Monday, 31 May 2010

FHTM, an absurd fake is a copy-cat of Amway

Sadly, the ginning billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob have paved the way for grinning copy-cats like the multi-millionaire bosses of the 'Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing' mob. The quantifiable evidence proves that the US-based 'Direct Selling Company' most-commonly referred to as 'FHTM', is an absurd fake which hides a typically pernicious (blame-the-victim) closed-market swindle, or money circulation scheme, camouflaged by wampum. Instead of the sanctimonious charlatans behind this swindle being investigated by the FBI, and then wheeled before a judge to face serious criminal charges, only the illegal activities of one of their expendable corporate fronts have been examined by an (effectively) toothless civil regulator, the Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance. As a result (after offering to refund some of its victims and paying an affordable fine) 'FHTM,' although identified as shielding a vast fraud, has been given the green light to steal from more US citizens.
Currently in the USA, all manner of vile little crooks are being allowed to perpetrate fraud, secure in the knowledge that, even if their expendable 'MLM' corporate fronts get caught, they will not face criminal charges themselves. Yet the federal Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act was introduced 40 years ago to deal with exactly this type of major organized crime. The setting up of mystifying labyrinths of corporate structures engaging in unlawful, and/or lawful, enterprises in order to prevent, and/or divert, investigation and isolate their wealthy bosses from liability, has been clearly identified as a pattern of major racketeering activity.
David Brear (Copyright 2010)

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Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing lies about its 3A1 D&B rating to entice people to join its pyramid scheme.

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