Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Any sane person wouldn't touch Amway with a barge pole

I observe that the unmasked 'Amway' Squealer, Mr. David J. Steadson, has taken it upon himself (on behalf of his de facto bosses) to answer the vital question:
Where exactly do all the so-called 'bonuses' come from in the so-called 'Amway Business Opportunity?'
Unfortunatey, Mr. Steadson's precisely-worded, but typically inaccurate, answer, 'from the sale of products to consumers, just like any other product based business,' is puerile nonsense for the consumption of intellectually-castrated, and/or economically illiterate, creatures; for the overwhelming majority of the powerless and ill-informed persons whom Mr. Steadson arbitrarily defines just as 'consumers,' have actually been the insolvent non-salaried commission agents of 'Amway' who have been conditioned to believe the pernicious lie that by 'Exactly Duplicating a Proven Plan' of recruitment and self-consumption, anyone can 'Achieve Total Financial Freedom.' Indeed Mr. Steadson might just as well have copied George Orwell's 'Squealer' and replied: All 'Amway Businesss Owners' are Equal, but Some 'Amway Business Owners' are More Equal than Others.
For decades, the embarrassing truth about where all the so-called 'bonuses' come from in the so-called 'Amway Business Opportunity', has been deliberately occulted by the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob in order to continue to commit fraud. More than 50 years of quantifiable evidence, including mountains of kitsch 'prosperity-gospel' propaganda peddled to tens of millions of failed so-called 'Independent Amway Business Owners,' proves beyond all reasonable doubt that, exactly as in the case of Bernie Madoff's so-called 'Hedge Fund', the so called 'Amway Business Opportunity' is an absurd, camouflaged closed-market swindle that has never generated any significant or sustainable revenue other than the cash which came internally from its own victims whom the instigators have arbitrarily defined as 'Independent Business Owners' or lately, 'Consumers' (rather than 'Investors').
As ever, Mr. Steadson (an amoral little shit with a psychology degree who self-evidently has been co-opted by billionaire racketeers to obstruct justice) has nothing substantial to say when faced with the ugly of reality that lurks behind the rapidly-crumbling fa├žade that was once the mighty 'Amway Corp'. True to form, Mr. Steadson, simply ignores the message and tries to character-assassinate the messenger, but this is the classic tactic of a failing-totalitarian regime whose sanctimonious, charlatan leaders are losing their absolute monopoly of information.
Imagine, Shyam, Mr. Steadson (a demonstrably puerile and abusive young fellow who has foolishly hidden behind the mask of a fictional, multi-faced assassin and thief, but who has claimed to be just your average 'Amway' entrepreneur with a degree in psychology) would have your readers believe that he's perfectly happy about being subject to a unilateral contract with an organization that itself has been under the control of individuals who are proven racketeers who set up a Mafia-style labyrinth of counterfeit companies internationally in order to steal more than C$100 millions from the people of Canada and avoid being held to account.
Given just this snippet of information, anyone with fully-functioning critical faculties wouldn't touch 'Amway' with a barge pole, let alone sign a series of unilateral contracts with the organization.
David Brear (copyright 2010)


Tex said...

Brear, I've observed that you're an ASSHOLE.

IBOFB said...

Brear is correct, I have arbitrarily defined a consumer of the products as someone who has consumed the products.

How silly of me. :-/

In contrast, Brear has arbitrarly decided that anyone who buys the products from an Amway Business Owner does not exist, and that any ABO who consumes the products is not a consumer.

So, Brear. What is it you don't like about LOC? You have tried it haven't you? How about you Shyam?

And Shyam, why haven't you disputed Brear's claims Amway has no authentic customers, when you know the IPL is a customer?

Shyam, why are you letting Brear use your blog to say things you know are false?

Tex said...

Here we go again, just like on ibofb's site right now. The term "retail sale," in the context of the Amway rules, is defined as a non-IBO buying a product. For example, in American football, a "bomb" is a long pass, or throwing the football, a long distance down the field to another player, it has NOTHING to do with an explosion. A "bomb" in that context has a COMPLETELY different meaning than the normal usage. Same with retail sales. IBOs ARE the end user of Amway products, but they do NOT count as a RETAIL CUSTOMER as defined by the Amway rules, as 50 PV or 10 customer requirement of RETAIL CUSTOMER SALES to non-IBOs(http://www.amway.com/en/ResourceCenterDocuments/Visitor/ops-amw-gde-v-en--BusinessReferenceGuide.pdf rule 4.22) are required to earn downline volume.

ibofb, you're an IDIOT, stop the lying you ASSHOLE!!!

Unknown said...

This blogspot is corporatefraudswatch meant to bring to light various frauds and caution people. Why would Shyam stop Brear with his exposes.

Tex said...

Because Brear has no credibility.

Tex said...

ibofb said (on his blog: http://amwaytalk.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1228&start=170) "If you are doing nothing to actually operate a business - ie no downline and no personal customers - then you're a retail customer of your sponsor." ---> This is WRONG. Ask Amway. Besides, how does one PROVE they aren't TRYING to sponsor or TRYING to sell to customers? Answer: You can't, which is one of the reasons, besides that "minor" detail called a CONTRACT, that you do not have a clue on reality. Also, what happens if you sponsor someone, then they quit? Or you sell one product, but then they don't buy again? Do you "magically" become a customer again? YOU ARE PLAIN STUPID!!!