Monday, 28 January 2013

Bangle to cure ailments unveiled in Delhi

Here is a great story published with New Delhi dateline. Our journalists are so naive that never ask a reasonable question in the press meets.  Not surprisingly, a member of Parliament and industrialist Naveen Jindal's NGO launched the bangle and Union Minister for Human Resources Development Shashi Tharoor unveiled it into the market. Actually this type of products are banned under the provisions of Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1954.  Here is the funny story to read and laugh out loud.

New Delhi, Jan 25: A bangle that claims to cure ailments like acidity and arthritis, purifies water and even protects people from harmful cellphone radiation was launched here today.
The 'tiranga' copper bangle, designed with Tri-Vortex technology from South Africa, is an initiative of the Flag Foundation of India, an NGO run by parliamentarian Naveen Jindal. It was unveiled by Minister of Human Resource Development Shashi Tharoor.
Anton Ungerer, co-owner and inventor of the technology, said that the Tri-Vortex uses sounds from nature for health benefits.
"The bangles are treated in a high energy Tri-Vortex chamber with acoustic sounds like sprouting of seeds or flowing water for over 24 hours, thus imparting it a wide range of health benefits," Ungerer said.
"Powerful energy fields of the bangle create a flowing molecular structure resulting in much improved energy, vitality, balance and relief from pain," he added.
Several other products like Tri-Vortex coasters, which purify water when a glass of water is kept over them and pendants that can be attached to a mobile phone to prevent the body from harmful radiation, were also launched.
The bangle is particularly beneficial for athletes and the elderly.
Jindal said the bangle would be launched nationwide. It's price is yet to be finalised


v.viswanath said...

Dear shyam sunder sir,recently some are conducting meetings in many areas of andhra pradesh from one of a MLM company Forever Living Products, claims that their Products Cures all diseases and make people Rich. some People Invite me meetings i noticed they sell Aloevera is nothing but freely available in every farmland in india. also that cost each bottle more than 1000/- and surprizingly even Honey they sell must un imaginative higher price and cheating by opportunity. they told they conduct regular meeetings at Guntur,Kurnool,Kadapa and Prakasham. and trying to cheat people.

Shyam Sundar said...

A complaint had already been lodged with the police. Action yet to be taken.

Anonymous said...

Jeeze this is quite some bull shizzle, ain't it? You were right, I went way beyond a chuckle!

v.viswanath said...

Dear sir, I know your dedication to serve this country by controlling corporate Frauds regarding this issue. I observe that police will take action only after what damage already over. Many people Innocent people in Forever Company blindly "investing" huge amounts to purchase Products each distributor invest some Lakhs on these products by blindly believing their Top Uplines guide to Become Supervisors,Managers,ect., i wonder just by purchaing product how they become "Manager?" One of my freind bindly doing this business by invesitng 2 Lack stock to become manager. hope soon it will be pursue the matter so that we can save some Innocent people.