Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Tex still blindly worships Amway mob

I see that one of the poor, intellectually-castrated, and/or economically illiterate, creatures of whom I recently spoke, has put in yet another typically-feeble appearance on your Site. The puerile and abusive Mr. Scott 'Tex' Johnson is indeed one of the overwhelming majority of the powerless and ill-informed persons whom the unmasked 'Amway' Squealer, Mr. David J. Steadson now arbitrarily defines just as 'consumers,' but who have actually been the insolvent non-salaried commission agents of 'Amway' and who have been conditioned to believe the pernicious lie that by 'Exactly Duplicating a Proven Plan' of recruitment and self-consumption, anyone can 'Achieve Total Financial Freedom.'
All the quantifiable evidence (including his own dismal accounts) proves that Mr. Scott 'Tex' Johnson has spent 17 years of his adult life as the de facto slave of billionaire racketeers. Thus, also proving that all (so-called)'Amway Businesss Owners' are equal, but some (so-called) 'Amway Business Owners' are more equal than others.
When faced with the ego-destroying reality that he has been abused and exploited by racketeers, Mr. Johnson's only response is to hurl puerile abuse at the free-thinking individuals who are trying to tell him the truth. However, this is the classic response of a cult adherent. Unfortunately, there have always been people who would rather die than think. I am reliably informed that, as a result of his 17 years of insolvent 'Amway'activities, Mr. Johson doesn't have a dime to scratch his own backside, but, illogically, he still blindly worships the billionaire bosses of the'Amway' mob.
David Brear (copyright 2010)

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You must NOT have been reading my site lately (or any time in the past, for that matter), or you wouldn't have made such a STUPID and WRONG post: http://texsquixtarblog.blogspot.com/2010/05/may-8-2009-response-letter-to-amway.html