Saturday, 15 May 2010

Three-year jail term for Alan Kippax

I thought that your readers might like to know that Mr. Alan Kippax, one of the vile 'MLM' racketeers whom the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob have spawned, has just been sentenced to 3 years in prison . His criminal career has now been put on hold. Mr. Kippax has blamed everyone, but himself (including his victims, the Canadian media, his critics, etc.), for the failure of his 'Business In Motion Corporation.'
Despite the fact that Mr. Kippax has cheated thousands of people out of their time and money, he has never faced the slightest criminal enquiry into his so-called 'MLM Business' activities. After being caught running an absurd closed-market swindle in the UK behind the counterfeit corporate front of'Canadian Treasure Traders Ltd.', Mr Kippax was allowed to abscond back to Canada with millions of stolen dollars which he then used to set up the same (blame-the-victim) racket using the equally absurd 'Business In Motion Corporation.' The only move made by the UK authorities against Mr. Kippax involved the bankrupting and closure of his fake 'direct selling' company on the grounds that it could not repay millions of pounds of registration fees which had been charged contrary to UK trading schemes legislation. Previously, Kippax had steadfastly pretended to offer the 'World's Best Business Opportunity' which, he also steadfastly pretended was based on selling good value, high-quality, exclusive emeralds. Each victim of these scripted lies was told that he/she would be an 'Independent Business Owner' who could buy emeralds at wholesale prices and then retail them for a profit to their relatives, friends and neighbours.
In reality, no one actually earned an overall profit from buying Mr. Kippax' emeralds and reselling them. His 'MLM' wampum was widely-available and had little real market-value. Consequently, there was no demand. Not only that, but Kippax set no limits on the numbers of so-called 'Business Owners.' Since it was virtually impossible to generate real profits from retailing the 'MLM' wampum, it was not that difficult for Mr. Kippax to persuade his more vulnerable victims that they could actually make money if they recruited more people into the 'Business Opportunity'. Each victim was offered a 'bonus' from the purchases made by his/her new recruits. Each victim was offered more 'bonuses' when their recruits found recruits of their own. Each of these new victims, in turn, was offered 'bonues' on their own recruits and on the recruits of their recruits, ad infinitum. Mr. Kippax' 'BIM Corp.' was used to run the identical money circulation scheme camouflaged behind 'good-value, high quality, exclusive travel products,' which turned-out to be widely-available elsewhere at much lower prices.
Today, UK trade officials at the Ministry for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform are unable to make any comment on why Mr. Kippax was allowed to steal from thousands of UK citizens, but never face any criminal enquiry. In the UK, civil regulators are prevented by law from investigating, let alone prosecuting, criminal acts. Yet, provided a foreign-based 'MLM' racketeer, like Mr.Kippax, operates behind a legally-registered UK corporate structure, then his criminal activities will only be initially investigated by toothless UK trade officials under civil laws. Virtually the identical situation exists in Canada. Sadly, the present situation in both countries, is a license to thieve.
David Brear (copyright 2010)


詩涵 said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical.

Anonymous said...

It's refreshing to read that someone does look out for the weak ...your work is commendable...........bless from one who was taken in more than one way................

John Shredder said...

Since you claim to be motivated by ethics, perhaps would should have mentioned that Mr. Kippox received jail time for a driving offense - not anything remotely relted to his business dealings.

David Brear said...

Mr. Shredder - Your puerile comment is entirely false, in that I have clearly made no claims regarding 'ethics,' whilst Mr. kippax has clearly never been in 'business' (in the traditional sense of the word).

Furthermore, it has been clearly explained in other articles on this Blog, that Mr. Kippax was sent to prison in Canada for causing death and serious injury by reckless driving. He was racing in city streets at speeds estimated to have been upto 100 MPH.

Despite your claims, Mr. Kippax was in fact, at the wheel of an expensive German sports car which he had bought with stolen money.

Typically of a Narcissistic Personality Disorder sufferer, imediately after this incident, Mr. was found by the police in the shameful act of trying to hide like a child.

At no stage has Mr. Kippax demonstrated the slightest concern for the damage he has caused, and you seem to be copying him Mr. Shredder. This probably makes you one of his intellectually-castrated little followers, and/or criminal associates.

David Brear (copyright 2013)

John Shredder said...

Dear Mr. Brear,

I feel sorry for you (not sarcasm). Does name calling help you to feel better? If so, please fell free to contunue.In your response to my brief comment, you once again demonstrated a penchant for unethical dialogue. Making assumptions and coming to conclusions about me prior to investigation not only makes you look unprofessional, but it reveals your potential lack of intelligence and legitimacy.

In any event, I appreciate what this blog is trying to do, and I thank you for clarifying some details for me.



David Brear said...

Perhaps, Mr. Shredder if you are not an intellectually-castrated little follower, and/or criminal associate, of Mr. Kippax (as you now would have the readers of this Blog believe) would you care to enlighten us all as to what exactly your motivation is for taking the time to post your original misleading comment about Mr. Kippax?

(Your follow-up thoughtless comment about me, was obviously motivated by a desire to protect your ego).

Also, what evidence can you produce that Mr. Kippax was involved in an authentic 'business?' (as you have falsely implied) or that he did not acquire the expensive vehicle which he used to kill and maim, by means of criminal fraud ? (as you have falsely stated)

The fact remains, that, exactly like Mr. Kippax, you have still not demonstrated the slightest concern for his victims. Therefore, the assumption that you are probably (albeit, not definitely) one of Mr. Kippax' intellectually-castrated little followers, and/or criminal associates, was, and is, perfectly reasonable.

Given the contents of both you comments, it also remains a possibility that you are Mr. Kippax.

David Brear (copyright 2013)

Mark C said...

In the province of Manitoba, Mr. Kippax was sentenced on February 25, 2015 in connection with a charge of operating an illegal lottery scheme contrary to section 206(e) of the Criminal Code. He was sentenced to time served (About 2.5 years.). After Mr. Kippax’s sentencing, he was turned over to the Canada Border Services and deported to the U.K.

David Brear said...

Thanks Mark C - No doubt Mr. Kippax will soon be up to the same old tricks again.