Saturday, 5 January 2013

AP High Court cancels anticipatory bail granted to Gopal Shekhawat

The anticipatory bail granted by the Prakasam district court to NMart chief Gopal Shekhawat was cancelled by the Andhra Pradesh High Court on Friday.
Justice Seshasayana Reddy chided the Prakasam district court for issuing anticipatory bail without considering the facts of the case.
The full judgement of the High Court order would be published as soon as it is available. 


raag said...

logo ke sath itna badha fraud karnevale aise criminals ka case jald se jald chalakar use sakth saja deni chahiye aur jitne logo ke paise is scam me dub gaye hai unko jald se jald vapas karne chahiye.....

Anonymous said...

Though the noose is tightening around th crook but don't expect your money to be recovered. The money is gone. I see others too hoping against hope that their money can be recovered and they become angry and abusive if told that the money is gone. My sympathies with them but there is nothing more. The court case prevents further loot but doesn't guarantee recovery.

Unknown said...

hello mr.shyam sunder, ek baat main janna chahta hoon aapse, aap batayen nmart ke bare me kya chahte ho nmart chale ya band ho jaye, aap ko khushi kisme milegi,main samjhata hoon ki band hone per sabse jayada khushi sirf ek aap ko milegi , lekin suru hone per all india tumhare mutabik 20 lakh logo ko milegi, ab tum faisla kar lo voteing kiska jayada hain, or rahi baat kanoon ka, kanoon samaj se hi banta hain, samjhe???????? i am request all nmart members is bewaquoof aadmi ka blog read karna band karde jo blog dekhege anti nmart membbers, ye aadmi hero ke bajaye apne aap ho jayenga, all members think positive

Unknown said...

its only because of south indian people and andhra pradesh court persons like gopal shekhawat are disgised.

hatts of to andrapradesh suprem court and to the advocate who is fighting for the jusitice of people

Unknown said...

people have full trust on andhra pradesh suprem court. the guilty will be punish and people will get there money

Unknown said...

people of other cities also should fight against such cheating, like south indian people


Dear Nanga-Mart ke dwara loote huey bhai bandhu..
Akhir dharam ki jeet hui.log pagal hai . n-mart aur Dubey ji ne bade pyaar se aapko ullu banaya..taki ab sab log dhere dhere sab bhool jayo.Main bhi to baar baar Ek hi cheej keh raha hoon aap logon ke liye.ASK UR MONEY BACK.AAP LOGON NE JISKO PAISA DIYA HAI , USKO HI MANGO AAPKA PAISA. AAKHIR USNEY BHI TO KAMAYA HAI IS DACAITY/LOOT MEIN. MAGAR AFSOOS AAP LOG WO KAROGE NAHIN. KYUN KI JISNE AAPKO MEMBER BANAYA HAI, WO AAPKA FRIEND YA RELATIVE HOGA.
Odisha Govt ban on money circulation schmes

The State Government has proposed strong action against promoters of money circulation firms while entirely banning such schemes in the State as a host of firms have taken the small investors for a ride duping them of hundreds of crores of rupees through chit funds in the last one year.

In its draft Money Circulation Scheme (Banning) Rules, 2012, the State has categorically targeted the promoters of such schemes in its bid to contain the spread of the dubious firms and companies which float multi-level marketing to lure in agents as well as investors.

The rules, framed under the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978, clearly state that “promoters of money circulation schemes will be personally responsible even if such schemes are run by companies registered under the Companies Act, 1956 or other business entities carrying limited liability.”

The provisions, framed by the Finance Department, are aimed at neutralising activities of promoters which operate under the guise of companies and dupe investors, most of whom belong to rural pockets of the State.

The new rules ban individuals, companies, firms or business associations, from promoting, running or even participating in the money circulation schemes overtly and covertly. It also prohibits floating and operation of compensation plans in which subscribers have to enrol one or more subscribers to become entitled to benefits, directly or indirectly, as a result of enrolment, action or performance of additional subscribers.

“The rules will also mean that a number of corporates, which run multi-level marketing schemes, are barred from operating such schemes or face action,” said sources in the Finance Department.

Since most of these money circulation firms operate in a pyramid structure by recruiting a network of agents, the Government has proposed that schemes that induce enrolment of new members by offering benefits and commission to members in the pyramid for sale of goods and services are banned.

Schemes with a compensation plan that envisages receipt of deposits or entry fee or periodical subscription and gives incentives to subscribes out of the funds for enrolment will also be banned.

The Government will identify a competent authority which is to be mandated with winding up companies or the firms that indulge in the money circulation schemes, overtly or covertly.

Similarly, a nodal police authority will be identified to keep in contact with other States, the Centre as well as Central agencies for furnishing information to Reserve Bank of India on status of such schemes and enforcement.

The Superintendent of Police will be authorised to seal the business premises, suspend bank accounts and closure of such operations under the proposed rules.

This year, the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of Crime Branch has registered over 18 cases of high-profile white collar crimes. Some of them include illegal money circulation schemes by companies such as Seashore, Ashore and Safex. Close to 50 companies are under scanner of the EOW for operating such schemes.

Christina said...

I think Shyam your blog is getting over abusive, you should retain your dignity and should not allow people of any, I mean any people who brings you down or harms your dignity. Just kick them out even who may favors you but doesn't understand the language. Who Is koraputia? Even I see his/her language too rough. But once it's out from mind or out from your mouth you can't apologize or say sorry to bring the things back. You are ruining yourself.

Or the best is start a new blog which remains much clean. Don't allow anyone anyone who favors you or anyone who are against you. Just delete these people. Retain your dignity. These people will never understand they have nothing to give and nothing to loose. And what is this man Koraputia like writing an essay here? No one reads use your mind.

raag said...

sab sochenge ki gopal shekhavat aur uske jaise fraud logo ko jail ho aur kadi punishment ho....

lekin uske liye sab ko FIR karni chahiye and CASE karna chahiye aur ladna chahiye....
MEDIA ko bhi aise fraud ko expose karne ke liye batana chahiye.....agar aisi companies galat karne ke liye media ko istemal kar sakti hai to hame bhi ab ye sikhna padega.....

aur system bolne se ya chipne se nahi badalti....
hame apne haq ke liye khud ladna hoga,justice ke liye ladna hoga..
1)file FIR
2)do criminal case
3)fight till end
4)use your contacts and media
to crush this type of fraud mlm and their directors.
JULM ko sahana bhi bahot bada JULM hai.....

wake up.india........jai hind....

Anonymous said...

Mr. Shyam,
CFW is fighting against fraudulent MLM activities in AP and achieved success. But what about the other states of the country where these companies are duping gullible people and making huge money. RMP, one of the fraudulent MLM scheme, running its business in full pace in northwest part of Maharashtra and nobody taking action against it. Please inform authorities like police chief, collector etc. of Jalgaon, Aurangabad, Dhule, Nandurbar districts with all supporting documents/proofs, case status in AP against this company. We hope that providing an information/making complaint may initiate action against this company here also. It is requested to do something to stop fraudulent MLM scheme being run by RMP here also.

Shyam Sundar said...

Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978 is a central enactment which should be implemented by the State government. This is the main problem.
The local people or the local activists should take initiative to lodge a complaint with the police against such fraudulent companies. The main problem is the victims. They never come out event o protest even after suffering loss in the scheme. This is the biggest hurdle.
I live in Vijayawada city in Andhra Pradesh. How can I travel to all other States to lodge complaints. Our bureaucrats are not that proactive to act basing on a simple complaint.
The Andhra Pradesh High Court dismissed the writ petition filed by RMP and the police are free to go ahead with their investigation.
No other petitions are pending in any court in AP.

Christina said...

I really think that such abusive languages which may be in favor or against the favor should be blocked in a public forum. This such abuses are so harmful for the personality like you Shyam. You should not take a support or such abuses if you really feel you are fighting for the rights of people. Such should be thrown alway no matter who they are.

I've seen many such incidents and I'm ready many news online, people in India are just pulling each others leg, some are pulling yours, you are pulling others, there are no team work, all I see is everyone in the country is a leader of their own. This way the countryside never lead to a new height, there are so many news I read on BBC, CNN that there was a rape case in Delhi, girl died with bad pain and no one came on a day it happened and people all came on street when he went in to coma, the guy in a city called Hyderabad is threatening people to kill more than 100million people just on his one word, people listening it are clapping and no one including police is doing anything. This is such a pain for your country, so pity on this.

People stand with you along with you in crowed and will stab you, this is what India is becoming now days, I personally was going to visit India in Christmas but when I heard the news in Delhi, I cancelled my trip and checked the news, everyday someone is getting killed and taped there and no foreigners are safe.

Thank God I'm not Indian

Unknown said...

baki sabhi management team ko bail mili hai, ye aapko malum nahi hai shayad.. kyunki aapne sirf bail nahi mili yehi dala hai.. best of luck.. keep it up..