Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Thieves come out with excuses, more excuses

Thieves always come out with excuses, excuses and more excuses. When criminal cases were filed all over country against Amway India, immediately, the company announced that it is going to revise the entry fee and changed its business model. They told the same to the police officers who went to their offices at Hyderabad investigating the case following the criminal case filed by Corporate Frauds Watch. But the business model of 6-4-3 is still there and that is nothing but pyramid scheme.
If it is a proved good business opportunity why run helter skelter while facing criminal cases. They know well that they are cheating people. As long as the cheating is possible, they continue the cheating. They even tried to hoodwink the Andhra Pradesh High Court describing their business model. But the Andhra Pradesh High Court ripped open the veil and showed the world that it is easy and quick money the Amway India is pocketing through their business model.
Once the veil is blown out, they claim that they had changed their business format and charging less than earlier. If they are charging Rs1800 earlier, now they are charging only Rs. 995 which is also easy and quick money for the Amway India. So is the case of renewal of membership.
People have realised that what Amway is doing actually cheating. That is why there are no new recruits in India. The website of Amway India mentions the old number of IBOs at 4.5 lakh from 2007. It is doubtful whether all these 4.5 lakh are still with Amway India.
The issue of settlement is also the same that of Andhra Pradesh High Court experience. They know for sure that they are going to lose if the trial reaches its logical end. That is why they are offering to pay a paltry amount of $ 15.5 million to the former IBOs while they pocketed several billions all these years.


IBOFB said...

No new IBOs in India! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


you are truly delusion

Shyam Sundar said...

hahahahahhahahahaha! That is why Amway India website still quotes the 2007 number of 4.5 lakh. Just visit it my dear masked man.

IBOFB said...

Alright, we'll go with your belief that a number rounded off to the nearest hundred thousand on a website that may or may not have been updated, meads no new IBOs since 2007.

Amway India Sales 2007 799 crore
Amway India Sales 2010 1800+ crore

I expect a post from you commending Amway on dramatically increasing the profitability of IBOs?

Joecool said...

I would believe the possibility that no new IBOs made any money.


Shyam Sundar said...

You sound more fun. They regularly update every detail including the monthly income to Rs. 62,500 but the number of IBOs remain at 4.5 lakh of 2007 when they filed the affidavit in the Andhra Pradesh High Court.
Even now, this masked man is furnishing only some imaginary numbers of turnover not the number of IBOs. Let your imagine go wild and invent some good number of IBOs too.

Unknown said...

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