Thursday, 6 May 2010

IBOFB is an amoral little shit who posted a paranoid piece

As your correspondent, Umamaheswara Rao, rightly observes, the unmasked 'Amway' Squealer, Mr. David J. Steadson, is unable to put forward any substantial argument in support of the 'Amway' mob. He is now reduced to pretending that we are crazy conspiracy theorists. Remember, this is coming from the amoral little shit with a psychology degree who (when faced with numerous free-thinking persons challenging the authenticity of the absurd 'Amway' myth on the Net) posted a paranoid piece on one of his own (apparently independent) websites, in which he claimed that an 'anti-Amway cult' was prosecuting an 'Internet War' against an innocent commercial organization.
As Mr. Steadson (and his criminal associates) know full-well, the major organized crime group most-commonly referred to as 'Amway,' comprises a labyrinth of (apparently independent) corporate structures pursuing lawful, and/or unlawful, activities which was maliciously created to prevent, and/or divert, investigation and isolate its billionaire bosses from liability. Self-evidently, this criminogenic system is not a figment of our imaginations; it is actually defined in US federal law by the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act. The same system has been used by US-based groups like the 'Italian-American Mafia,' the 'Second KKK' , etc.
Recently, in the UK, 'Amway' was not investigated as an organized crime group, because, officially, the organization's only presence there was one legally-registered (apparently independent) corporate structure, 'Amway UK Ltd.' This American-owned private company arrived in 1973, but, by 2006, it had never declared a trading profit. Indeed, its losses totalled tens of millions of dollars. In 34 years, more than one million British and Irish citizens were churned through the so-called 'Amway Business Opportunity.' The hidden overall attrition failure-rate was (effectively) 100%, because virtually no 'Amway'-supplied products or services were ever sold to persons who were not non-salaried commission agents of the company.
Behind the secretly insolvent 'corporate' front known as 'Amway UK Ltd.' lurked what appeared to be an unprofitable closed-market swindle, but lurking behind this economically-suicidal activity was a series of far-more profitable advance fee frauds (a.k.a. the 'Amway Tool Scam'). It has been estimated that, in 34 years, around $ one billion was removed from the UK economy by this system. Yet no criminal investigation has ever been launched. Indeed, Peter Kiernan, the former Deputy Director of the UK Serious Fraud Office (the UK law enforcement agency which should have taken action), represented 'Amway UK Ltd.' and (despite being clearly informed about what lurked behind his employer) he assisted in preventing this counterfeit 'Direct Selling Company' from being closed.
The persons who were running the so-called 'Amway Tool Scam' in the UK on behalf of Dexter Yager in the USA were, 'Amway Diamond Distributors' Jerry Scriven and Pat Gregory. When the UK government began to investigate 'Amway', Scriven and Gregory were interviewed. This led to them being kicked out of 'Amway' and their own UK-registered company 'International business Systems Ltd.' was closed.
Amazingly, even though it senior officers privately described 'Amway' as operating like the 'Second KKK,' the UK government's Dept. of Business Enteprise and Regulatory Reform has no power to investigate or prosecute any crime, let alone major organized crime. Its officers are simply commercial regulators who can only investigate corporate structures registered in the UK and apply UK civil law to their activities. When a UK registered company is investigated by BERR, the most serious action which can be taken against it, is to file a Public Interest Petition to have it bankrupted and automatically closed. 'Amway UK Ltd.' faced this procedure, and would have been closed, but for the fact that its attorneys managed to convince a High Court Judge that, although it was an insolvent company which had been in breach of UK trading schemes legislation, henceforth, its activities would be completely reformed in order comply with UK law.
David Brear (Copyright 2010)


Tex said...

Jerry Scriven and Pat Gregory were kicked out because they were selling tools during a time when this was prohibited by Amway. You're full of SHIT, Brear.

Joecool said...

IBOFB is a little shit. LOL

IBOFB said...

Ahh yes, so we must accept that our resident expert, Mr Brear, he of unknown background, unknown education, and unknown employ ... we must accept that he in fact is much better qualified to judge the legality of the Amway business than the Deputy Director of the UK Serious Fraud Office.

And of course we must accept that Mr Brear, he of unknown background, unknown education, and unknown employ, is much better placed to interpret the findings of Justice Norris than the three learned judges of the Appeals Court, who explictly stated that Justice Norris wouldn't have closed down Amway even without the "undertakings".

Indeed Justice Norris said in his judgment, regarding the legality of Amway -

"I would hold that the Secretary of State has failed to prove on
the balance of probabilities that even under the old model Amway was in breach.

But of course, the mysterious Mr Brear is much better qualified than four Justices of the High Court and a Deputy Directory of the UK serious fraud office!

Or maybe not!

I do love it when you resort to insults in your post headings Brear, it's truly entertaining!

Tex said...

Put that quote in context ibofb, you TURD!