Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Tens of millions of 'Amway' non-businesses have sunk without trace

I presume that in Indian culture you have a similar, ancient allegory to Europe's 'Ship of Fools' .
Since a British government minister tried to extinguish the perpetually-insolvent, fake 'Direct Selling' beacon known as 'Amway UK Ltd.,' there have been significant changes in the reality-inverting terminology used by the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob in the UK, to prevent a rigorous criminal investigation into their ongoing 'MLM Business Opportunity'fraud and racketeering activities.
Until faced with the real prospect of compulsory closure (under civil bankruptcy rules), 'Amway's' reality-inverting British propaganda boasted of being 'part of a group of companies' that has 'helped 3 million people to start their own business in 80 countries worldwide.' The same UK propaganda Sites currently broadcast that 'a sales force of more than 3 million people, markets and sells health, beauty, durables and homecare and personal care products to consumers in more than 90 countries and territories worldwide.' Yet the 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. IBOFB Steadson, has already conceded on your Blog that (unlike himself) during 50+ years, the overwhelming majority of 'Amway's' ever-changing, so-called'sales force' (which has actually comprised tens of millions of individuals, arbitrarily defined as 'Independent Business Owners') has never sold any 'Amway' wampum for a profit to persons who were not part of the transient so-called 'Amway sales force.' Indeed, Mr. Steadson has admitted that tens of millions of 'Amway' non-businesses have sunk without trace.
Thus, Mr. Steadson cannot refute the evidence that the'Amway' organization has been used to perpetrate a blame-the-victim fraud; for in reality, the overall, rolling drop-out / insolvency rate for so-called 'Amway sales force' has always been effectively 100% - an alarming fact which the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob (and their criminal associates) have deliberately sought to hide from the public. However, in order to dodge the charge of perpetrating a blame-the-victim fraud, Mr. Steadson has foolishly contended (using yet more weasel words) that the 'Amway' organization has 'no power to create businesses,' it merely 'offers people the opportunity to build their own business.'
Yet, imagine if a labyrinth of companies had been used for 50+ years to peddle tens of millions of people the same opportunity build and captain their own boat which could take them on an exclusive voyage to a Utopian dream-world of perpetual freedom, happiness and prosperity. Imagine if the owners of these same companies had all amassed vast fortunes by supplying all the exclusive plans, materials, charts, etc. and even offered a team of honest pilots (who had apparently already made the voyage) to guide the would-be captains to Utopia.
In truth, this is essentially what the 'Amway' racketeers have done; for not only have 'Amway/MLM' boats had a severe design-flaw, they also could only be built from effectively-usaleable, over-priced 'Amway'-supplied, materials.
Led by slimey pirates dressed as 'honest pilots,' the endless flotilla of doomed little 'Amway' boats and captains have all failed to reach their dream destination. Most'Amway' victims have turned-back before it was too late, but for a significant minority, the more time and money they have wasted, and the more isolated and desperate their position has become: the more bedazzled they have become by 'Amway's' false beacon of hope.
David Brear (copyright 2010)

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