Thursday, 6 May 2010

IBOFB spews venom against truth

IBOFB spewed venom at David and Shyam simply for speaking truth, only truth, nothing but truth. He claims that Amway won award after awards all over world. He conveniently skips to mention the report of Andhra Pradesh State Food Laboratory which nailed the 'superior quality' claim of Amway. Amway products were described as 'misbranded' and adulterated and they were confirmed by the Central Food Laboratory, Pune.
IBOFB also conveniently skips the point that the judgement of the Andhra Pradesh High Court completely relied on the affidavit filed by Amway India. It had been conclusively proved that Amway India has been indulging in illegal money circulation scheme attracting the provisions of the Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978. The Amway India filed the writ petition stating that the police had no powers to stop the business activities of Amway India. On perusing the business model of Amway India, the AP High Court clearly pointed out that the business model is meant for easy and quick money. It also stated that the Police have every right to take action against the business activities of Amway India. In that context the High Court told the police to investigate and find out whether the allegations were true. But at the same time the AP High Court was satisfied with the police assertion that the business model of Amway India attracts the provisions of the Act.
He also conveniently skips the point that the Supreme Court of India dismissed the special leave petition submitted by Amway India stating that there is no merits.
While it is an open money circulation scheme in India, it is not clear how Amway or Quixtar is conducting its business operations in other countries.
In India it is very easy to take action against the erring companies like Amway India, Herbalife, Forever Living Products, Tupperware, Hindustan Unilever Network Ltd and others for indulging in money circulation scheme since there is an enactment expressly prohibiting such schemes, provided there is political will and clean police officials. It seems nowhere in the world similar enactments exist. That is why Amway is escaping in other countries.
It is apt to recall here that Reserve Bank of India filed a criminal case against Amway India way back in 2002 and the FIR is still alive at one of the police stations in Chandigarh.
It is also apt to mention here that there was discussion in Parliament about the fraudulent business model of Amway India and it was held that its business model was illegal.
For mean fellows like IBOFB, it is easy to cast aspersions against an honest police officer like Mr V C Sajjanar.
Some fellows like Trivedi admit that some persons are indulging in such activities and crooks like IBOFB say there is no brainwashing at all.


Tex said...

David Brear and Shyam are full of SHIT, just like ibofb.

IBOFB said...

So, let me see, the Andhra Pradesh State Food Laboratory found a couple of minor problems in the labels of some Amway products - so minor that the fined the company only about $1000 bucks, which was later waived - and that somehow says something about the quality of the products?

Interesting to note that Shyam finally admits that the High Court didn't find the "allegations" against Amway to be true - the said that the act would apply if they were true and ordered the Police to complete their investigation.

And years later we're still waiting. Despite Shyam's claim the company is illegal, it continues to operate and generate record sales year after year.

But of course, Shyam says that's because only the great Republic of India ... or rather one state in the Republic of India ... or should we say, one copper and a few of his mates ... really know the truth! The rest of the world has been scammed by Amway and Shyam will save them!

Or of course, there is the possibility that Shyam is wrong and Brear is just the nutcase he comes across as ....

Shyam Sundar said...

Now it is Tex, the Shit.LoL

Tex said...

Now it is Shyam, the Shit.LoL

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