Monday, 27 June 2011

The brainwashed core-adherents of the 'Speakasiaonline' fraud continue to deny reality


For months, we have been calmly explaining on Corporate Frauds Watch that, since its ignominious origins in the USA more than 50 years ago, a mountain of damning-evidence now proves beyond all reasonable doubt, that the entire so-called 'multi-billion dollar MLM Industry' has shielded a vast criminal enterprise. The first instigators of this global financial holocaust (with a small 'h'), and a growing band of copy-cat crooks, have been allowed to dissimulate the age-old crime of a closed-market swindle behind essentially the same fake 'business opportunity' which has actually obliged ill-informed participants regularly to purchase effectively-unsaleable products, and/or services, and to endeavour to recruit others to perpetuate the same economically-suicidal plan, rather than to earn their livings from regularly retailing 'MLM' wampum to the public for a profit. We have also explained how many victims of these camouflaged, illegal money circulation schemes, have also fallen for secondary advance fee frauds, in which they have been peddled over-priced publications, recordings, tickets to meetings, etc., on the pretext that these materials contain exclusive secrets vital to achieving success in 'MLM.'  In this way, tens of millions of ill-informed individuals in dozens of different countries have been systematically robbed and blamed. The funds which have been taken by numerous gangs of manipulative 'MLM' racketeers, now total many billions of dollars - some of which has been used to infiltrate traditional culture and to buy political protection (particularly, in the USA). For all these reasons, Corporate Frauds Watch has taken the wider-view that the entire so-called 'MLM Industry' represents an ongoing threat to democracy and the rule of law, and that (in the final analysis) blame-the-victim  'MLM business opportunity' racketeers should not be treated on a case by case basis, or as common criminals.  Tellingly, for all their stolen wealth, not one single 'MLM' racketeer has dared to attempt to challenge our demonstrably-accurate, published analysis. Even when isolated 'MLM' rackets like 'Speakasiaonline,' are recognized by law enforcement agents, the media, legislators and the public, and begin to collapse, a core-group of their most-brainwashed adherents always continues to deny reality. Usually, these poor sheep indignantly bleat the additional twisted-fairy tales that:
'MLM' is perfectly legal and has been accepted all over the world for decades.
Their particular 'MLM' scheme is not fundamentally fraudulent. 
Its collapse is due to lies which are being spread by 'negative' former distributors who refuse to accept responsibility for their own lack of success.
These lies have been repeated by a media which is controlled by the deluded enemies of free-enterprise. etc.
Fortunately, there is now a good chance that the real bosses of the 'MLM' gang known as 'Speakasiaonline',  might be held to account in India, but, so far, their labyrinth of corporate structures has obstructed investigation and isolated them from liability. Hopefully, the Indian authorities will not be so foolish as to fall for this Mafia-style mystification.  
My advice to anyone investigating blame-the-victim 'MLM business opportunity' fraud, is:
Follow the money!
David Brear (copyright 2011)

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