Wednesday, 12 May 2010

That is the trick of all these crooks

One of our readers informs that TVI Express claimed that UNICEF was its partner and on verification it was learnt that it was not true. Thank you reader for passing on information.
All these crooks and fraudsters make tall claims. In a movie, a mafia don who was arrested by the police makes a false claim that he has been close to many politicians and movie stars. He also says that it would take at least ten years to verify that it is false and he would walk out free in the meantime.
This is how these crooks make believe the gullible that they are good people to do business with. Amway India does it all the time. Recently, it invited the police commissioner of Hyderabad and the Principal Secretary of the Home Department to the 5K run in the city of Hyderabad. The unsuspecting police officer and the IAS officer fell for the invite. When Corporate Frauds Watch reminded them that Amway India is named one of the cheating companies listed in the websites of their departments, they realised their folly. The website of the Hyderabad Police clearly named Amway India as one of the cheating companies indulging in money circulation scheme.


IBOFB said...

Yeah, I heard Amway people claim they partner with UNICEF too!

Such a tall claim!

Oh ... wait ... It's True

Guess they're just part of Great Global Amway Conspiracy, huh?

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