Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Cheating Cos offer quick remedies for ED, obesity

Of late, many criminal cases are being filed against several cheating companies in India. It shows the Indians are slowly coming out of their beliefs of fatalism. Generally, Indians leave the cheats to their fate that the would be punished for their cheating. Now it is changing slowly.
The other day, a criminal case was filed against Kunnath Pharmaceuticals Ltd, which is marketing its Musli Power X-Tra making tall claims that it is a world-class product. It claims that it cures the problem of erectile dysfunction. It produces certificates from a long list of doctors and celebrities though it is not clear whether they have actually used it for their personal problem or not. Interestingly, it also claims that its success rate is 74 per cent. Whenever any person complains, they would take the umbrella that they fall in the 26 per cent category of failures.
Not surprisingly, the police have yet to take action against the erring companies for obvious reasons.
Now criminal cases are being filed against another cheating company, France Vitas. This gang is hoodwinking people to use their product which is nothing but pineapple extract, to shed extra flab. They claim that obese people could eat whatever amount of food they wanted while using a single table spoon of their product and they would actually lose those extra kilos. Several cases were already filed and many people are thinking to come out open.
In both the instances, advertising such products is banned under the Drugs & Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1958 and liable for punishment up to six months imprisonment.
In spite of the technical advances and information easily available, how Indians are falling for this kind of spurious products is amazing. Are we really such gullible?
My dear fellow humans all over world! Do not fall prey to the machinations of these crooks. There is nothing like easy and quick remedy to your problems whether they are financial, physical or psychological.

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