Monday, 29 November 2010

'Amway' apologist posts more unsubstantiated claims

I see that that your deluded young friend, Trivedi, has reappeared on your Blog. Evidently, the poor little lad still needs to believe that the kitsch comic-book dream-world of 'Amway' is real. He now seriously expects your free-thinking readers to accept (without question) his own unsubstantiated claims to be regularly retailing 'Amway's' (effectively unsaleable) wampum to the Indian public for a profit, and to be acquainted with at least one other individual (his own cousin) who is doing the same.
Perhaps we should remind Trivedi that, in the adult world of quantifiable reality, if he were to repeat the same reality-inverting fairy-tales in court of law as he has just posted on your Blog, then he would risk being charged with perjury. The recent claim made on your Blog by the unmasked, and unqualified, 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw , Mr. 'IBOFB' Steadson, that lying under oath is not perjury provided the liar believes that he/she is telling the truth, is itself a lie.
The unchallenged deposition of Robert FitzPatrick (which was made under penalty of perjury) to a Court in California , combined with the substantiated witness testimony of the plaintiffs in the same case, clearly demonstrates that 'Amway's' dwindling flock of Internet apologists cannot be telling the truth. Anyone with fully-functioning critical faculties can see that Robert FitzPatrick, far from being a deluded and isolated liar (as he has been falsely portrayed on your Blog by the 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw), is actually an internationally-respected author and business analyst who has served as a consultant and expert witness in more than a dozen State and federal court cases involving so-called 'Multilevel Marketing' companies.
Strangely, during 3 years of the Pokorny RICO lawsuit, attorneys acting for the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway'mob were unable to produce the audited accounts of the American equivalents of Trivedi, which might have proved that, contrary to Robert FitzPatrick's deposition and the substantiated witness testimony of the plaintiffs in the case, significant numbers of 'Amway' adherents (and their cousins) have always made regular profitable retail sales of 'Amway's (effectively unsaleable) wampum to the American public.
Self-evidently, the reason why the billionaire bosses of the'Amway' mob were recently obliged to agree to a settlement which will cost them $155 millions, was to avoid the unstoppable Pokorny RICO lawsuit from going to trial.
Only deluded 'Amway' worshipers could possibly believe otherwise.
David Brear (copyright 2010)

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IBOFB said...

So Brear, are you claiming that if someone states what they believe in court, but their belief is wrong, then they lied and committed perjury?


I notice though Brear that you've completely ignored the fact that the Amway UK income disclosure shows there has been at a minimum more than 22,000 new full retail price paying customers in that market in the last year alone.

I'm more than willing to appear in any court in any country and supply testimony, and evidence, that I have multiple repeat order retail customers. How about you Trivedi, you with me?