Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Kippax's TTC Ltd is no different from Amway

When you read the judgement handed down by the UK High Court against Alan Kippax' 'Treasure Traders Corporation Ltd., ' , it beggars belief that (for almost 5 more years) he was allowed to continue to operate the identical (blame-the-victim) fraud in Canada. This extraordinary document reveals that the successful public interest bankruptcy petition that was filed by UK civil regulators against Mr. Kippax' fraudulent UK-registered company in 2005, was essentially the same as the unsuccessful public interest bankruptcy petition filed by the same regulators against the equally-fraudulent 'Amway UK Ltd.,' around 12 months later. The only differences were in the exact wording used by the UK government's attorneys to present their case, but, given the evidence, there can be absolutely no doubt that 'Amway UK Ltd.' and 'Treasure Traders Corporation Ltd.' were merely the constituent parts of international labyrinths of corporate structures maliciously designed to hide the same closed-market swindle, or illegal money circulation scheme, behind (effectively) unsaleable wampum, prevent criminal investigation, and isolate their instigators from liability. Indeed, both companies were found by astonished UK trade officials to be (effectively) controlled by foreign-based racketeers, and not their declared UK-based corporate officers. Amazingly, the failed-defence put forward by the (effectively) powerless corporate officers of 'Treasure Traders Corporation Ltd.' was essentially identical to the successful-defence put forward by the (effectively) powerless corporate officers of 'Amway UK Ltd.' They both held up their hands and accepted that their companies had previously been in breach of UK Trading Schemes legislation, but they insisted that they had now taken radical steps to ensure that their companies' future activities would comply with UK law.
In the case of 'Amway UK Ltd.' (a secretive private company that was forced to admit to having been permanently insolvent and to having been flouting UK Trading Schemes legislation for 34 years), the UK High Court allowed it to remain registered, provided its previously unlawful activities were modified, but, mysteriously, the UK High Court did not recognise the fact that 'Amway UK Ltd.' had been used to run a foreign-controlled, illegal money circulation scheme behind (effectively) unsaleable wampum. However, the UK High Court appointed no independent mechanism to verify that the promised-modifications would be introduced, let alone enforced. The ongoing criminal activities of the US-based racketeers behind 'Amway UK Ltd.', in countries like India, were (and are) of absolutely no concern to UK regulators or to the UK High Court. Sadly, the failure of the UK authorities to close 'Amway UK Ltd.' has been used as a fake guarantee of legitimacy in countries like India.
In the case of 'Treasure Traders Corporation Ltd.' its business was judged by the UK High Court to 'involve the commissioning of criminal offences in breach of the UK Fair Trading Act of 1973.' This legislation makes it a criminal offence to sponsor any economically-unviable, or pyramid, trading scheme in which the sponsors' revenue comes mainly from their recruits who pay money in order to participate. 'Treasure Traders Corporation Ltd.' was found to have been hiding such an illegal scheme, even though the payments had been arbitrarily defined by Mr. Kippax as 'retail purchases.' The merchandise (industrial emeralds) which the scheme's sponsors offered, was found to be of such little real value that no one (other than participants in the scheme themselves) was buying it, but Kippax had gone to the most extraordinary lengths (including the co-opting of 'Independent Jewellery Experts') in order to fool the authorities and his victims. Unlike the case of 'Amway UK Ltd.,' the promises made to the UK High Court by, Mr. Peter Kippax, the chief corporate officer of 'Treasure Traders Corporation Ltd.,' that the company's previously unlawful activities would, henceforth, be modified, were rejected out of hand. Since the declared capital assets of 'Treasure Traders Corporation Ltd.' were then insufficient to cover the repayment to the UK High Court of all the millions of pounds of illegal payments made by the company's previous, and current, victims, the company was automatically bankrupted and closed under the Insolvency Act of 1986. Although he was known to have defrauded countless UK citizens, as a Canadian citizen, Alan Kippax remained out of reach of the UK authorities. No criminal case was pursued in the UK against his cousin, Peter Kippax, who was a UK citizen.
Alan Kippax is currently serving a 3 year jail sentence in Canada for his key-role in the death of Peter Kippax.
David Brear (copyright 2010)

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