Sunday, 16 May 2010

MLM companies are frauds as well as cults

You've got to laugh when casual observers say: 'MLM companies might be hiding frauds, but surely they can't be hiding cults.'
The vile Canadian 'MLM' racketeer, Alan Kippax, was exposed as a deranged liar and a thief on the CBC television programme, 'Marketplace'. any person watching this shocking programme with fully-functioning critical faculties, the journalists involved could not have been more charming, polite, or restrained when dealing face to face with the bombastic, and arrogant, little shyster who was running the so-called 'BIM Corporation.' However, after the programme was broadcast, a sad little flock of deluded victims began to bleat on Internet forums where Mr. Kippax and his 'BIM' fraud were being roundly-condemned. These sheepish contributions were remarkably similar to those still being regularly posted by the unmasked 'Amway' Squealer, Mr. David J. Steadson, in defence of the 'Amway' mob:
I did watch the Market place "investigation" (aka...slanderous junk) of BIM. It amazes me that CBC, a network funded by our tax dollars, could "air" such a biased "investigation". All they did was take a BIM distributor who got kicked out of the company for breaking the rules of the corporation. I'm amazed Scott had the guts to go on National television after doing what he did. I found the whole Marketplace piece laughable. Well done, Marketplace. You've proved yourself to be "investigative" jokers once again. This company (BIM) is doing well because it works.
Fortunately, many of Mr. Kippax' less-deluded victims watched 'Marketplace.' As a result, a significant number began to confront the ugly truth that they'd been fooled by attractive lies. At this point, belief in the open-market authenticity of the absurd 'BIM' closed-market collapsed over-night, because the supply of fresh victims dried-up. Not only that, but Mr. Kippax' imminent sentencing for his key-role in the death of his cousin and the maiming of an innocent young couple, was being widely-reported by the Canadian media. Mr. Kippax''MLM' victims were soon abandoning him in droves, so he announced the closure of his company. First of all, he blamed his critics and the media for telling lies about his previously successful company, but then he blamed his vicitms for refusing to work. With his narcissistic fantasy-world falling apart, Mr. Kippax organized a conference-call for his remaining, deeply-deluded co-narcissists. Probably 2-3 hundreds took part, and this disturbing event was infiltrated and recorded by Dave Thorton. First of all Mr. Kippax recited a long, reality-inverting tirade. He then allowed some of his unquestioning adherents to speak. Many used an openly-religious terminology. In brief, they told Mr. Kippax (who steadfastly pretends to be a pious Christian) that they still love and trust, and pray for, him.
Despite a mountain of quantifiable evidence proving him to be an abusive charlatan, his deluded little flock faithfully bleated that they would happily return to his fold when the Good Shepherd Kippax gets out of jail.
David Brear (Copyright 2010)


bobandannabassett said...

Brilliant, David!

Thanks for this, and we'll be linking to it soon on our blog ...

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We enjoy your writing, especially as it is backed by critical thinking and a zeal for truth.

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