Wednesday, 22 June 2011

'Amway' Doug Wead and the 'Religious Right'

Recently we have had Kasey Chang posting a series of puerile, false and defamatory comments on one of his own Blogs in which he attempted to dismiss my accurate references to 'Amway' and the 'Religious Right' in the USA, as a conspiracy theory.
Unknown to the likes of Mr. Chang, the 1997 Polish film documentary, 'Witajcie w Cyciu'  ('Welcome to Life') features a contraversial figure linked to the American 'Religious Right,' Doug Wead (b.1946), preaching in English to a flock of Eastern European 'Amway' adherents (with the help of a translator) . When you know that (over a period of more than 50 years) the so-called 'Amway business opportunity' has had a hidden, effectively 100% failure/drop-out rate, the key words and images which Wead constantly repeats, are a grotesque inversion of reality. This clean-cut, wealthy and psychologically-dominant liar, was seeking to manipulate the egos of his pyschologically vulnerable, poor audience by telling them that they had all lived for half a century with the oppressive boot of 'communism' grinding their faces into the mud, and that, by refusing 'Amway,' they would be refusing the opportunity to stand up and be free. In plain language, Wead is planting the self-perpetuating, and self-gratifying, delusional belief that, by becoming an unquestioning 'Amway' recruiter, any cowardly loser can transform into a heroic winner. Your free-thinking readers will note that Wead's fictitious controlling-scenario (through abandoning individuality and by believing totally in the group and its leadership, ordinary men can transform into supermen) is essentially identical to that used by Adolf Hitler and Stalin.
Wead has his own page on Wikipedia, . However, much of this is just a catalogue of his own reality-inverting propaganda. In the adult world of quantifiable reality, along with his vile little chum Dexter Yager, Wead is one of the greedy charlatan/racketeers (attached to the 'Amway' mob) who has acquired a vast fortune by producing and peddling many millions of books, recordings and tickets to meetings, on the pretext that he is a heroic winner who knows the secret of how to achieve total financial freedom in 'Amway' - a secret which, out of the kindness of his Christian heart, he is prepared to share with cowardly losers (for a price). 
For years, Doug Wead was one of the links between US Republican party leaders and the Religious Right. In simple terms, in order for presidential candidates to get elected in the USA, they need the support of all the millions of right wing Christian voters. Consequently, presidential candidates like George W. Bush have employed persons like Doug Wead to advise them on exactly what to say (and what not to say) to get elected. However, Wead used his extensive private contact with the Bush family in a way which made him into a highly-controversial figure.
In 1987, Wead began to record his conversations with members of the Bush family (with their permission and allegedly to provide a historical record). In 1988, Wead published 'George Bush: Man of Integrity,'  which drew heavily on these taped conversations. However, Wead secretly continued taping between 1997 and 2000, acquiring at least 9 hours of private telephone conversations with George W. Bush (then Governor of Texas) whilst he was running for President. Wead later claimed that he intended to record Bush as a historical figure. In February 2005, one month after Bush was sworn in as US President for the second time, Wead approached 'The New York Times,' and publicly released 12 extracts, ranging in length from a few minutes to 30 minutes. Wead claimed that these recordings were perfectly legal, because in the USA, there is no no law against taping someone without his/her consent. In the released-extracts, Bush seemed to admit having used marijuana and other drugs, because said that he would not answer press questions about his drug use, because he did not want to set a bad example for children.
It seems that, in 2005, the 'Amway' racketeer, Doug Wead, was trying to send a powerful message to George W. Bush and the Republican party leadership. No one (apart from George W. Bush) knows what else was lurking in Wead's collection of tapes. However, during the Bush presidencies, there was never the slightest official enquiry into the ongoing, major racketeering activities of the 'Amway' mob in the USA. Indeed, George W. Bush appointed one of 'Amway's' own attoneys, Timothy Muris, to Chair the US Federal Trade Commission.
David Brear (copyright 2011)
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