Thursday, 10 January 2013

Kerala Crime Branch seizes Rs 3 crore worth goods, two Multilevel Marketing executives arrested

The Economic Offences Wing of the Crime Branch, Kozhikode, conducted  raids and seized goods worth Rs 3 crore from offices of three multi-level marketing companies operating here on Monday.
According to Crime Branch officials, cases have been registered against these companies for violating the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978.
The police officials said that raids were conducted at the offices of Modicare in Kathrikkadavu, K Link in Palarivattom and DXN on Old Railway Station Road.
Sunil Augustine, manager of K Link, has been arrested. Regil, a native of Thalassery, who is the manager of Modicare in Kerala too has been arrested. The representatives of DXN, a Malaysia-based company having its presence in over 40 countries, are out of station, and they will soon be taken into custody.
The Crime Branch officials seized goods worth Rs1.12 crore from DXN offices, while goods worth Rs 1.10 crore and Rs 37 lakh were seized from the offices of Modicare and K Link, respectively.
After examining the documents, the Crime Branch has learnt that DXN conducted a business of Rs.13 crore in the last one year. K Link and Modicare conducted a business of Rs. 6 crore and Rs. 4 crore, respectively, in 2012. A case against DXN has been registered with the Kasaba police station, Kozhikode, while cases have been registered with the Kozhikode Town police station and the Kannur police station against K Link and Modicare, respectively. The Crime Branch has sealed the offices after examining the documents and goods stocked here.
P A Valsan, Superintendent, Economic Offences Wing, Kozhikode, has said that operations of these companies had been monitored for the last several months, and that cases were registered as they received evidence that against the company for violating the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978. “These company sell products like cosmetics, food supplements, kitchen products, medicine, garments and agricultural products at exaggerated price. Each agent has to sell the products by adding two persons to his network. He gets a commission when the two persons add more to their network,” he said.
 The accused have been taken to Kozhikode. They will be produced before the Chief Judicial Magistrate Court in Kozhikode.


Unknown said...

Dear Nmartian Friends,

We all fighting a big battle of our lives. Now a days most of us are full of anxieties . In this very difficult situation many of us have no earnings.Many of us are maintaining our family expenses very difficulties. In this very critical situation many frenzy members are demanding refunds and doing many illegal activities such as harassing in front of public etc. Many of us are disturbed by finance/bank authorities after failing EMI of bike/car loans. Accross india tens and thousands of members are suffering. With us hundreds of malls staffs are also struggling.A mad & cheater person from Andhra Pradesh is resposible for our all miseries.

In this big battle our great CMD sir ,our company's esteemed management team are fighting . CMD Sir has no intention of shutting down Nmart. On28th August when Nmart suddenly shut down the after two months we were hopeless. Now that dark situation has over. Now company is fighting back. Company has resumed many services; customer care open, Every week Nmart business program on IBN7 channel resumed, Many big malls are opening one after one. Many legal problem are almost finished and some problems are till reamaing. Company has engaged a team of reputed lawyers. They are fighting the cases. We have done nothing wrong.Omnipotent God is watching our sufferings. He must repay our sufferings & dedications.

It is no doubt that Nmart business plan is No 1 MLM plan in the world which is very attractive & realistic and there is no wrong in it. In this moment there is no plan in India which can beat Nmart Business. Over the months whole India bacame very sensational for a company & a CMD .This company is our proud Nmart Retails . So for the geatest opportunity please be patience for few more days (if necessary) and manage your difficult situation anyhow .

Shyam Sundar said...

This fellow does not admit that the whole scheme is a scam. He is still trying to pass on the buck and trying his best to instigate people against me. The illegal schemes would end sooner or later. It is better sooner because more lakhs of people would lose their money.
The racketeer who made money is not responding nor refunding money. At least he is not seeking judicial intervention if he thinks his business is legal.
So this clearly establishes that this fellow had earned millions by joining many members under him and they are bringing pressure on this fellow. That is why I have been warning from the beginning that such schemes are destroying social relations.

Unknown said...

So Mr. Shyam what do u think there is no existance of multilevel marketing or direct selling in India or in whole world? Why RCM is back? Why RMP, AMWAY, VESTIG and DEWSOFT are promoting there business from last 10 to 20 years? Why dont you think so that direct selling industry may be an unemployment solution? Many insurance companies are promoting there policies through advisers is an another form of direct selling. Recently Big Bazaar and also wallmart has launched there club memberships is it leagle or illegale? These are some questions Mr. Shyam can you discribe briefly it may be helpfull for freshers those are initiating in direct selling industry...

Shyam Sundar said...

Multilevel marketing is in existence all over the place so are thieves. No police would take action against a crime if there is no complaint.
In this case too, nobody complains because they are lured into the schemes by their friends and relatives. So nobody complains against their friends and relatives. That is how these crooks are escaping.
The chain would break sometime and there would be a large number of victims. Then only complaints would pour in. But by that time, the fraudsters would decamp with wads of money. They would have bags of money so that they could approach the judiciary and prolong their arrest or seizure of property.
That does not make an illegal act legal.
There is a specific enactment banning such multilevel marketing or chain marketing, referral marketing network marketing or direct selling. Everyone wants easy and quick money. That is why insurance companies are indulging in such cheap tricks. Soon some other big players are also joining the fray without any shame or guilt.
My aim is only to bring awareness among people not to fall prey to such scams.

Shan said...

I though Amway alone is cheating people. But there are many cheaters roaming around India. like sameer said (RMP, VESTIG, AMWAY,DEWSOFT, NMART, etc) selling overpriced products. I have forwarded this blog to some of my friends. And also shared this blog url(link/website address) in our company's forum. (note my company is a 2 lakhs head count software company. Guess the company name..) After reading this forum, I hope that some guys with weak mind might not be canvassed by these cheaters.

Parimalam Kannan said...

Hello All,

I was also a horse with blinders telling products are sold at higher cost in MLM. Because of my eye blinder, I was the loser. But the company was highly developed as the products are worthy...

Can we get 1 gm gold or a kg of rice which has a low quality for for 1 rupee.. instead we can get ash for 1 rupee. Just don't think alike... think different.

Find which is fraud...

Indian Direct Selling Association helps to find...Our work is to check whether gold is sold at its rate or higher.

MLM is good indeed, correct methodology for distributing things with good quality.

Just think,
1. who recommended the products which u get in the retail shops...
2. Are they in good quality... without toxic effects (certificate is provided to each item as safe for human consumption, but the fact is toxins are bombarded (piles up)with variety of products). Toxin, the reason for all ailments.
3. All the products used daily would be told by our parents, relatives, friends, or by advertisement.(we are not born with all knowledge)
4. Ads make us fools... (keep track of all the words in ads)
5. Are the dealers using all the products daily which they promote..through ads (they wont, as they know its toxic).

I am DXN distributor. I paid nothing to the company and no need of any renewal amount. No need to add members. Company does not nag me to sell things to others or any of that kind. I used all the products, they cant be compared with any in the market...

Indian Govt. is preparing laws for MLM. Hence, of sure, DXN will clear all the legal issues faced in Kerala. I believe, DXN has no need to change the rules, or to take any measures to pass the legal issues.

Products are tooo good and me, working for allopathy, believed DXN is a fake company when my friend told me. But I was the loser without using any of it for a long time. Later on, I came to know through my work as it changed and gave relief to users from daily toxin bombardments... I started to search and.. finally it was DXN. Its great... Hats off to the POTENT GOD who showed me Reishi through DXN.

Pessimistic approach blocks good things reaching us, but optimistic approach gives all we need. So, think different to feel the changes.


Parimalam Kannan said...

To those who are pessimistic (always fault finders):

Story: One day a boy went to a great saint thinking to fool the saint with a butterfly in his hand inserted in his trouser pocket. Boy vigilantly asked the saint as "People tell that u r a good saint with positive thoughts, and hence tell me whether the butterfly in my hand is alive or not." With a great smile saint replied as "its life is in your hands as u will do the opposite way of my answer." (If replied as alive - he will mash. if replied as dead - he will show it alive).

So before knowing what is good, just criticize is not fair. DXN is not of that kind as 'truth' wont cease.

Unknown said...

Hello. Pehale aap sab ye janlo ki mlm legal hai ya nahi.
1. Mlm kya hai. :- Koi company apna product bechaneke bahotse raste apnate hai. Jaise ki door to door selling. shop me selling aur usak aur ek way hai mlm. Apna product customers ko mlm ke through bechana.
2. What is illegal :- Agar koi company product nahi bechati or badme deneka wada karti hai joining ke time to wo mlm hai hi nahi.
3. Koi company agar govt registered hai. Unka product diye huye nirdeshanusar market prize ke barabar hai. Aur wo company apane profit me se kuch hissa logonko deti hai to usame kuch galat nahi ye bat pehale samaz lo.
4. Product sahi hai. Comiision bhi product bechaneke bad milta hai. par agar koi member wo product bechegahi nahi to use commision kaise milega. agar kam nahi to paisa nahi. bina kamke paise agar koi company deti hai to wo investment scheme me ata hai.
5. Koi kam nahi karnewala person agar complaint karega to usame company ki galati hum nahi man sakate. laws company or customers donokeliye hone chahiye. na ki one sided. matlab agar koi genuinly kam kar raha hai to wo bhi isame fas jayega.
6. Mlm kuch buri bat nahi. Aur insan murkh nahi hota. Join karnese pehale apne vivek budhi ka istemal kare.
7. Man lo 1 toothpaste market me 12 Rs ko hai aur wahi toothpaste mlm company me same quality ki 12 Rs me hai to isaka matlab aapne wo product kharida aur 12 Rs wasul hua. Agar company apko mauka deti hai ki tum aur logonko ye product becho aur comission lo. Jabtk aap bechoge paisa milega. nahi bechego to nahi milega.. Isame aapki thagi hai nahi. Firbhi agar isi mamleme koi shikayat karta hai to pehale investigate karo ki galti kisaki aur agar customer galat hai to usako bhi saja ka prawdhan hona chahiye. Company galat to usako bhi saja.
8. 1 bat dhyan me rakho bina kam kiye kuch nahi milta. Mlm acha bura nahi hota. Hum log use bura banate hai. Agar sahi tarikese bahot achi company me mlm ke through kam kare to garib admi amir ban sakta hai. Nahito aap log aisa business batao jisame garib log amir ban sakte hai.
9. Company aur customers dono imandar chahiye. Kisiko dosh mat do. Dena hai to khud ko do. Insan ko dimag sirf chilaneke liye nahi diya hai.
10. Kisiko bura laga to maf karna. sahi mlm se hum sahi tarikese amir ban sakte hai. to dhundo kaunsi company sahi hai. mlm rules padho. jankari lo usake bad join ho jao....

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