Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Has America really become a de facto Fascist State?

Various smug people, keep asking me:
If 'Amway/Multi-Level Marketing' is such an obvious racket, how is it possible that private individuals like you and Shyam Sundar have spotted it, when the US Justice Dept. hasn't ?
The short answer to this question is:
Because we were looking for it ! 
However, there is an extended answer to the same question.
Successive US governments have acquired a debt of more than $14 trillions. Currently, every single cent handed-over to the US government by individual federal income-tax payers, goes to service this titanic loan. Yet, if US citizens fail to make their annual income-tax declarations, or are proven to have given false information to the Internal Revenue Service, then the US government (in the form of the IRS and Justice Dept.) can seize the property of these citizens, and/or have them sent to prison. This is despite the fact that the US Constitution clearly says that US citizens are not obliged to make any statement which could possibly incriminate them.
Given these disturbing facts, it is doubly shocking that certain so-called public servants at the US Justice Dept. have apparently been allowed to tell lies to the American people, but the people apparently cannot hold their own government to account. Amazingly, these apparent lies have been reported as the truth by the mainstream media, but how is it possible that mainstream journalists have not challenged the authenticity of the recently-declared accounts of the US Justice Dept? These absurd documents pretend that more than $120 millions dollars of US tax-payers' money was legitimately spent on around 1800 conferences during 2008-2009. So far, only the accounts of 10 conferences have been examined in depth, and made public, by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Amongst items allegedly bought by Justice Dept. officials in Washington DC, were 250 muffins (i.e. individual cakes) at $16 each. According to the US Justice Dept.'s own accounts, the impossibly high price of this everyday merchandise was due to the fact it came from the Capitol Hilton Hotel, Washington DC, but common-sense would strongly suggest that someone, somewhere has been lying in order to pocket a huge amount of cash.
This begs the question:
Is there anyone left in a position of authority in the USA who is capable of holding corrupt federal government officials, and their criminal associates, to account, or has America really become a de facto Fascist State?
David Brear (Copyright 2011) 

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