come from for all these gifts. Money won't grow on trees.
This Sameer fellow could not understand whether it is German or French.

Unknown said...

Shyam ji . Why u r taking it personally. Mallappa just asking u details, why don't u give him. Let law do his work, you r no one to say crook and all that. Bhagwan (God) apko sadbuddhi de.

Unknown said...

Paida ped pe nahi ughta, GC RBI chhapti hai use.

Tune Seeds dal ke rakkhe hai kya Backyard mein,??

Shyam Sundar said...

Rakesh, I gave him the number. But he says it is wrong. Then he could go to the company lawyer Anguri Narayana Rao and find out the details. Why asking me time and again.


dear shyam.....

why are not updateing my comment,,,,
pls tell me,,,,your blog replies me;;;

Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval.

mr.shyam corporate frauds watch is a geniune blog ?


hai shyam..
why you are not updating my comments,,,
are realy running a geniune blog?

Shyam Sundar said...

The blog is intended to give information to the people to help them not to fall prey to the inducement of racketeers.
But it also gives an opportunity to the readers to express their views. That does not mean anybody could misuse this blog.
I have chosen to moderate the comments and you know the reason for it. I need not answer all the queries. Still I am taking time to clarify my stand.
Nobody could demand to do that or this.

Unknown said...

Still I am taking time to clarify my stand.

Shyam proves that his own Stand is not stable.

Shyambhai apna Stand pehle carpenter ko bula ke banao, do you have any carpenter or shall we send? He will create a stand for you with your height and length.

Hey Shyam have you worked in any Telugu or Bollywood movie? Tumara chehra dikha dikha sa lagta hai.

Shyam Sundar said...

Thambi means younger brother, how do you know itnaasa Hindi. Are you a carpenter or you have a group of carpenters working for you. Tu Kollywood mein kyaa kar rahaa hai. Hollywood jaake tumaraa jivan badalo.
This Thambi type of crooks are the most harmful lot to the society.

Unknown said...

Shyambhaiya, i leave in Delhi for many years now, studied at K.C's in Mumbai Churchgate, & parents too are pure Tamil. So know itna sa nahi bahot sara hindi.

Unknown said...

Dear all followers of this blog, this is running by Shyam Sundar who is accepted as he is checking his own stand of his words. Means he is not confirmed what he blamed all these days. Its ok, please all you follow this blog also as well as Shyam Blog. Because this Shyam is not accepting our comments. He is avoiding our comments. Its not correct. Blog is for the people who want to take decision which is correct or which is wrong. But this Shyam blog is not doing the same. So for further clarifications on Shyam words, please you watch this blog also.

Thank you friends. But your comments should be in above blog also.


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already posted some of the endless list of complaints available at
nmart supporters owe an reply to these people also whu were looted by their own. so even though, it hurts they cannot say anything.
people like shyam are instrumental in getting justice for the harassed people and whu r about to be looted. hats off shyam ji....
lage raho...shyam ji...

i have even posted comments on have a look at this site by supporters also displaying all their plans in public... any proof more ?

Shyam Sundar said...

Mallappa, I did not invite you to this blog. You came here to know certain things. If you are not satisfied, there are other ways to learn information.
You are most welcome to leave this blog. Readers from 52 countries are reading this blog regularly.
Anyhow, you could take your own flock with you to your own blog. Start your own MLM and line your pocket. Indian officials turn a blind eye to the rackets and finally open eyes when organisations like Corporate Frauds Watch lodges complaints. By that time, the racketeers would be pocketing millions. That is the unfortunate thing happening in India.

Shyam Sundar said...

Dear Vamsi, thank you for the enlightening information about me. I only pity people like you.