Thursday, 9 June 2011

'Income opportunity' scams

The attached videos explain a form of pernicious fraud which, for years, has been stealing  many millions of dollars from countless ill-informed individuals around the globe (particularly in the USA).  In simple terms, vulnerable victims (in search of a lawful  income opportunity) are baited via attractive employment advertisements which are posted on reputable Websites. Victims are led to believe that a major company will handsomely-reward them for performing various unskilled activities (particularly, market research and evaluation). Victims receive detailed instructions (usually accompanied by blank-surveys to complete and return).  They are then sent a cheque for several thousands dollars more than their expected payment and instructed to bank the cheque immediately and forward any over-payment to another employee of the company. In reality, these 'cheques' are convincing fakes designed to take the victims' banks several days to identify and reject; enough time for the victims' own payments to be cleared. The fake cheques are usually printed and posted by innocent dupes who have also been baited by the promise of a lawful income opportunity. 
The overwhelming majority of 'income opportunity' scams are actually being run out of Nigeria. Victims are often too embarrassed to file a complaint. 
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