Friday, 7 May 2010

Amway apologists comments both absurd and offensive

As ever, I find the puerile and abusive comments of your vile little flock of resident, intellectually-castrated 'Amway' apologists, to be both absurd and offensive. I wonder in which psychology text-book the unmasked 'Amway' Squealer , Mr. David J. Steadson, found the medical term, 'nutcase ?'
Self-evidently, what we have been saying is backed up by the evidence. This proves that what the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob and their intellectually-castrated apologists steadfastly pretend to be reality, and what has actually been happening during the past 50+ years, are two completely different things. The highly-organized hidden criminal activities of the 'Amway' mob in the UK, are a perfect example.
The quantifiable evidence proves that the real purpose of the secretly-insolvent corporate structure known as 'Amway UK Ltd.' was not to retail high-quality, good-value products, and/or services, to the UK public via a network of profitable non-salaried commission agents. Indeed, due to their demonstrably average quality and fixed prices (controlled from the USA), for 34 years, virtually no products, and/or services, supplied by 'Amway UK Ltd.' were retailed to persons who were not insolvent, non-salaried commission agents of the company. The reason why they were all insolvent was that it was actually impossible for the overwhelming majority of these individuals to receive a profit, because they had been peddled infinite shares in their own finite money. In reality, during this period, approximately one million UK and Irish citizens were churned through a closed-market swindle or camouflaged money circulation scheme dressed up as a 'Direct Selling or Multilevel Marketing Business Opportunity'. Lurking behind this absurd swindle, was a series of advance fee frauds (a.k.a. the 'Amway Tool Scam') which were run by various (apparently independent) UK-registered corporate structures, but which were all controlled from the USA by the millionaire under-bosses of the 'Amway' mob. The poor little corporate officers of 'Amway UK Ltd.' were also being constantly churned. They seem to have been as ignorant of reality as the victims of the swindle. When it finally appeared that the UK authorities might start to investigate this criminogenic system, in order to obstruct justice, the largest of the UK-registered corporate structures which had been running the 'Tool Scam' was closed, because its corporate officers (who had previously enjoyed the enthusiastic support of the billionaire bosses, and millionaire under bosses, of the 'Amway' mob), were told that their annual contracts would not be renewed, because they'd been breaking the rules. The order to obstrct justice, can only have come from the bilionaire bosses of the'Amway' mob who knew full-well that UK government trade officials have no power to investigate any UK company that no longer exists.
Only the mysterious, insolvent activities of 'Amway UK Ltd.' (which needed to be kept afloat in order to commit fraud elsewhere in the world) could be presented to the UK High Court. Amazingly, 'Amway UK Ltd.' was judged as much on what its attorneys promised would happen in the future, as on what had happened in the past. Furthermore, two precisely-worded, perjurious depositions were given to the UK High Court signed by the corporate officers of 'Amway UK Ltd.' and the so-called 'UK Direct Selling Association' ( another privately-owned, limited-liability, commercial company), in which these individuals claimed to have been unaware of all of the illegal activities occurring within the ranks of 'Amway' in the UK, but now that they had been made aware by the government investigators, these illegal activities would be forbidden.
Two former UK 'Amway Diamonds', Jerry and Mandy Scriven, who operated the 'Tool Scam' in the UK for decades, whilst steadfastly pretending that their (apparent) wealth derived exclusively from operating their 'Amway Business,' now run their own Website on which they seek to protest about the unfair treatment which they received. This stomach-churning Site contains video evidence proving the extraordinary level of support which these de facto criminal agents had previously enjoyed from the bosses of the'Amway' mob. To date, it is difficult to determine what overall benefit these absurd, but nonetheless dangerous, criminals received from their 25 years unquestioning service to the major organized crime group most-commonly referred to as 'Amway'. Judging from the morally and intellectually-feeble content of their Website, they still appear to be living in total denial of external reality. However, it is deluded criminals like this who should be interviewed by agents from the UK Serious Fraud Office.
David Brear (copyright 2010)


Tex said...

What did you expect from these former LCKs? Honesty? LOL

IBOFB said...

Ya gotta love it when a guy who calls someone "vile" and an "amoral little shit" complains about being offended by "puerile and abusive comments", ie it being suggested he's a "nutcase".

It's a new DSM-V classification Brear, look it up :-)

Anonymous said...

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Tex said...

大聲笑 !!!

Joecool said...

Tex is a retarded moron. LOL

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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