Saturday, 28 May 2011

Few victims have the courage to accept the truth about 'MLM business opportunity' fraud

The cowardice, arrogance, general ignorance and total lack of self-awareness displayed by your reality-denying correspondent, Trivedi, is painful to observe. Sadly, people like Trivedi (whose own egos obstruct their psychological and intellectual development) are an open-book to confidence tricksters. Without them, confidence tricksters could not exist. Currently, Trivedi is still telling puerile lies on Corporate Frauds Watch, because his own ego prevents him from facing the cruel adult reality that he is being deceived, and used
to deceive others, by confidence tricksters. Consequently, unless he suddenly grows-up, Trivedi is little better than a sullen child. He does not merit our respect, but he is, however, an excellent example to demonstrate how 'MLM business opportunity' frauds function. 
Before he signed up for 'Amway,' Trivedi should have checked-out some of the many forms of confidence trick:
Advance fee fraud · Art student scam · Badger game · Bait-and-switch · Black money scam · Bogus escrow · Boiler room ·Charity fraud · Clip joint · Coin rolling scams · Drop swindle · Embarrassing cheque · Employment scams · Fiddle game  · Fine print ·Foreclosure rescue scheme · Forex scam · Fortune telling fraud · Get-rich-quick scheme · Green goods scam · Hustling · Intellectual property scams · Kansas City Shuffle · Long firm · Miracle cars scam · Mock auction · Patent safe · Pig in a poke ·Pigeon drop · Ponzi scheme · Pump and dump · Pyramid scheme · Reloading scam · Shell game · Slavery reparations scam ·Spanish Prisoner · Strip search prank call scam · Swampland in Florida · Teaser rate · Telemarketing fraud · Thai gem scam ·Thai tailor scam · Thai zig zag scam · Three-card Monte · Trojan horse · White van speaker scam 
Before he signed up for 'Amway,' Trivedi should have checked-out the positive/negative techniques of mental manipulation used by confidence tricksters:
It is generally accepted that the overwhelming majority of fraud victims never complain, because it is human nature for us to want to justify our previous actions. Very few people find it easy to admit openly that they were so stupid as to allow themselves to believe lies. However, there is no shame is being fooled: there is only shame in refusing to admit it; for experienced confidence tricksters progressively draw their victims into attractive 'positive' scenarios of control, but which are also designed to incriminate their victims and prevent them from approaching law enforcement agencies. The classic confidence trick involves persuading victims to part with their money by getting them to participate in a criminal, or embarrassing, act. Thus, in order for them to complain, victims first have to find the courage to confess that they were manipulated by their own instinctual desires and that their resulting behaviour was shameful, and/or criminal.
Although he still refuses to confess, Trivedi has been participating in an 'MLM business opportunity' fraud. Through the manipulation of his instinctual desires, Trivedi has been drawn into an attractive 'positive' controlling scenario in which a fabulous 'Amway' lifestyle of infinite wealth and leisure appears to be attainable simply by duplicating a 'positive' plan of consumption and recruitment. Since Trivedi now understands that, in the Republic of India, it is a criminal offence to promote a money circulation scheme (i.e any closed-market scheme without external profits), he steadfastly pretends that he only retails 'Amway' products to the Indian public for a profit. Laughably, Trivedi is using transparently-obvious mental manipulation techniques in the child-like expectation that you and I, Shyam (and your free-thinking readers like 'Joecool'), who will believe this fairytale.
David Brear (copyright 2011)


dtytrivedi said...

dear shyam as I said it again I don't get benefit on recruiting the people.

Seriously I telling the truth, I am not telling lie.

I get neither monetary benefits nor any point value for enrolling people.

I leave to you, I have been retailing amway products for many years.

Joecool said...

So why do IBOs empahsize recruiting?