Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Republic of India is being shorn like a sheep

I wonder if the senior Indian law enforcemment agents who regularly follow your Blog, have read this concise explanation of 'MLM' scams in general and of the 'Amway' version in particular ?
Personally, I think that this explanation in itself contains sufficient information for Indian police officers to take action. It certainly would be a good start for Indian prosecutors if they wanted to draw up an overwhelming criminal case against the flock of useful idiots who currently style themselves as the corporate officers of the (fake) 'Direct Selling' company known as 'Amway India Enterprises'.
Also, as far as I'm aware, in democratic countries (like India) with laws deriving from English Common Law, criminal fraud doesn't just comprise telling lies; the deliberate withholding of key-information in order to take financial advantage of an ill-informed person, is also considered to be a form of theft.
Obviously, the useful idiots at 'Amway India Enterprises' have never informed the Indian public that the persons who are actually in charge of their counterfeit company, are US-based thieves who, on at least two occasions in the past, have been forced to hand over many millions of dollars of their ill-gotten gains, in order to avoid being held fully-to account for their hidden crimes. Given access to this key-information, would any Indian citizen (in his/her right mind) want to sign a contract with 'Amway India Enterprises,' or with any other so-called 'MLM' company for that matter?
On a lighter note, I thought that your free-thinking readers might like to know that amongst the people to have contacted me regarding 'MLM' scams, is a self-confessed, reformed-cheat who was born into a family of travelling fairground operators. When the fair set up on racetracks, a few of the more-shady operators had another 'business' running small-time 'gambling' frauds; particularly the three-card trick. As a teenager, the colourful fellow who contacted me had been a schill (i.e. fake winner) in three-card trick gang which actually comprised about 10 people. For obvious reasons, he could smell a mile away that 'Amway' was a fraud. a couple of years ago, he told me about how he had been approached by a deeply-deluded 'Independent Business Owner' who was married to a member his family, and who tried to recruit him into the 'Amway' scam by paying for him to attend a mysterious 'motivation meeting' where a 'Highly-Successful Business Associate' flaunted his alleged 'MLM wealth.' He said:
'When the big schill got to his feet and started sounding off about how much he was making whilst he slept and about how he'd paid cash for a star's mansion, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, because I'd sort of been there and done that... the Amway crowd was a giant three-card trick... not even a sucker will not risk their cash with a rich stranger on the turn of a card, but when a certain type of sucker sees an ordinary young guy winning a pile of cash, he can't get his own cash out fast enough. Suckers are sheep - they follow the flock. Suckers want to believe fairground card games are for real and winners are for real, but winners are schills ... if any sucker complained two heavies were there to kick over the table ... whoever started 'Amway' was following an old fairground rule - You can shear a sheep lots of times, but you can only skin it once.'
David Brear (copyright 2010)

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