Friday, 16 September 2011

QuestNet is once again active in India

The other day when I was returning from Hyderabad on a train, I met a gentleman. During the course of our conversation, I told him about the multilevel marketing menace and how speakasiaonline was shut down recently. I also told him how Corporate Frauds Watch filed criminal case against the GoldQuest which was closed down a couple of years ago and their members are facing the criminal charges awaiting trial. However, he said that its parent company QuestNet is still active in various parts of India.
The police are so shortsighted that they hardly find any criminal activity even if it is under their nose. Corporate Frauds Watch has plans to approach the Director Generals of Police of all State Governments all over India to appraise them of the menace of QuestNet in their States.
According to information available, the QuestNet has organised a massive meeting with about 5,000 participants at Shanmukhananda Hall in Mumbai. The greed of Indians has come handy for these crooks to start their operations once again.
Corporate Frauds Watch is appealing to all Indians not to fall prey to the evil designs of companies like QuestNet, Amway, Herbalife and others.


GuyReviews said...

Dear Shyam,

Last time I brought up the topic of why India seem to be more vulnerable to pyramid schemes (when Mr. Brear called it "new imperialism", I apparently touched a raw nerve somewhere, though the question remains, does education level have a relation to susceptibility to pyramid schemes? Or is it economic disparity, or combination of factors?

So I guess the question is... what exactly is taught in schools, about what in the US would be called "street smarts", such as not to be taken by scams? Or is there no such courses?

I suspect the answer is no, there is no such courses in the US, or anywhere else, including India, that teaches students (or anybody) how NOT to be victims of scams (and they in turn, will teach their parents and relatives), and there SHOULD BE.

Perhaps THAT is the way to eliminate fraud and scam... by "draining the swamp" of potential victims.

You think any schools will go for it? So instead of us fighting one fraud at a time...


Amish said...

I don’t understand, why people don’t understand that MLM business is an opportunity for everyone to earn, but people invest blindly, and then sit and complaint, if you work hard u make money, my wife is working for Quest net and she manages to earn a good amount for our house. She is very happy with Quest net.

Shyam Sundar said...

The members of GoldQuest also cited the same dialogues in the past and now all of them are facing criminal charges and awaiting for the jail term.

Anju said...

Questnet is active as 'Qnet' at several places in India,and their network extends to the u.a.e,u.k.,u.s. and other countries.Their members at Bangalore include well educated professionals.Can you do something to stop them please?

Shyam Sundar said...

Dear Anju,
Wherever and whenever possible lodge a complaint with the police against the money circulation scheme of QNet. The recent judgement of Andhra Pradesh in speakasiaonline case made it clear that mere information about the money circulation scheme is sufficient to file a criminal case against the fraudulent company. So send an anonymous letters to the police about the frauds.

SS783112 said...

Dear Shyam,

This scam is spreading like a wildfire in Thane, Mumbai and i know of some leaders who are involved in e this scam.
My wife has also been hypnotized into this business which has made her forget everything else in life.

Can you please let me know where and how can i file a complaint? My wife insists on seeing proof that this is a Scam.. Can you please help?.. My intent is to punish those scamster leaders so that they do not break more families just for their own benefit..


Shyam Sundar said...

You are facing the same problem several victims face while dealing with MLM scams.
Since you have a victim in your house, you could directly lodge a complaint with the police quoting the criminal case filed against GoldQuest International in Andhra Pradesh. I would like to recall GoldQuest is the sister concern of QuestNet.
If you want details I could forward the details of the criminal case in Andhra Pradesh.
Police could file a criminal case against the QuestNet under the provisions of Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978.

sinha said...

I just happened to read your blog 'Questnet is once again active in India',wherein you have mentioned about companies like questnet,amway,herbalife & others.If we require a certain product and we buy it from a shop,its OK whereas if we buy it from any person representing any company [questnet,amway,herbalife & others],it is illegal [according to you].Recently I bought a product of amway from a chemist.He did'nt give me any discount.Why is it illegal if I buy the same product from an agent at a discounted price ? It may make sense to you but to me it is utter nonsense.Are you aware that this traditional system of appointing distributors/retailers/franchisies were considered illegal ages back when it started? For your information I am neither representing nor am I an agent of any company.I have just given my unbiased view on the subject.

Shyam Sundar said...

If you buy a product at discount from a distributor, we could understand. But you have to become a distributor by joining some scheme and if you enroll more distributors under you to earn more commission is prohibited under the provisions of Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978. No fool would purchase such exorbitantly priced products unless one is induced to become rich in a shot span of time if they enrolled more persons into the scheme.
You better go through my blog and read the judgement of Andhra Pradesh High Court which held the business model of Amway is illegal.
Amway is offering Rs. 62,500 every month if enroll 102 persons under your downline. This is nothing but money circulation scheme.
Anyway, join Amway or some other racket like that with an open mind. You would soon realise that it is a racket. You would be losing a lot of money every year and it would be very difficult to enroll more persons under your downline. Meanwhile you would be losing your precious earnings.

Shyam Sundar said...

It seems that this wise 'fool' is not aware of the criminal cases being tried all over India against members of GoldQuest International, a subsidiary of QuestNet. One criminal complaint against QuestNet is enough to put all these 'Best Business Opportunity' fools behind the bars.

Cool Dude said...

I agree with you Mr Shyam. And these fools are making fool to their family mambers and friends only. How shame.

SS783112 said...

I agree 100% with Shyam here.. This "wise" fool who is like a cat drinking milk by closing its eyes is soon gonne loose all his money, respect and his dear ones.. Anyways the best is to ignore such ppl..

Shyam - My family has been hot big time by the "Black Magicians" from QNet and since now I have nothing to loose, I am planning to file a "Public Interest Litigation" against this company so that it would atleast save other families from getting ruined.. I have the names, phone numbers, CDs, Visiting Cards of the Scamsters running this crap in Thane, Mumbai.. Please suggest if PIL is the right step forward to save innocent people..

SS783112 said...

Also these so called SMART and Dynamic people who propogate scam, talk abt association with Formula One etc, cant even buy / rent a office in Mumbai.. They do all their ILLEGAL activites in CCD (Cafe Coffee Day) and Candies at Hill Road Bandra.. Wonder what unique MNC this is.. I am ready to take the first step in destructing this scam, but need your support Shyam..

UM said...

if this business is giving you lots of money, why will everyone slog their ass working for hours, even an illiterate can do such work.... Just think all good companies will shut, why will people work hard, they will just take this shit business and work for 2 hours a day and party...
i have not come across such shit business ever in my life.... ITS A FRAUD !!!! i hope people will realise one day or more so govt should !!!!

UM said...

I am also against this scam, as i was about to become part of this.... but god saved me... but i do not want others want to suffer due to the bunch of so called business men/women...
This should be STOPPED at any SPEAKASIA....

Sami said...

Hi All, This is the time to wake up now. This is not a FRAUD!!!!! This Firm (QNET) gives you more returns in terms of your family & for your next generation. It works under the Theme "BELIEF". Be a "BOSS" of your own

QuestNet said...

I know it’s a long post, but if you really want to know the truth behind Quest Net, read on…

One of my friends (Mr. K) recently got married and was moving with his wife to a new flat in Mumbai. He mentioned that he needs to shop big time for a lot of stuff such as electronics (TV, AC, Washing Machine, Fridge, etc.), Furniture, Kitchen stuff and so on. He knew that it will take him at least 3 months and around Rs. 4-5 Lakhs to manage all this. At the same time, one of my other friends (Mr. S) had been pestering me to hear one of the new business ideas he got to know and is looking for investors who can put in 5 Lakhs to begin with. Mr. S always emphasized that you end up making your money back in no time and also the initial investment allows you to buy stuff from the company of the invested value. Now, this seemed to me like a win-win situation for Mr. K and Mr. S and hence I (Mr. A) decided to introduce them to one another… Here’s what followed...

Mr. K: Hi, glad to meet you, I guess Mr. A would have told you about my marriage and recent move to Mumbai.

Mr. S: Indeed, Congratulations on your wedding and hope you give it as much time as it deserves?

K: What? I don’t understand your question/comment, the married life has just started and don’t think time is an issue right now.

S: Sorry, I didn’t mean it in that sense. I said that considering our busy life these days, as in, we spend most of our time at work and then barely have time to spend with our family. We have become corporate slaves and either don’t have enough money to enjoy life or enough time to enjoy our money.

K: I do agree with you to a certain extent, at times the work pressure can overtake the control of your life but the key is to strike a balance between the two. With experience one learns to do that.

S: I disagree; consider this, if you work for someone else he gets rich or richer because of your efforts. But if you work for yourself and make others work for you too then you are the one enjoying your money and money generated by others for you.

K: Isn’t that the dream!! But anyways, let’s talk about business, what products your company has. I mean I need a lot of things and will need a good discount and installment plan.

S: Sure, but before talking about the business, don’t you think if you contribute to others wealth and others contribute to your wealth; it’s not only win-win deal but also a noble proposition? I mean, why can’t we believe in RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind.

K: Are you also a representative of an NGO, because I am in no position to make a donation.

S: No, no, I mean business, what I am about to tell you, will not only help you buy products at low rates directly from our website but also make money from it. Moreover, you will have people contributing to your wealth and once you have passed away (died), the money will continue to come in for the family.

K: Do you have brochure or something I can look at? I mean I couldn't get my wife here but she will like to see the stuff before we buy anything. Plus if you sell furniture, I will need someone to come at my home to take the dimensions.

S: Mr. K, if you don’t mind me asking, how much do you earn a month?

K: Well, it’s none of your business and I earn well enough to make payments for all the stuff I am going to buy but for sake of the conversation, I earn in the vicinity of 2 Lakhs a month.

S: Great, good for you, but how will you like to make more than 6 Lakhs a week.

K: Dude, you are wasting my time now, can we please talk about the products. I am in a hurry here.

S: Sure, our company makes different products, which include some high end Watches, Jewelry, Body & Water Energisers and Holiday Packages.

K: Do you guys have anything that has some UTILITY? I mean something like a TV, AC, fridge, etc?

S: No, we have a restricted product list and are exclusively position in that market

QuestNet said...

You invest 30,000 and become a member. The next time you add a member we will give you 1,500 for it. And every time a member you brought in gets a member again you get 1,500 from it. This will continue till 5 levels of members. Effectively once you have built a strong chain below yourself the money keeps coming in. Does this sound like a fair deal?

S: So what does this company do with the money? What do they make or sell?

K: Nothing, they don’t use your money to buy anything but look at it as a business opportunity. Once you or members you brought in get 20 members you have made your 30,000 back and what follows is pure profit. This gets better, rather than just investing 30,000 you can put in 10 times or even 100 times the money and build more networks below you.

S: But in that case, the money stays in the company and is redistributed among the members. As in, from the 30,000 invested 22,500 is paid to the existing members (7,500 to the first investor, 6,000; 4,500; 3,000; 1,500 to the subsequent investors) and the rest of the money goes to the company as pure profit. With no product being sold, this is a total Ponzi scheme… a total Fraud.

K: I am impressed with your numbers ability and also agree that this is a total fraud. But not let me add a simple product here. A watch, which is not worth more than Rs. 1,000 and I tell you that this watch is worth Rs. 33,000 and every time someone from your brought people buys a watch you get Rs. 1,500 commission and this continues up to 5 levels. Is this still a fraud to you or a business opportunity?

S: This is still a fraud; I mean the product is not worth anything.

K: Exactly my point, what your dear company Quest Net is doing is running the same ponzi scheme with a new avatar. You might think you
are selling products and making people rich or if I may say Raising Yourself To Help Mankind (RYTHM) but effectively you are making the founders/owners of this company rich everyday by contributing to their fraud.

Remember, every company who wants to sell its products wants maximum coverage and distribution of its products. They want their product to be sold at every store, every mall, and every possible e-Commerce site. Before you make example of Dell, let me tell you that you can buy their products not just from their site but also from other sites such as amazon, etc. and they also price their products competitively similar to the levels of other sellers. Clearly not true in Quest net case.

Considering I have lost lot of my time and given more knowledge than I got, I guess I should leave and hope not to see you again. Thanks.

Javed Hasan said...

Have you heard about the the Jataka tales about Two monkeys fighting over a Roti and the CAT comes for arbitration and eats the ROTI himself.

Well M/s Questnet is doing the same. They have mechanism of brainwashing gullible public through forums and Seminars and eat all our Rotis(eat money) while we are going ga ga over his schemes. I sincerely feel that our laws are far too lenient for these kind of crooks to operate in our country. I wont be surprised if thr are Politician patronage avlbl to these crooks. They hav stopped the Bloody gold coin scheme but they still have all kind of Crazy schemes to fool all of us. I was intrigued to read three stage managed comments by Muntazir et al.

Unknown said...

I do not agree with you. Qnet is a genuine company and so are all its operations. Many people all over the world have benefited from its activities and many more will benefit from it in the future. I m aware that there are many negative news floating in the market, but believe me, those are just rumors spread by rival companies. Why is it that people raise fingers on any company who gains success quickly. All do not cheat, some like Qnet do believe in hard work.

LinaV said...

I am from the UK and a few of my relations are into this. The company is called QI in the UK, previously known as QuestNet. It is interesting to note how all those in favour of Questnet/QI use the same dialogues, same arguments no matter where in the world they are. It seems that the seminars they hold are there to brainwash their IRs. This is a pyramid scheme in essence because the more people each IR has below them the more money they earn. Be wise and stay away, don't let your greed distract you from what the company is really about.

MAG said...

I would like to hear from someone who has been part of Qnet/ questnet, how much did they invest initially, how many people have they recruited and how much money have they made in the last one year. Also, after buying products initially (like a joining fee), how much money have they spent subsequently on products from this company.

Debjani said...

Shyam Sunderji, even some of my contacts are associated with QNET in Delhi and they highly recommend of them is associated for 2 yrs and has bought a house, 2 of my friends also has come to know of this and wants to join...however even I feel that this is something fraud...But what I fail to understand that if they are not paying out how can these people vouch for QNET...they are so confident about the company that they feel we are the ones who do not have the brains or the zeal to earn more....sometimes we are in such financial situations that we feel why not give it a try...Please enlighten us so that we can stay away from such companies, people....

Shyam Sundar said...

There were people who made wads of money in GoldQuest International and it came to light after Corporate Frauds Watch lodged a criminal complaint.
A person bought a house for One crore rupees and owns a BMW car. After police filed a criminal case against him he went underground for a while.
Of course, these people make money if they enroll more members into the scheme. There would be a lot of people after sometime who find it difficult to enroll people and all these people would lose their money.
The Supreme Court rightly pointed out in Kuriachan Chacko case that it may work for some time but sooner than later the chain would break. The organisers of such scheme knowing fully well that it would not work forever, are inducing people to become members.
It is high time people realised this fact.

Amin said...

hello my shaym what a brilliant job have u done by working so hard in trying to prove qnet as a fraud but if you had spent the same time and effort on doing the same on qnet i am definety sure you would have maid full lacs of pls stop wasting you time on talking on all rubbish and write about the various scam happening in india.if because of this scam my family is making money and there is food on my table i dont care because of this scam about 50 ir's are having a better lifestyle then i donot care.only a looser and brainless man can say this is a relex donot worry i am in dubai now and very soon i will also be in india doing the same scam so pls write more to give the company more publicity.bbecause we care a damm.

Shyam Sundar said...

You said that you are making money. You did not how you are making money. Are you making money by joining your friends and relatives into the scheme or is there any other away?

Amin said...


blogger1 said...

It is amazing to see how one can be brainwashed. One of friends approached mefor qnet membership . All i came to know was that ineed to put in in 2+ lakhs. I also saw their so called products. The so clled products are of no use to a ordinary person. Certainly this is a scam. Unfortunately as i read in thread above even well educated people are falling to this Pyramid scheme.

Sumit Navani said...

very nice article, I have also done some research about the scam, kindly check my blog ""

vishnu said...

One qus to all the Qnet members? Why the Qnet website does not have the Company executive or Board of Directors page or Company office address in India or anywhere else… doesn’t this company look like a scam…

Blue Dreamz.... said...

I was almost coaxed into this shitty business back in 2008. It was only 2 days before I left India for my higher studies in the U.S. I met a school friend at Forum mall in bangalore and we had dinner together. At the end of our conversation, he said he was into a side business, and that he wanted to show me his office. I agreed and believed him out of curiosity. Then he rode me to his "office" at a very dark and deserted gully. This was a small room with about 10 to 15 people, and literally locked me in it. Then started the brainwashing which many of you already know about. All methods were tried: coaxing, tempting, emotions, and even scaring me that my job at IBM was not stable, to convince me to invest 30K bucks. I repeatedly told them I wasn't interested in quick money making, and that I was anyway leaving my job at IBM for my higher studies. After around an hour of literal torturing, I told my friend I was leaving. He offered me a ride on his bike. I got off much before my home because I didn't want him to see where exactly I lived! It was quarter to midnight.

I felt very bad about the incident, and never talked to him again. I found out how heartless these people become once they realize they themselves have lost 30K. They become obsessed to recover as much as possible, and can lie as much as they can to achieve it. Else how could a friend whom I met after 15yrs think of cheating me?

To all readers: Don't think about making quick money. Work hard and earn as much as you are supposed to. Greed gets the evil out of you, and you lose everything and gain nothing.

Unknown said...

Just by accident, I came across this site.

I am surprised to read some sentences here which I heard just a few days before from a colleague of mine in Panvel, Mumbai.

Exactly same sentences.

He invited me and my wife to his house one day and started talking about why we need money, how we can make money etc.

Then as explained in one post above, he started some talks on a company sponsoring Formula 1, some RYTHM etc, Some maths also followed showing how rich I will be in a few months. Then he took out a form for me to fill up.

I was so hypnotised, I started filling up with all my informations. Then suddenly I smelled something, and told him that I need some time to decide.

He then tried to persuade me for the next 30 minutes. I felt so bad. Why is someone trying to persuade me like this.

Just after having some tea, we left his house, and never saw him again.

How a friend can do such a thing to me! From his desperate ways, I believe, he has lost a lot of money in it and somehow he is trying to recover it.

I just pray to God, that he comes out of this and recover his money by some legal ways.

Anonymous said...

Fresh out of the experience, last night. Its got SCAM written all over it. Its amazing how well educated highly paid executives with good business acumen are getting conned into scams like this.

Greed for money is the source of all evil and you are sometimes inches/minutes away from going to the dark side.

STAY away from QI/QNET etc. Its a road leading to self destruction. Once you realize you have been conned, you go into denial and start justifying your actions to yourself, further going into the spiral. If you don't get out of it soon, its going to consume you, your family and those who care about you.

The best place to be in life is to wake up in the morning and have complete control over your thoughts and actions, money or no money!

Ram said...

Can some one from QuestNet/QNet supporters bother explaining how one can earn more money without ending up fraudelent? I'm not looking for your Dynamism, BELIEFs, stories or convesations but simple calculations.

Unknown said...

hopeless company...disgusting people..all of this company officials are frauds...

Arally Martinez said...

hahhaha, can somebody knock some senses into this "Mr Shyam Sunder's" head, or anywhere they can find some emtoy space :D lolzz.. i think either u hd a divorce recently or u r one of those moroons who is living broke in his life.. get urself a coffee bro.. hahaha... anyways, ur comments are undoubtedly and truely entertaining... :D u sound like a little crippling kid... hahhahaha

Shyam Sundar said...

HAHAHA. This fellow does not talk about the criminal cases against GoldQuest, the sister concern of QNet. More, he does not talk why that company closed shop in India. Why the GoldQuest members have been arrested including the managing director Pushpam Appala Naidu.
Probably he is one of those crooks who are out to cheat the Indians and people all over world.

Life said...

I got recently enrolled inQnet just 10 days ago. Now i want to get rid of it. Kindly advise as i want my money back from the company.

Esarpee77 said...
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Dr RAJ said...

Dear Debaters,

Simple one line answer to your allegations of questnet/qnet being a scam, WE ARE PROVIDED WITH FORM 16 AT THE YEAR AND THERE IS 10% TDS at SOURCE BEFORE WE ARE PAID.

I am sure you have enough brains to understand a scam company doesn't do all that. And the only reason that the company is still active
coz they won the case legally and ethically.
So stop being brainless creatures and study the Industry of NM and also study the company!

Hope God gives you all some brains!

Blue Dreamz.... said...

@Dr RAJ: OK Dr RAJ, we all have brains (which God gave us). But we use it for better purposes than to cheat people (which includes our own relatives and friends)! This shitty business called QI/QNet/QuestNet/GoldQuest or whatever is only about cheating others, and we all do have brains to understand it!

Ram said...

Form 16 is generated by a CA and not by government. It's a simple thing to understand. Anywayz, for all those who think it's legal, please read through this link, you will understand.

Unknown said...

I met a Qnet IR as requested by my cousin and realized what is it all about.

I tried explaining my cousin and also created MLM Multi level marketing network simplified at

You can find my experience at

LG said...

Hahahahaha!!!.. This is so funny.. Really loved the way things are put against Qnet here.. Me Shyam - please update yourself.. The criminal case against QNET has already been dealt with and QNET was found NOT GUILTY!!! Yes, u read it right - NOT GUILTY.. Enough said I believe.
Now for others.. just because you did not find yourself suitable for this business, you rendered it as a scam... What logic is that?? have you even tried to know about the comp? the products? the certifications? the accolades? the industry? the business? the recognition's? the associations? anything?.. you can google a lot of negative things.. try to find something positive.. Its unbelievable how ignorant you people are...

Shyam Sundar said...

HAHAHA! We have come across so many apologists like you. You are not talking about the GoldQuest which was closed after criminal cases were filed against it all over India.
Someone would file a criminal case againg QNet also and you would have a hearty laugh then.
You did not say which court said QNet was not guilty.
Many a time, the victims do not come forward to file criminal cases against such crooks. That is how they are escaping the criminal charges.
At least the QNet is not active in Andhra Pradesh. Otherwise I would have filed a criminal case against it though I am not a victim.

LG said...

Yes.. I am talking about the same Goldquest which was shut down in Chennai because of illegal activities of unscrupulous IRs, won the legal battle in court, came back re-branded as QNET more strong and more powerful... Jus to let you know, it has never, and i mean never lost a legal battle in court.. QNET's growth in the last 3-4 yrs has been unmatched... World Economic Forum recognizes this company as one of the fastest growing in the world and the potential leaders of tomorrow... Here is an AUTHENTIC link..

Well I m sure u would say the WEF is also a fraud.. Who is Shyam Sundar btw?

To let you know, QNET is very much present in Andhra Pradesh. Go and file a complaint now.. dont waste your time...Do whatever you can to stop it... Validate your degrees...

Shyam Sundar said...

YES. I am talking about GoldQuest against which I have filed criminal case in Andhra Pradesh and the CID has yet to file the charge sheet in this case. How could you say that it was given clean chit?
This type of lies are misleading people. I am the main complainant in that case. I have to depose in the court. HAHAHA. And you say it has been given clean chit. HAHAHA

Rajesh said...
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Rajesh said...
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Shyam Sundar said...

This fellow says i do not know maths of referral marketing. He does not know what is mathematical impossibility. The Supreme Court upheld that the knowing fully that it would not work forever, these fraudulent companies are inducing people to become members in the multilevel marketing frauds. So Section 420 of IPC is also applicable to them.
This type of crooks are the most dangerous lot to the society. They keep on inducing more members, particularly their friends and relatives, into the racket to buy the products which are virtually worthless.

Ram said...


If it's so legitimate and not fraudelent, why not restart goldquest as it was before? Why QNET has to come up with new products all the way??

Rajesh said...
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Shyam Sundar said...

Rajesh, no daydreams. These crooks never sell such goods in the QNet. They sell only things with which they could make money and others lose.
You make money by inducing others only. That is why it is illegal as per the Prize Chits and Money Circulation schemes (Banning) Act, 1978. Under the provisions of this enactment only criminal case was filed against GoldQuest, Amway, NMart, speakasiaonline, Gemini Techno, V-Can Network, Apple FMCG. Wake up from slumber. This is only racket to make people lose money.

Rajesh said...
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Shyam Sundar said...

OK my name is not Shayam.
I understood well. There is not a single product worth useful in the list of the QNet.
What you have to understand is the business model.
This is nothing but easy and quick money for the company and as well as some of the members which is prohibited under the law.
Just go to the older posts to read the judgement of AP High Court in Amway India writ petition case.

Ram said...

@Rajesh, I dont know what you mean by sold out to present owners. They showed me the photos of so called "Dato" during GoldQuest and Now for QNET also they show me the same person's photo. I dont understand who sold it and who bought it when the person does not change.

Rajesh said...
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Rajesh said...
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Rajesh said...
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Shyam Sundar said...

Rajesh, Did you understand what you are saying? There are some thieves but that does not make stealing legal. Till the police knock on the door, people like you keep on cheating your own friends and relatives.
In Apple FMCG case, the Madras High Court pointed out that for the simple reason that there were no complaints an illegal act would not become legal.
I understood you are a crook out to loot the country. You are no different from the crooked politicians and the bureaucrats who looting the country.

Rajesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shyam Sundar said...

Any doubt?

Unknown said...

Typical story at CCD Square, nr. UB City, Bangalore

1) Some of your friend would introduce you to an "amazing" business opportunity. No mention of "how". Only words like "Hardwork", "Seriousness", "commitment".
When you ask more he would tell you, the seniors will discuss with you.
2) You get excited, he will fix up a meeting at public place like CCD. (Why not an registered office ?)
3) Before the senior comes, you will be told how well he is doing, and he is your friend's ideal !
4) Next that senior comes. He will spend ~2 hrs just to explain Who started this company,(QI) What jobs they left, now how much they are earning. 3% | 97% divide of wealth. Some "live" examples of luxury car owners, purchasers of flats on debit cards.
e.g. VIP Group head, CITI AVP, IIMA allumni, DATO' Vijay Eswaran.
The flaws in existing marking model: MAD(Mkt,Advertising,etc) costs.
Flaws with corporate culture: You boss would not share business secrets with you. Here your "partners" would die to help you at 3 AM.
5) Next will come product part: They could convert Water to air. They created a magic glass article which purifies even crude whisky to pure water. A spoon of powder=10 bowls of oats.
Note: No mention of if they produce it. If so, where is factory, workers, RnD. If they are just marketing, which is the source company, what is their margin etc.
Funny(sic) part is to see the glow in your friend's eye and hands shivering with confidence.
6) In between no matter how curious you become, they won't come to the point: Product.
7) It's already 2 hrs. You become impatient. Now they tell you power of duplicacy. Einstein suggested this power would change the world. Bill Gates in his book(Whose name they will forget), mentioned that, if he would not have created Microsoft, he would be in duplicacy business.
8) You may invest 1.75L to 6.75L to earn crores. There is some CAP, but they won't clearly explain you.
9) When you insist, topic changes. WHY is important not HOW.e.g. If your family away is in trouble, you won't think how will you reach there. You would just reach there !
The imp. thing is WHY you want to do it, now HOW. (Ans: Any layman in the world knows WHY: bcoz he wants crores investing lakhs, with how much ever hard work required. Real Imp thing is HOW.)
10) After 2hr 45 min. you get tired. He will tell you, he will make you meet more senior(read demigod), person. You would guess, it would be in evening or next day, out of surprise, he will drag you to another table or outside CCD.) !! You will be surpised to see there are 15 more such gurus here !
You will be just baffling talking to them, fearful of such crowd. Trying to give random answers they will catch you.
11) If you show doubts, you have to meet 4 other persons you can't refuse. First question asked: "What did you like the most ?"
Perplexingly, you would reply "Business Potential", "Equal Opportunity", see the smile on their face.
12) Raise some concerns and be overwhelmed with arguments: Think WHY not HOW. Detail is just numbers. Dont think about financials, just trust the Rock Star standing besides you, your friend !
You could look the confidence in your friend's eyes, who until now religiously following his gurus.
You get some more gyan: If you want to learn swimming, and you could see a life guard, you don't think HOW should I swim. You just JUMP IN. Your friend(Life guard who himself does not know to swim?) would save you.
And come on, Microsoft itself has made their portal(Which I doubt). If they can trust QI, why not you? As if, I buy Nokia mobile, means Nokia trusts me :)
13) Did you ask for Risk factor? Only risk is: COD(Cost of delay). More you delay more you loose. Jump in NOW.
14) Result: If you are lucky: You lost entrepreneurship opportunity to become your own boss, to become partner not salesman.

For an excellent article:

Unknown said...

Let us learn from qnet bosses, they are very smart than us. Only if they applied it to some genuine business.
QNet operandi:
If you want to run a scam and still want people to trust you, what will you do ? This is what qnet did..

1) Do a little charity and showcase a huge one. Create concepts like RHYTHM.

2) Sponsor big events like F1. Hire celebrities like cricketers, actors. People easily trust when they can link their stars to the company. Most celebrities work for you if you pay them. Big names like Sachin Tendulkar, Hrithik & SRK were advertising for Home Trade scam.

3) Keep all IRs motivated. Dont give them free time to think. Let all conferences (vcon, pcon) full of music, dance and emotional speech. Write motivational books.

4) Learn to confuse! Keep the compensation plan very complicated. Give too many redundant details, and hide essential ones.

5) Show off! Use (rented) luxury cars. Show video of great office space. Meeting with well-known people.

6) When people lose money them will be angry at you. So, calm them down. Tell them they are not following right method, SYSTEM, RULE etc. Also keep creating different kinds of meaningless training programs(and earn money that way too.)

7) Still when they fail, tell them: "This is serious business. You work, you get paid; else not".

8) Register all domains like *qnetscam*. When people google "is qnet scam" they will only get your links.

9) Most important rule: Keep changing company names every 2 years. Fools have very volatile memory. Believe me it works ! Want proof: FutureQuest, GoldQuest, questnet, qnet, Vihaan.

Unknown said...

To all those who say: "You work hard you get paid; Else you lose"
Or "QNet is not get-rich-quick-scheme. It requires hard work...SYSTEM .. Training"

Suppose you are in business of stealing money.
Now ask all the arguments in favor of qnet.
1) Does this business required Hardwork ? YES.
2) Does it pay if you work hard ? YES.
3) Should you do this business ? NO.

Simply put, you can't say that "you failed since you did not work hard".
In Qnet, QuestNet, GoldQuest, Vihaan, you will fail EVEN if you work hard.

If you see your friend is already successful with qnet then,
1) Probably he is lying. He has got his Harley bike or Porsche car on rent. OR as many QNetters do, they pooled the car between 10 of the IRs.
2) In rare cases he really made money, but consider that to be as good as stolen money. There is a big chance you will lose money(99.5%).

Stay away from QNET, Vihaan

Rajesh said...
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Shyam Sundar said...

Yeah I am not the only one who have some social responsibility. But What about YOU? Don't need to have any social responsibility. IF you call confidence arrogance, I can't help it.
Anyway you do agree that you are cheating your own friends and relatives in the name of business opportunity rather 'first come first served basis' racket.

Rajesh said...
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Shyam Sundar said...

I could not contain laugh. People like you put forward such arguments before the AP High Court but could not cut ice. The Judiciary threw out their arguments. It started with Apple FMCG, later V-Can Network, followed by Amway India. All these high-profile advocates tried to defend the business model of these companies. High profile advocates means Soli Sorabjee at al.
Even the Supreme Court threw the Amway India out of the court dismissing its special leave petition.
And you call me arrogant. HAHAHA.
Do you call all the supreme court judges arrogant or ignorant?
Look how ignorant you are.
You try to put forward your 'clever' arguments in any judicial court in India, you would be thrown out.
The Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978 clearly defined what is money circulation scheme and whatever be the camouflage these crooks use, it would be unveiled.
It happened in the case of speakasiaonline, GoldQuest, Gemini Techno, and recently NMart.
Let us not act like an ostrich. There are thousands of lawful ways to earn money. Not by enrolling more members into an infinite chain.
Who would listen to your business opportunity idea? Except your friends and relatives. The stranger would throw you out once you put forward your business opportunity proposal. But it would be difficult to do the same with the friends. That is how these crooks thriving.

Rajesh said...
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Shyam Sundar said...

Wah. Judges and advocates are moron. You keep on stealing people's money in the name of network marketing and if anybody points out, you call them moron.
I only pity you. Go and live in your own world where police won't touch you. GOOD BYE.

Rajesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rajesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rajesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shyam Sundar said...

Crooks escape from the clutches of law because they enroll their own friends and relatives. Even otherwise, they do not know whom to complain after they lost money in such scams. They fear that they would be laughed at by others for losing money foolishly in such schemes. Anyway most of the people refuse to lodge complaints with law enforcing agencies. That is how these crooks escape. And these jokers think that they are wise to line their pockets with others money. I have come across thousands of such crooks all my life.
I have never joined in any such schemes and never enrolled any other person. Still,I am comfortably settled in my life. I am happy that I have not cheated anyone. These crooks always cheat their conscience by stating what they are doing is common.

Shyam Sundar said...

Don't worry about them. There are thousands of such companies out there to line their pocket with ill-gotten money. If one company is closed several companies raise their ugly heads. And there are enough number of apologists like Rajesh to support such crooks. These people never work hard and save money. They want easy and quick money.
My mission is to bring awareness among people not to fall prey to such crooked ideas.

Rajesh said...
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Unknown said...

Well said Shyam,

Ads, Referrals & Online marketing might be legal and profitable way to earn money. Here the discussion is about MLM fraud, particularly QNet. Qnet emphasize not products, but only referrals. Moreover, the products themselves are fake like "divine" jewel, biodisks, irrelevant education courses & overpriced vacation packages.

Regarding the law, the that 70's law is still valid and remain so for a long time.
In fact every country has such law to protect their citizen from scams like qnet,QI Group, Vihaan, GoldQuest, QuestNet. Unfortunately in developing countries like India, Egypt, Srilanka, B'desh and African countries, it is hard to implement it and that is why frauds like Qnet flourish. Of course, here they will find more bakra, middle-class people who has big ambitions, and want to reach there quickly, with no clear path in sight.

Ram said...

Seriously, they call them entrepreneurs. Whom are you kidding guys? I wonder if they know what it means. These people, who cannot make out the difference between marketing fraud and entrepreneurship, are criticizing lawyers, judges and our laws.

Rajesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rajesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LG said...


Why are you wasting your time here man... The people dont know this model..They have no idea about it.. No idea about comp, products, industry. Nothing!!! They are slef proclaimed gurus of NM. They think they know everything. Its like I tell Shyam that I know everything about Law even though i dont. Why bang my head. They have no understanding. Why waste your time on these people?

- they think it about enrolling people. Its about the turnover you generate. It can be retails sales as well.
- they think that the model in not sustainable. They are definitely more intelligent than Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and Bill Gates. And probably more rich.
- they think its easy to do this biz. Well they think u can become rich by writing such blogs about people who are actually becoming rich by slogging their asses off...

Well its all about ignorance. If you dont know about anything, pls dont give opinions. Because your opinions may shatter somebody's dreams because the opinions were based on lack of knowledge.

Shyam Sundar said...

A biomedical engineer's testimonial is accepted. But the High Court judgement is not valued at all. What an idea sirji.
I only pity you. You are caught in the web.

Rajesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

An interesting post from qnet's customer service blog itself !

Pls publish if anybody knows the truth:
See link:

Wow! 4 people of Qnet were arrested at Vizag, 4 people were arrested at Kakinada (Andhra Pradesh) on 5th April 2013. Total 212 IR's were called for Intorigation by the CID Department. The arrested were not given bail till date. If Qnet is in Forbes, doesn't mean you are Legal..
Also please note that all these arrested were once the Top Earners of Qnet in India..They were also equally charged,equally motivated & equally positive like all other IR's..I pray god that the same should not be repeated to all you guys who are frenetic about Qnet today.....

Unknown said...

Reg. BioDisk comment
A fake comment by fake bio-medical engineer.

World's reputed institutes, when contacted have stated that bio-disk, chi pendant, physio radiance -- all are pseudo-science. People are advised to remain away from this.

The institutes qnet refers are actually created fake ones without any importance.

Shyam Sundar said...

Rajesh won't answer to Rakesh Goyal and turns a Nelson's eye. The reason is simple. He has no answer.
Jobless judge? This is height of arrogance.
This cheat has respect for law and no respect for his neighbour's rights.
The wonderful judiciary is the only saviour for Indians so far. But for judiciary, the crooks would go out to loot our country.
Of course, there are other crimes. But this is no less crime. Every year several thousands of crores is going down the drain because of these multilevel marketing racketeers. Only some people are lining their pockets and the rest are losing their hard-earned money.

LG said...

@Shyam - straight talk..
you purchase a product, you get the right to promote the products (if you want to take it up) at a revenue share.. you promote it - you get paid.. you dont promote it - you dont get paid... simple... Is it so hard for a qualified person like you to understand this?? you say people have lost money.. Where?? they have purchased a product.. so where is the loss??
You say people get duped?? are u really serious?? are u trying to say people are so stupid??
you are fighting a legal case against the comp... there are legal cases against a lot of companies in the world.. take any big comp on this planet... it has gone through courtroom drama.. does that make that company fraud?? You are stuck at some a small point of the court case, that you are missing the larger point.. you are the kind of people who look for the hole in a donut.. Qnet is present for the past 14+ yrs.. do u think it has not fought and won legal battles before?? It is present in every corner of the planet.. Do u think it is easy to fool so many governments ??
I think its high time you change your mindset and attitude and start seeing something positive about things.. There is a reason why this comp is successful... It already has answers ready for people like you pointing fingers at you..

@rakesh... I have spoken to my friends whether they know you... they said they dont... so u must be a fraud... I advise people to refrain from listening to anyone named rakesh goyal... He is a big fraud and scams a lot of people... Be careful..

Shyam Sundar said...

Glaks, Is this your original name or a pseudonym. Anyway, all networkers think that they are very intelligent.
With a straight face you make it very simple. No fool would buy a watch worth Rs. 800 for Rs. 30,000 unless he is assured that he is going to become rich soon by enrolling more members into the scam. For instance, no fool would buy a toothpaste for Rs. 225 from Amway unless he is told that he is going to become rich if enrolls 102 members under him. He keeps on chasing for the new members.
You can't just escape with a straight face and innocent look.
Successful means how many persons you could enroll into the scheme.
You won't make money unless you enroll more members. You won't buy the product unless you are induced that you would become rich. This is the web.

Unknown said...

Well said Shyam.
IR don't spend money for the product, but just to enroll/Qualify/Activate, so that they can add more people in their downline.
This goes on and on and on...until there is no one interested.
Last 3/4 levels lose all money.

Unknown said...

An excellent video at:

It shows how much penetration QNet has achieved into Egypt because of its troubled economy. I hope we could save India before it makes much damage.

All countries where qnet has major presence are either developing or poor.

Ram said...

@Glaks: As you said it's been active from 14+ years, would you mind answering the below question? Your QNET support website never answered it.

Please choose the correct answer?
1. Why M/s.Questnet Enterprises India Private Limited was closed and a New Company by name M/s.Qnet (Vihan) was opened in India.
A). Because Questnet Enterprises India is under CBCID Investigation
B).Because Questnet Enterprises Bank A/c & Offices were closed & Ceased by the departments and still facing legal challenges in different states
C).Bcoz no one can do business in the name of Questnet....

Rajesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ram said...

and what brand is that? Rolex?

Ram said...

When the gold price was 8000 per 10gms. They were selling coins of 8gms at 30,000. That shows the basic idea.

LG said...

@shyam.. again man... you just dont get it... you are incorrigible... you have no understanding of the model... no understanding of the products.. are you trying to tell me that you can buy me a hand made limited edition Swiss watch in Rs 800??? You are unbelievable man.. I seriously doubt your academic degrees now.. It is your ignorance about Network marketing per se that is keeping you in darkness... Come out of it... You buy a Samsung Smartphone for Rs 20000... Do u know its manufacturing cost is nothing more that Rs. 4000. I m sure u dont know... If you do, why are u paying Rs 16000 extra?? Any answer for that??
You are talking about Amway toothpastes.. Do u know its ingredients? Can you compare it with a normal toothpaste?? Can you compare two different things??
And again.. this comp is a part of World Federation of Direct Selling Association.. DSA of Singapore.. DSA of Malaysia.. These are the world's top bodies for governing the operations of this industry and these bodies set the policies and SOPs for Network Marketing companies worldwide... Are you saying that you are more intelligent than them and they have not done any research on QNET products?? Wont they check the authenticity and value of the products?? Just for your information, the product is a very important part of a Network Marketing comp.. and QNET has world class products... Yes, world class..
You are making those statements in behalf of some imaginary people... nobody is forced to do this business.. nobody is lured into promote product - you get paid.. simple.. If your sole purpose is to argue with me, then I would rather not waste my time... I am trying to have a rational conversation here, but I guess I am just banging my head on the wall...

@ram... its my prerogative to answer you question... and I choose to not answer it... If you are so concerned, then find out yourself... do your own research, or tell Mr Shyam Sundar, he can help you out if he knows how to...

Ram said...

@Glaks: I wasn't even expecting answer from you for that question in a public forum.

You said "If you are so concerned, then find out yourself... do your own research, or tell Mr Shyam Sundar, he can help you out if he knows how to... " . This shows the typical mentalty of a QNET believer (Maybe those so called peronality development sessions make them to behave so). "When you cannot answer any question straight, confuse them".

You may choose not to answer it, but I concur. Here's why

Go through it and you'll find lot of reasons and countries taking preventive measures

Unknown said...

There was a meeting of the so called successful IR name Juhi rai farmania in andheri(bandra),mumbai on 14th april,sunday n i was invited by my friend to come n see wht it all abt.The event was organised in a very flashy manner with DJ,food,snacks and hilarious hosts..wherein all participants first made feel very energetic by inviting them for dancing.. Later on "so called eminent speakers" who were nothing but so called business leaders who were projected as successful came on to staze n shared their so called "journey"(here even if u r into so called business for one year u become eminent leader),..Evryone was given standing ovation with round of applause n escort by beuatiful grls(something which we see in fashion parade in the end for desginer)...everyone just tried to exhibit how much they earned by qnet,,,,frst alto then lancer then mercedeze n nw BMW(n they had photographs with their spouse,son,parents as if well planned to use them in so called businees meet)...all were just literally forcing crowd to focuss on "why" part and not "how"...probing ppl by asking question like"dont u dream?? n hypnotised crowd would say "nooo..." the anchor will say "show sm energy"...n ppl will yell out no dont want to die poor...(hw can sm1 be poor over there if they r spending Rs.600+other charges to reach there just to listen to this shit..)...then juhi would dance will tell her stupid stories hw hw failed she ws in life n hw qnet changed her life...a flat in bandra(for over RS.2 crore...she keep on repeating)....n other speaker who looked cool dude type(one can see them lik them allwher on college canteen or sm paan-shop)projected as achievers..(ghanta achievers...:)))..n youngsters would loud i love u yogi....i love u if they r rockstarrs...this group of 5-6 ppl themselves are organisers...leaders...eminent speakers..n messihas..when audience tried to raise question like wht ppl feeels abt qnet outside they would yell on them and asking them not to entertain such kind of ppl...

Unknown said...

one IITian called"Bhupender singh is associated with them...n every now n then they will take pride n portraying see an IITian is associated with us then hw it can be a scam...(note:few days back son(IIT Kharagpur pass out)of DGM of Coal India Ltd.was found associated with naxal activities in chattisgarha n was arrested by police)....anyways IITians are always right minded ppl(reference:qnet IR)..none of these ppls profile i could found on google search or facebook...juhi rai farmania shows her interest in MLM but not even at single point she shows her association with Qnet...i asked my friend have u all gone them standing ovation..acknowledging irrational ,illogical n unethical things they are feeding to u...n wonder my friend was not the same person inside the hall such kind of brainwashing is done by them...n they will again n again reaffirm do u feel we r brainwashing ppl heren ppl will say "nooo"(aas if just dare to say "yess";)). in the whole event not even once u will be told wht so called "business" is all abt..n hw u will get heavy returns...but only one rhetoric "focus on why and not on how"...showing how ur parents expects so much from u n hw taking them to "taaj" brought tears to my eyes n all shit....(i would be more interested to see such parents who want their son/daughter take them to taaj rather them being nice,honest human beings...becoz such never exists..) crude terms these were the ppl who not even be eligible to speak with income tax clerks(forget abt commisioners)..n plz judiciary is distant thing to even mention in this shit...typically metropolitan mindset...moneymindedness n no social quotient was their traits...nonsense things like hw our speaker is fond of cars or bikes or films n hw its all that they needed in life n they hav got it...most of them quitted ther jobs n reason being harrasment by boss..i was less paid...i hated wearing tie...n all shit....very motivated videos were used in wrong manner(even theydidnt spare Mahatma Gandhi...his video was shown..from a movie where he was thrown out of train n then his expression wer made still n ppl were appealed see that kind of "badle ki bhavana"we need to teach society we wil be more rich n successful....)what the hell is ths....even they knw gandhi to use his called Juhi said she like many other grls faced eveteasing while travelling thru local train so she decided rather she would have her own BMW n would not traveel thru local train...nw let me ask simple thing..any sensible grl in similar situation will either slap the culprit ot compalaint it to police or share this with friends or parents...who on this wrld will think like madam juhi...what sadistic use of ppls hurt sentiments...

Unknown said...

.my friend told me these leaders haveseen their fortunes turned n now they want others too come out of their miseries...what the bullshit is free meal in wrld dictum free tea in present day...n not at all for those in whose veins only lust for more n more money n duping others flows..simple facts more the ppl they dupe more the money they will get...then talk abt dffrnt circle(ur friends and relatives)...wht is this which way they are leading a/c of hw money circulates....where is handsome returns frm....what is the possibility thatthe money will not be use for Drugg peddling and nrcotics trade(for which their demigod so called "dato vijay eswaram" was arrested by malaysian police)..or for financinmg terrorism or human trafficking or flesh trading...arms supply for antinational activites.....why ppl have turnd so blind....shyam sundar n rakesh goyal ppl like you i salute and full support for ur drive.....(n one more thing only ppl like IRs n leaders are posting blogs supporting Qnet by assuming diffrnt usernames...actually there are very few like dem but coming out as diffrnt users...) eneough justifications..arrogant attitiude n silly argumets is the only trademark for those supporting qnet kind of things...please realise had it been so nice way of making money n taking pppl out of their miseries gov.of india would have itself opened many shops than PDS or AADHAR-CARD centres...our business communities(marwaris,gujjus,sindhi) would hav jumped into ths need of planning commision just have MLM commision n country would have been far ahead of norwey ,sweden or USA, much to write....u hav to understand just little......"there is no easy money n if it is coming out by shedding someones blood....choice is at peace with ur n ur loved ones mind before police reach to ur house....jaihind....

LG said...

@satya singh... That was a really long post you made... read it fully.. but couldnt understand the point you were trying to make... Congratulations... you have just found out that it is not your cup of tea... Dont even think of starting it because you will be a big failure... Its not for YOU.... Telling you as a friend.. All you have written is YOUR opinion.. Not the others'.. People want to buy BMW.. who are u to say that BMW is bad?? The people who say money is bad are usually the ones who dont have it enough.. The speaker is fond of cars and bikes.. So whats your problem in that?? As I said, its YOUR opinion.. Opinions are somethings which are offered even when they are not needed.. you are the kind of guy who has no ambitions, and stops others from achieving them... You are judgmental.. Thats your attitude.. Wish u all the best!!

Ram said...

@Glaks, Couldn't stop laughing after seeing the way you understand Satya's comments and the way you react. Masterpeices dude!!

"People want to buy BMW.. who are u to say that BMW is bad?? ".. HAHAHA..

"The people who say money is bad are usually the ones who dont have it enough.. " Who was saying money is bad dude? Everyone wants and needs money. Difference is "How you earn it?"

"you are the kind of guy who has no ambitions, and stops others from achieving them... You are judgmental.. Thats your attitude.. Wish u all the best!! " - Another typical response from QNET believer, when you have nothing to say, you take it personally and start attacking on the personal front.

Let's say, it's just a matter of time for these IRs "yapping" all over the forums, coffee days etc., and ending up in jails. It happened with GoldQuest, and it WILL happen with QNET. Till then, happy "yapping" and fooling around.

Unknown said...

@Glaks thanx for reading..n thanx for friendly opinion too..the point i wanna make is dont spoil others in ur so called "hot circle"like friends or relatives...ppl like u r taking psychological advantage abt others...but dont worry its been fight b/w good n evil since ages...ppl like u will be der always n ppl like me,shyam or rakesh too...m not concerened abt crazy ppl like u it is just i cared a lot abt my friend who has badly stuck into it n has lots of money involved in it...his personal relations are getting disturbed n all while his only concern seems hw to make others too join business..i want him bak as he was earlier...n see again sense of lust(BMW)..n irrationality is reflecting frm ur post...n dude m very happy in my life n ur entire team doesnt even eligible to speak to me....u kp living in fools paradise....good for u...all da bst to u too...

LG said...

@ram.. of course everyone needs money... you have a different way.. I have the QNet way.. its YOUR opinion that its unethical.. not mine... I believe its a perfectly legal, ethical and moral business.. and I feel proud to refer this business to people and give them and option to change their lives.. I respect your opinion dude.. I just want you to have a clear understanding of what it is.. Many a times you dont know what you dont know... Its better to have knowledge about it and then comment.. Secondly, I have no intentions of hurting anyone personally.. I am sorry if anyone felt offended... I am a networker who is trying to have a rational conversation to answer the allegations put forward against my business... you didnt like it, dont do it.. who is forcing you??

@Shyam.. You are the one who is irrational.. you went to an event and didnt like that event.. So the business is not for you.. period.. anyone forcing you to do it?? no right?? Your friend is happy doing it... Why are u forcing him to come out? he wants to do this.. why are u stopping him? By dong this, you are destroying your relationship with him.. It may be a business of fooling people for you.. its YOUR opinion, not his.. an opinion based on lack of knowledge... first get knowledge.. then have a discussion.. I would be ready to have a RATIONAL discussion with you.. right now it wont make any sense to you...

Unknown said...

It is quite some time I am trying to extract truth out of the sphere of lies created by QNET covered with motivational speeches, dance, music, sponsorships and the worst- philanthropy - RHYTHM etc.

One way to look at it is, for 70% janta joining qnet, the driving factor is their greed. Sometimes you think let them suffer, they themselves chose that path to cheat.
But the rest 30% include youth with ambitions, housewives who struggle to meet both ends, teenagers who got disillusioned by the Dance lights and DJ music.

Even bigger concerns are the points raised by Satya, Namely, Financinmg Terrorism, Human Trafficking, Arms supply for antinational activites. I once read about Dato Vijay Eswaran's link with LTTE 5 years before when it was active.

Writing blogs and spreading awareness about the QNET disease, will help only upto an extent.
People like Glaks and Rajesh are professional with direct interest with qnet, or paid just to write positive fake reviews. They will keep on changing subject, raising irrelevant topics, spreading confusion.
Moreover this guys have enormus money they can get paid articles on Forbes from people like Donald Frazier, they can sponsor cricketers, sports events etc. They have loads of money for online marketing.

The only way to fight is the legal complaints, which is unfortunately difficult in India. How to file it, what proofs one should produce etc. On one hand qnet makes illegal and extreme claims but officially not.
1. While presentaion: Bio-Disk is ultimate human invention.
Officially: Bio-Disk come with lots of disclaimers which might save them in court.
2. While presentation: Forget products, get as many downlines as possible.
Officially: Qnet sells products. Referral is just one way to market the same.
3. Overpriced items and false show-off(rented bmw etc.) are unethical, but may not be a fraud technically.

In short they are more intelligent than SpeakAsia, that is the reason they run scams under different names from a long time and still able to dupe people. It may not burst like SpeakAsia. Once a legal action happens some of the IRs will be arrested(who will get bail with the money they steal), and after 2 years again they will resurface with yet another name.

I praise efforts from Shyam, Satya & Ram for their efforts to unveil truth. But the real change would come only if mass-media, police and courts' attention is brought into this matter.

Unknown said...

@Rakesh...any circulation of money in india without providing any kind of goods or service is fraud in india..yesterday i had discused this issue with one of my friend who is the senior officer at commissioner level in income tax..n his opinion was the laws in india are fragile to certain extent n there is demarcation of functions between departments under doctorine of seperation of while income tax dept. evict a tax on income from individual even if that income is say from smuggling..its not their jurisdiction to question the source of money,which is domain of "enforcement directorate",now ED itself will not take any action suo motu unless provided with bona fide complaints n in case of judiciary as rakesh has rightly pointed out these Qunet kind of stuffs taking advantage of loopholes in legal system...for ex. as i said earlier any circulation of money in india without providing any kind of goods or service is fraud in india...the Qnet is running by selling substandard goods at very very inflated rates...and customers(so called "prospects"in their terms)buying it not out of necessity but out of anticipation that once he rises up the ladder his burden of buying such articles will fall upon the likewise circulation of money is going on in this system,but they are managing a very negligible presence of goods too in circulation this way legal tussle is avoided..then the profit is out of those who could not manage to grow the chain or rise the ladder..and unfortunately the greed at the time of entry doesnt allow someone to have rational thinking whether they are enough smart like GLAN or RAJESH to dupe it is their money which gets distributed up the ladder and such dupers are called"millenium achievers"(what the f****)..even in their functions ppl sitting in first row are called billionares and millionaires n i have seen ppl running literally to get "feel" how does it look like sitting in front rows....stupidness...atleast for someone whose senses are intact. Those whose money lost or those who are weak in streetsmartness but strong on ethics are called "loosers"or "non-finishers"...n then achievers by hijacking money of losers celebrates their achievemnt in front of others showcasing (as rakesh rightly said "rented SUV's n LUXURY VEHICLES)in such functions..n ppls emotional appeal is raised by presenting polarised picture of entire scheme...

Unknown said...

Its like say 5 ppl come together working from crossborder contributed 1lakh each and started total pool is Rs.5 lakh..each of 5 ppl succeeded in bringing 2 memebr each below them(so called at their right and left) total pool is say Rs.5lakh+10lakh=Rs.15 lakhs. Now out of these 15 lakh say 5 lakhs are used for so called logisitcs(buying substandard products) still they have left with 10 lakhs..and mind one will get return or commission unless some fixed number of ppl are not its like eternal pooling of money..with increased number of stages resources are increasing but since invetsment is very less and ther is no equitable distribution of resources (inspite of this fact ppl are given feeling of so called "business partners".....go and see dictionery meaning of partner in financial terms)...anyways now at crtain point of time u will have to feed those below you so u may use/invets that money in some form(which is not disclosed at all)..this could be as i mentioned for Drugg peddling and nrcotics trade(for which their demigod so called "dato vijay eswaram" was arrested by malaysian police)..or for financinmg terrorism or human trafficking or flesh trading...arms supply for antinational its a creation of blackmoney...n ppl are very happy being part of this ugly day pyramid gets collapsed those who have made money elopes to countries with which we dont have "extradition treaties"..and since its an economic offense.... bailable...u again scot free..n wht abt those relations ...friends...whose life u have runed...answer:dude ..chill..those were fools..who dont knw hw to do business....n anyways my pocket is full money i dont need anybody...n oneday u will die out of this sheer arrogance...again m saying as u have right to life...others too have...dont play with life of others...its a criminal activity having sex with chilrens in india as does worldwide for bilogical and ethical reasons...likewise many ppl are innocent who doesnt understand such high level duping logic n they are becoming easy pray of predators waiting for them to catch in net(i wonder if thats y it is called "Q-NET")...if your logic is foolproof come openly operate in transparent manner...give logical views on entire things n yes stop calling ppl to CCD's...lolz..rather have your own offices(i think u r not poor ppl noo...u can afford with 2 chair n one table with one landline phone(plz make sure its landline....:)))u can easily afford...
There is a concept in INSURANCE industry which is called "DIRECTOR'S/EMPLOYEES LIABILITY" which is an insurance policy wherein there is an assurance that in case company or its stakeholders interest is suffred at the hands of directors/employees decision then there is provision of compensation for those affected financially for this..However Qnet forget abt such insurance/Assurance policy doesnt owe its fixed offices or board of directors or any accessible authority to answer for..the only principle here is "LOSS OF MANY IS PROFIT FOR FEW". What we need to do is raise an awareness...
and @GLAK....i m worriyng abt my friend as his wife is fearing he will be lost forever if not stopped n i really have concern for him being his "true friend" n not like u who will just see money for self(and projecting we are doing it for others as well). One of my staffmembers wife(who happen to be housewife)so charged up by these ppl that day in day out she is after growing the link n faring poorly in doing so...that too after investing heavily and having daily quarrels at home ..neglecting her health as well...we are not like u narrow-minded u have any logical arguement.....n relax u dont need sm Rajnikaanth.... i'll soon be coming out with something out of law to give u all some concrete answer..

LG said...

@satya... as I said, for you to have a rational discussion with me, you need to be at the same knowledge level that I am at... and by what you have written in your post, you are no way near... you go to your friend and understand the model first... then lets talk... dont just blabber around like a little kid who thinks something is wrong just because he did not understand what it is... Your friend knows more than you.. thats why he is doing it, because he sees something in it for him... you would never understand that until you sit and get knowledge of the model... Otherwise, as i said, it just wouldnt make sense to you..

Unknown said...

@RAJESH/GALK.....dudes relax...i have just warned u abt the consequence n see u seemed very fumbled and feard...relax....:)) have ur biodisk to cool ur temper or chek timing through ur 35 thousands watch..
And as RAKESH rightly pointed out "People like Glaks and Rajesh are professional with direct interest with qnet, or paid just to write positive fake reviews. They will keep on changing subject, raising irrelevant topics, spreading confusion. "
so dude just my warning is making u write blogs thruout the day imagine ur status when police will come to ur house n arrest you n plz pardon them they will not let u behind the bars in ur BMW...okk...and yes thanx for using the kind of undemocratic ,unconstitutional and abusive language regarding top politicians of the country that will make my task more easier for both of you...all the best...

Rajesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ram said...

@Rajesh, Now that you mentioned
"I wish we could meet up some day and tell you what takes to bring change in the lives of people around you".

Let me tell you something, I did witness the "change" you are talking about in the lives of people. And it's not good. I witnessed, out of misguided senses of ONE person, how could whole family suffer. How could all the "brain washing" sessions by his "Mentors" make people lose his sense. Thanks for your invite, But I don't want the "change" you are offering me.

And please stop making references to Gandhiji, It's such a disgrace to his stature. If you think you are "Abhinava Gandhi" and free people of India from whom so ever it is, I have a suggestion. You might want to stop paying Income tax on what you earn from QNET (And I don't think it'll go beyond the tax slabs even for top players in the game) and then see how it works out. As you wish, your chances of getting behind the bars would increase incredibly.

You say that our politicians are trying to sell our country to Walmart and IMF. Who are you selling to? Malaysia? your promoter VE? If you really understand your business model, you would understand where's the majority of investments from INDIANS are going to. (Now don't tell me it's going to the referrals, I was talking about MAJORITY of share).

Rajesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

@Rajesh......oh mr.Rajesh what happened...deleted all the post...but relax that w'ont trouble my committment for ppl like u to put behind bars for kind of undemocratic,unconstitutional and abusive language u used for top politicians of the country....i was anticipating such kind of coward step from you so already have print outs of wht words u have used...don't take it personally okk...m against the cause n not the means......all da bst....

Ram said...

@Rajesh: Wow.. You deleted all what you said? You accepted that the majority goes to Malaysia/VE and you deleted every single comment? That's not fair.

@Shyam singh, let me know if you need the comments, I have every word he said in this blog :)

Rajesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rajesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ram said...

Our dearest friend MR. RAJESH had to say this:

"@ram and #santa Singh
Go screw urselves ... I ain't give no shit to nobody.
Tell Indira gadhi and Sonia Gadhi.
Jokers. Some arbit blogger post and you assholes think I am scared.
Morons. Do you need my phone numbers.

RAM, keep all the words, print and chew ... dick head I challenge you, you can touch my mair... in tamil it means pubic hair.


"@ram and Santa Singh,
I know you both are subscribed to this blog to boost your chutiya ego.
He he he
But my challenge is on to both of you.
Catch me if you can and put me behind bars.
You are also jobless like servelokhgyani

Look who's talking. He goes on and on and on.. but didn't dare to keep his comments open for public. You challenge and you never wanted to know people of it? Coward. Don't you worry, just wait and watch. Tumhare saare kwahish poore honge.

Unknown said...

@Dear Rajesh......seee i have used term "dear" as u r really fumbled n need some intensive care....Relax again i am advising have ur "BIODISK" to cool ur temper..It really works(for ppl like you...lolz...:)))...

N what is this u are successful entrepreneur(Ref:Qnet) that kind of language doesnt suit you man...or is that its money speaking or is it ur child has started using similar foWl language for you..i can understand ur plight...But relax give him a ride in ur "BMW" and tell him we have lotz of money ...what if we dont have some common ettiquetes or manner....
By the way why are you blogging on :CORPORATEFRAUDSWATCH"...rather you should complaint against ppl like ME...see these morons are defaming my organisation( the way if it exists at all...)Or tell your board of directors(..if at all they exists...)that some antisocial elements in INDIA are creating threat to our business(???...ohh yes...u r business partners its our business for u)As you claim you have best of the legal team of lawyers in the world noo...(i hope they too don't operate from CCD'S...lolz..:)))...

waise dude atleast come open on social media...atleast be open here...n relax we will give u ample opportunity under legal provisions before putting you behind the bars... n yes just trust on ur leaders( u kept on repeating this rhetoric in ur presentation...) ur "demigod's" blessings are with one will be able to touch ur...smthng u mentioned...(...uff..but those were really not that holy who are presently behind the bars after exposure of GoLDQUEST scam by chennai police...they really did not worshipp from heart..n der family is nw suffering legal tussles for wrongdids of their beloved ones..god bless them...plz tell ur dato to rescue them...they are his childrens...since he claims"welcome home" at ur so called 'VICOM" shit nooo...he is messiah he can do anything...plz passs on my msg...u can do nethng i trust u too...)
N yes whenever some rational minded person visits or come to heAr such kinds of shits he first checks it on internet and fortunately visits these blogs too(as accidently i happen to visit) atleast m not let them dissapointed n will keep blogging openly...n fearlessly within legal framework.....

@Ram....thanx man...i share what u said..let RAJESH'S all dreams fullfilled.....rajesh make a wishlist(..ohh u must have already made it after joining qnet...add sm more dreams to them).....ALL DA BST.....and RAJESH plz its "SATYA SINGH" dont call me "SANTA SINGH" i am not that hilarious n if decided can screw plz "EXCUSE MEE..."

Rajesh said...

@Ram and Satya Singh,
I knew you will post what I said to you gentlemen and removed it purposely.

See, I am not bothered about these Govt officials for undemocratic,unconstitutional and abusive language u used for top politicians of the country..
And for the abusive language that I intentionally put there for a purpose for both of you. For you to realize it the actual meaning of abusive language when it is directed to oneself in black and white. The Govt is abusing us and we do not realize it.
We citizens care for each other and that is why we spend lot of time arguing. But they do not.
That is what I wanted to prove.
And for all the abusive language I do think I owe an apology to both of you.
I was aware that both of you are subscribed to this blog from day1.

Forget Qnet business. There is something else needed and that is change.
This you need to sit back, relax and look at without QNET, ego etc. but with empathy of fellow citizens. There is so much of poverty across this country that are aware of. WHY? Why the people do not have energy, electricity, water, basic necessities? There are people in the villages suffering without electricity, pure drinking water.
And our Govt is involved in 2G, 3G, COAL and UREA SCAMS.
The change is required by us citizens. Politicians and Govt officials are different class.

You may say why we discuss all these on QNET blog. There is a reason. Nevertheless, just leave it.
Take care

Shyam Sundar said...

The following is from Satya Singh. For reasons, the comment was not published. Hence I am reproducing it since its content is useful for all of us law-abiding citizens.

Satya Singh Says:
Extract from IT ACT,2000 also k/s "CYBERLAW" in INDIA :
" Defamation: -

Defamation can be understood as the intentional infringement of another person's right to his good name.

Cyber Defamation occurs when defamation takes place with the help of computers and / or the Internet. E.g. someone publishes defamatory matter about someone on a website or sends e-mails containing defamatory information to all of that person's friends. Information posted to a bulletin board can be accessed by anyone. This means that anyone can place

Cyber defamation is also called as Cyber smearing."


"E-commerce/ Investment Frauds:-

Sales and Investment frauds. An offering that uses false or fraudulent claims to solicit investments or loans, or that provides for the purchase, use, or trade of forged or counterfeit securities.

Merchandise or services that were purchased or contracted by individuals online are never delivered.

The fraud attributable to the misrepresentation of a product advertised for sale through an Internet auction site or the non-delivery of products purchased through an Internet auction site.

Investors are enticed to invest in this fraudulent scheme by the promises of abnormally high profits."


READ LAST PARAGRAPH which can be used by court for legal interpretation under "due process of law" which allows the courts to have wider interpretation of clause in common interest of the society and can take "suo motu" action if received even "PIL" regarding it.

Under Art.32 of the "INDIAN CONSTITUTION" any citizen can directly approach "SUPREME COURT" to safeguard any of his "FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT" as enshrined in "PART III(Art.14 to Art.32) OF CONSTITUTION. And S.C through various writs can ask any authority (even if it is crossborder and have direct interest with INDIAN CITIZEN )to provide its compliance (refer Case of 2 marines from ITALY had to comlpy with this as its an international issue if not oblidged by SC directives).

And Mr.Rajesh don't be under false hope politics in this country will go by law only...You have screwd yourself by making some statements.Still if you want further evidences of plight of similar action by others i"ll be happy to furnish you the evidence.

Again i am saying you are still a kid and i have none of business with you or nothing against you. As i mentioned in previous blogs i happened to come here only for the sake of my friend and his family and don't want similar things recurr with other families. Better stop fooling people and "BE HUMAN" and come with some rationale opinion and facts..Don't babble and create confusion. You are open for your justification BEFORE i let doors close for you. All The Best!!

Shyam Sundar said...

Rajesh thought rather wrongly, I tucked my tail.
I am a fighter. I am away for a while.
When I filed a criminal case against GoldQuest, and later speakasiaonline, and again against NMart, everyone thought that these companies are going to sue me. Instead these companies tucked the tail and slunk off.
Rajesh is saying that if there are products for sale, these companies could indulge in illegal money circulation schemes.
NMart offered various products. Still, no court has given him even bail. Gopal Shekhawat is hiding somewhere in Surat afraid of coming out that police would arrest him.
These crooks say that doing anything is right to earn money. That is not true.
He is pretending that he did not what is mathematical impossibility. There is nothing like infinite chain. The chain would break sooner than later. Then there would be a large number of victims.

Ram said...

@Rajesh, Let me understand your way of thinking. You say there are more problems and scams happening in India, mainly by government and politians. You say there are drinking water problems, basic amenities problems in most of India. And your solution for all these problems is joining QNET (whose MAJORITY share is being fed to VE, who has rarely been to India)? Let me put in other way, your solution is to create another scam/fraud(by pulling in innocent people, screwing up relations with friends and relatives) to fight the scams by politicians? Hat's off dude!! Good luck!!

I totally agree with your point of citizens caring citizens. But your words do not match your actions. You cheat your fellow citizens and now you say you care for them? Did you ever speak to IR or his family who has been to Jail because of GoldQuest? Better try and speak to them. Then you'll realize(or you stop acting like you do not realize) what you are doing.

We don't need to argue with "educated, arrogant and ignorant people" like you. The only reason for us to continue this discussion is to make available facts to people.

Rajesh said...

@shyam and everyone.
You do your share and I will do my share.
Good Luck.

Indian Constitution (ROFL)

Rajesh said...

Will this 79-year old’s protest move the government and the RBI to stop mis-selling by banks?

RBI money-laundering probe shows cooperative banks as the key facilitator of shady deals

Rajesh said...

From the article

The reason cooperative banks have repeatedly been at the centre of scams is the shady system of dual regulation, under which both Registrar of Cooperative Societies (RoCS) and the RBI are supposed to be regulating them. RoCS officials say that the RBI does not look closely at these banks, while the RBI says it waits for government recommendations to act as the State's Cooperatives Department has its auditors on the boards of the banks. The primary reason for this poor scrutiny is that most cooperative banks are set up and controlled by powerful politicians.

And we talk about INDIAN CONSTITUTION...

Rajesh said...

Rajesh said...

Rajesh said...


Coal scam rocks Parliament, Opposition wants PM to quit; Sonia says 'no'


Rajesh said...

SO if money goes to MALAYSIA / VM it is not OK but below is OK because it goes to GERMANY

Mercedes, Audi and BMW shift to cheaper cars to chase India's young, female and middle-class

Rajesh said...

RBI earns over 40% returns from its gold reserves

Rajesh said...

Rajesh said...

TCS, Infosys and Wipro abusing H-1B visa system: Senator

Rajesh said...

whatever happened to the Prize & CHIT arbitrary act of 1978 (ROFL)
"It is not acceptable that the government suppresses the truth. We demand that the Prime Minister resigns and the Law Minister should be sacked."


Rajesh said...

TCS, Infosys, Wipro & HCL Tech build $8 billion cash chest


Rajesh said...

and US nae thappad mara INDIANS Kho
US immigration reform bill: Come to America, but not so many of you

oops !!!

Rajesh said...

India asks China to withdraw troops

Shyam Sundar said...

Because there is coal scam and because there are some corrupt politicians, because there are some inefficient bureaucrats, I will loot the country in my own way by indulging in illegal multilevel marketing model. In essence,this is what Rajesh wanted to say it appears. Instead of setting right the corrupt country, this fellow wants to loot the country in his own way.
This is the mindset of all criminals.

LG said...

@rajesh.. Chill dude.. again.. you are wasting time here... WE ARE NOT HERE TO PROVE ANYTHING.. let them do their job yaar... thats what they are paid for... why bang your head on a wall??

Rajesh said...

HA HA HA. you are an advocate right?
Where is your silly high court and f**ED up INDIAN CONSTITUTION. How come you sit silently.
Samph sungh gaya kya.
I am not saying I am looting country my dear advocate from BZA. You can not take these ass Politicians to court and yapp about QNET on a free blog site.
Go and try to screw or lodge complaint against these scammers. Next day you will be murdered on road side of BZA.
It is easy to comment on my motive without knowing why I am posting moron ADVOCATE.
YOUR WAY OF EVALUATING A PERSON and come to conclusion is hilarious. BTW did you atleast pass from a LAW COLLEGE?
I am sure you forged your degree certificate and conning people that you are an advocate.
Joker leave your profession of conning people with your fake degree and go beg in BZA bus stop or BZA railway station. You can not decipher my ulterior motives of exposing INDIAN LAWS inability to touch these politicians and you sit on your PC and boast that you are fighting for arbitrary reasons.. And you are asking me to change this country, yes I will do my share. However, as long people like you exist our hands are tied.....Your comments make me laugh. Instead of addressing the issue you point your fingers at me. WHAT AN IQ SIRJI ?

Rajesh said...

You so right bro.
But the servelokhagyani should file a complaint on all these scammers including PM etc.

Rajesh said...

Why Government of India should pay for Mukesh Ambani’s security

The news on Monday that the government would spend precious taxpayer money to provide Z-category security to billionaire Mukesh Ambani has met with much outrage. Can't India's richest man pay for his own security? Why is the government protecting the superwealthy when its police can seemingly do nothing to protect women from preying deviants? The social media erupted in protest.

Infertile advocate that can not show results.
Go do something useful with high courts and INDIAN laws and sue the politicians.
or leave this profession and beg in BZA railway station.

Blue Dreamz.... said...

@Shyam: Would it be possible for you to block this Rajesh (from further posting here)? He is just spamming the otherwise valuable information you put about QuestNet and other multi level marketing cheats. On top of that, he has started personal attacks, and swear words which is unacceptable.

@Rajesh: We all know QuestNet is a cheating scheme (even you know it!). You do not have to spam this blogpost to prove anything.

And BTW just in case you are interested in my qualification: I hold a Masters in CS from IIT Madras, and a PhD in CS from SUNY @ Buffalo, USA. I've been offered an Assistant Professor's job at University of North Florida, USA which I'll join in July. I didn't want to mention my qualification; but for cheats like you, I had to do this to let you know I do a better job than cheating others!

LG said...

@rajesh... stop it man.. seriously... take a break.. personally attacking someone is not what networkers do... please stop it... you are just complimenting the very point these people are trying to make... they dont have any other work.. you do.. pls get back to work..

@blue dreams... valuable information from Shyam?? I read the whole post and all the comments.. I couldnt find anything relevant and valuable in whatever he has posted.. All that he is giving is HIS opinion and non authentic data.. He is just yapping continuously about some court case which has been running for more than an year and he has not been able to do anything about it so far... The world has moved on in the last year and so has QNET.. u need to better wake up... All the big companies in the world have court cases running here and there.. It doesnt make them fraud...
and yes u have a very impressive qualification.. But I would rather ask advice from experts of Network Marketing rather than qualified Assistant Professor who doesnt know anything about the industry... Please stay away from giving wrong information and opinions.. Its a request...

Ram said...

So, YOURs and Rajeshs opinions on QNET are authenticated by whom?

I never understand one thing. I asked you 1 question which you never answered(never dared to answer in a public forum) and you keep blabbering about authenticity and experience.

"Why the hell was Goldquest stopped? What happened to those IRs who invested and lost money? Why were they kept behind the bars?"

As an insider, you definitely must be knowing the answers. If you don't know, ask your mentors. My request to you is to speak truth; simple and straight.

You say you do not trust courts and laws and what ever we said here in this forum. How can anyone trust a company (QNET) which stopped it's activity because of a court case (Leaving thousands on IRs investment in their pockets) and entered again with a different name? Wah Sirjee, Wah!! You and your trust in the model. I should appreciate the way you are defending a fraudelent company.

LG said...

@Ram.. here is ur answer... I hope you will get ur query solved after reading this...
Please refer to this link where the Supreme Court has upheld the Madras High Court order to compound the 200 names submitted by the CB-CID in its charge sheet against the company.

The CB-CID had initially claimed that more than 30,000 people were defrauded by GoldQuest and had alleged various other irregularities. After more than one year of investigation, they were unable to find any wrong doing and only 200 names were submitted as 'legitimate' complaints wherein these people had not received their products. When the company checked their names in the database it was found that the only reason these people had not received the products were because of either wrong address, or their orders were received just before the Chennai police has seized all the products in the warehouse hence preventing the company from sending their products out. Further to this order, the Supreme Court ordered the appointment of a settlement commissioner to deal with these claimants and all of them have now been settled and the case has been closed.

This is what actually happened... Its not that I refrain from giving answers.. Its just that I see no point in explaining this to a person like you who is closed in his mind...

Unknown said...


Market regulator SEBI orders Saradha Realty to close schemes, refund money
Press Trust of India | Updated: April 24, 2013 11:00 IST

Ads by Google
LIC Life Insurance Plans – Invest Rs.543/Month & Get Rs. 1 Cr. Life Cover+Medical Benefit. Buy Now

(The logo of the Saradha Group)
Mumbai: Market regulator SEBI today ordered Kolkata-based Saradha Realty India to close all its collective schemes and refund the money collected from investors within three months, amid continuing protests against the alleged fraudulent activities of the group.

In a late night 12-page order on 23 April, the capital market regulator also barred Saradha Realty India and its Managing Director Sudipto Sen from the securities markets till the time it winds up all its Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) and refunds the entire money to investors.

Investors and agents of various investment schemes launched by Saradha group in West Bengal have been protesting for many past days.

Most Recent
Vidya Balan on Cannes Film Festival's jury
Man found murdered near station in Cuttack
Also See
The 9 O'clock News: The biggest stories (April 23, 2013)
Chit fund scam: Investors cheated by the 'Trinamool link'?
Meanwhile, Sen was arrested on Tuesday in J&K.

SEBI said it would initiate proceedings against Saradha Realty and its directors if the company fails to wind up its CIS schemes and refund the investors.

The regulator also warned of launching a criminal case for "fraud, cheating, criminal breach of trust and misappropriation of public funds" and initiation of winding up of the entire company through a reference to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, if its orders are not complied within three months.

Sources said investigations are on by SEBI against some other entities of Saradha group for similar violations of its CIS regulations.

The SEBI order against Saradha Realty follows an investigation launched about three years ago by it after a reference was received from the Director Economic Offences Investigation Cell, Government of West Bengal in April 2010.

SEBI found that the company was collecting money from public in the range of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 100,000 for 15 months to 120 months, with a promise of returns of 12-24 per cent.

Here too big names were involved in the scheme. Here too Big mouths like GLAK and RAJESH were involved. Here too so called "DREAMS " were exploited...END Result?????? Here too Same!!!....Dont worry ur days too near....pray they dont come soon.....ALL DA BST!

LG said...

@satya... i just couldnt stop laughing... U should first see what you are copying and then post... HAHAHAHA... Its a saying - nakal ke liye bhi akal chahiye hoti hai... I guess this metaphor was made for people like you only... "Vidya Balan on Cannes Film Festival's jury" ... HAHAHA... too good...
Coming to the point.. Yes Shradha was a big fraud... Its a chit fund PROMISING people returns.. Its not a business baba... QNET does not promise anything yaar... itni si baat bheje main kyun nhi ghusti tumhare... QNET ke baare main kuch nhi pata.. business kya hai kuch nhi pata.. aur Shrdha chit fund ke saath compare kar rahe ho... Seriously, I almost fell of the chair laughing after reading your comment... There is something known as knowledge, which you most definitely dont have... But I dont blame you for that.. U need to be intelligent to acquire it from right sources... and you most definitely are not... I feel happy for your friend now, because you didnt join him... He would have had a tough time to teach u business...

Unknown said...

MUMBAI/KOLKATA: The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) on Tuesday ordered Kolkata-based Saradha Realty India to wind up existing schemes and refund money to investors within three months.
Sebi also barred the promoter Sudipta Sen from accessing the capital market to raise money until his company repays money to investors. Sebi has submitted a proposal to the ministry of corporate affairs to wind up Saradha Realty India if its orders are not executed in three months. The regulator also warned of launching a criminal case for "fraud, cheating, criminal breach of trust and misappropriation of public funds."

Sebi found that the company was collecting money from public in the range of 10,000 to 100,000 for 15 months to 120 months, with a promise of returns of 12-24%.
Meanwhile, the Jammu & Kashmir police arrested Saradha Group of Companies chairman Sudipta Sen and two of his close associates at Sonmarg on Tuesday. Bidhannagar police commissioner Rajeev Kumar said late on Tuesday that two associates of Sen - Debjani Mukherjee and Arvind Singh Chowhan - were also detained. The trio will be produced before a J&K court on Wednesday and brought to Kolkata in the evening. A black SUV with a West Bengal registration was also seized.
Sen had gone underground immediately after the Saradha chit fund scam came to light and complaints against him and his company were filed with Bidhannagar Police by people who had invested in a number of companies run by him. Preliminary interrogation reveals that Sen had left Kolkata in a car on April 10 and reached J&K on Sunday via Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. Debjani, one of the directors of the company, was with Sen all along. Aravind apparently had joined them in Patna and it was he who drove up to Sonmarg.
Police sources said that Sen did not use a mobile phone, which had initially posed a problem for the police in tracking him down. But he later made several attempts to contact his lawyers in Kolkata, using another phone and police were able to trace his location.

The chief minister is also on a sticky wicket as her government had distributed some ambulances in Jangalmahal sponsored by the Saradha Group.

During the Sebi inquiry, the noticee had submitted that it had properties mostly inWest Bengal and Assam, but it neither provided any details regarding the total quantity and valuation of its land bank nor was that mentioned in the annual statements of accounts.
"It was prima facie observed that under the scheme of the noticee the real objective is to mobilise fund from public by showing some real estate projects to the investors and the noticee indirectly promises return of funds with high interest rates," Sebi order noted.

Unknown said...

Ohh My God.....why these big "entrepreneurs" goes underground whenever scam exposes to the light rather they should come and blogg openly like our friends Mr.RAJESH and MR.GLAK is doing. Ohhh but they are helpless noo...they dont operate from CCD'S or atleast they had registred offices so its difficult for them not get killed by people's anger. But i can imagine people will not spare any of you QNET people ..something callled "VIGILANTE JUSTICE( justice...)Neways its good no PEOPLE LIKE RAJESH nowhere believes in CONSTITUTION so good for them such kind of treatment...Don't you have PRODUCT that will make you dissapear from crime site and wil let you to MALAYSIA within few seconds(...m sure you must be having it too....N IT MUST BE AVAILABLE FOR IR's only.....i trust in R AND D team of QNET...if at all it exists...lolz..:)))Stop fooling PPL and urself...And YES now dont post again some rhetoric in reply to this post....that there is poverty n country...poor monsoon...electricity problem...hw IPL is hurting INDIAN ECONOMY....GAYLE hit 17 sixes thats power of belief ..and he should be in QNET as a mentor or brand ambassador of QNET....if have some sense in ur thoughts then only post n stop abusing SHYAM....atlest he ha hiss genuine details on blog ..not like you cowards who are so confident abt oneself and dont even mentions ones actual identity(neways why to talk abt u ur fraud organisation themselve dont have any credentials...stupid ppl )......

Blue Dreamz.... said...

@Glaks : Please read my first post here on the incident I faced regarding QuestNet. I'm no marketing (or networking as you call it) expert; but with my average level of intelligence, I understood all that would happen is I lose my money without returns if I'd invested!

A few years later I came to know, that very friend who wanted to lure me into this shitty "business" didn't even recover even 10% of the 30K he invested for all his efforts to lure others to lose their money too!

I'll always call this scheme a cheating scheme, because I find it unethical to lure people who trust me, when I know most of them would lose their money - just for my own benefit. As a teacher, I would not teach my students to do such a thing!

Shyam Sundar said...

Having respect means bowing and touching the feet. You stupid.
All thieves say the same thing. Go fight another cause leave us the robbers alone.
I could not contain laugh.

Shyam Sundar said...

Impertinent senseless blabbering. It shows that you cannot focus on any issue. There is no point. Just go away. This blog is for sensible people. Not for mad people like you. You are banned. Get Lost. Never come back. If you have any sense of self respect never come back.

Blue Dreamz.... said...

@Shyam Sundar: This Rajesh guy does provide us a lot of entertainment I must agree!! LOLZZZZ.

Blue Dreamz.... said...

@Rajesh: Oh so you are an astrologer too besides being a thief? You have started predicting my future too? But sorry brother you got it wrong here. I have already got my H1B visa. It comes really fast for the academic jobs in the US. I suggest you might want to try to do a PhD here, instead of cheating, and abusing others. Trust me, it's a much better and respected job.

Blue Dreamz.... said...

And BTW this is my last post in your reply, because I don't really need to. I've better things to do.

That QuestNet is a cheating scheme is known and is a fact.

You might want to continue providing us entertainment by your random rubbish comments and abuses. We are enjoying it! Please carry on buddy!

Rajesh said...

@Blue lagoon.
better things to do like....
Slavery to AMERICANS...
Parasites who study here in INDIA with my parents money and go teach in USA instead of educating people here in INDIA.
Better things to do... my foot.

Shyam Sundar said...

Dear Rajesh. I warned you. You did not listen. Now get lost forever.Don't show your .... again here.

Blue Dreamz.... said...

@Shyam: Thanks for throwing out this mentally retarded Rajesh guy. But I must admit, I'll miss the free entertainment he was providing us with! "AGYANI ASS PROFESSOR" hahhahahhaha lolzzzzzz :D.

Shyam Sundar said...

ennada pytyakaari. You said I cannot stop you. I just threw you out. Now cry behind your sleeve.

NMR said...

@Qnet IRs : Reading you comments ,I ve learnt to not underestimate the power of brainwashing.

Note to Rajesh : Are you aware of how you are betraying your country? There are huge amounts of money going out of the country, when you make people for overpriced rubbish, this is enough to disrupt the economy.So dont you dare to speak about working for India!!!

Dear Shyam.. QI group has got their IQ wrong. Simple lessons in economics and mathematics make no sense to them.

NMR said...

I wish the QI IRs were blessed with more IQ to comprehend simple economics and mathematics lessons to understand how they are bteraing indian economy.

But we can never underestimate the art of brainwashing. My pity.

Sanyogita said...

Off late the qnet scam seems to be spreading like a wildfire. One of our close friends, a married couple recently "invested" rs 12 lacs with q net and are being flown to malaysia for sme rubbish conference. We havent seen them after their failed attempt to convince us. What we feel bad abt this entire episode is both of them have invested their lifetime earnings. I wou, d be ready to help out if theres any sort of movement/ publicfprum against this scam.

gurug said...

Thank you all for saving or rather keeping layman like me and others informed and helping show the other side of the coin. But as rightly said the decision after all remains with us. U can take the horse to the well but not make him drink the water, so lets leave the rest on ones own intellect and reasoning capacity. good luck to all and keep up the good work of factual information without personal impressions or interest, thnx again.

Anonymous said...


alokita said...

hello everyone, @GLAKS; @SATYA; @RAJESH @RAKESH & all other participants. I read all your comments and links & believe me it took good 3 hours .I am happy that I invested that time. I turned down the offer from qnet and i was feeling guilty that i missed a chance to chase my dreams. I did it majorly for financial reasons and not minor but worth a reason was I was in dilemma too...I am 26 years old girl – who is still formative stage of a long career…
I take pride in summarizing my honest feelings:
Qnet guys, I really appreciate the great positivity you brought.. Refreshed my dreams and most importantly the courage that I seemed to have lost…. Is back…I know I will earn it one day but my way..good way…where I am not questionable at least I would not have to look for recruits and beg for money against the stake of their dreams…
I was disappointed & could not take qnet out of my mind…but not anymore, and I guess that’s what money and flashy desires does – it makes you just so cold that people don’t hesitate to ask how much do you have in ur account right now.., and I think that’s what satyaji was trying to explain….you know the emotions, feelings, ruining the very concept of humanity…is indeed the biggest of sins..Showing the dreams which may or may not happen…
Honestly, I don’t care if this business is legal or not …and I am glad some people are able to chase their dreams through this…but believe me guys it has to end somewhere,,,the chain will break…anyone with little iq could guess it….products are indeed not for normal people…I thought if I could not make network, I would just sell products and earn commission but I am afraid after reading someone’s reviews I got to know that’s faintly a scope…omg, God saved me at right time!
Money is a major thing but not everything. what you are as person is what matters…and I am really disappointed the way you qnet guys replied…I thought I missed the elite class…but to my dismay – class follows knowledge, dignity & good you do to others, being transparent and then helping humanity and that’s is what I call real networking….i appreciate the efforts the others are putting in, to make people realize what one would lose against what one is trying to achieve…
I may not have proper job, I may not have fulfilled all my dreams, but I would want to stand tall when I look back….
I am a writer by choice and masters in management by education…@shyam sunderjji, satyaji or anyone else, need my help to uncover the hidden illusions people get caught with.. I would be more than glad to help….that would give me immense satisfaction….
Thanks again a million would be less!

LG said...

Well felt really good after reading your post... because I at least saw some activity on this post after long time.. I thought all the anti-qnet people are gone.. Had it been that, what fun would it be...
You have just realized that this is not for you.. Yes you have dreams and you are serious about them (if at all you are) and you cannot achieve it doing what you are doing right now... So this is just a way.. that is it.. you didnt find it suitable, good na... you would have failed if you started...
Considering the statement about recruitment and money, that is where the prob with people like you lies... Its not about number of recruitments baba.. its about the number of transactions.. smebody purchases products through your references and you get commission.. if he/she refers further you again get paid... its about movement of products and not recruitment... Until you understand this fundamental concept of Network Marketing, you will never be able to see the good side of it.. and you said.. class follows knowledge, dignity & good you do to others, being transparent and then helping humanity and that’s is what I call real networking - thats what qnet is.. real networking... its a pity that you still dont understand it... A company is built by people.. If somebody promised you something, then its his fault.. not the company's... I suggest you learn more about the industry and how it functions from the people who are doing it.. rather than from shyam sunder or all the others here...

Ng7 said...

I just went through all the conversations going around here and would like to thanks Shyam for taking an initiative to talk about a different side of the MLM companies.
its definitely not easy to try to guide people about these things because whenever you do so, a lot of MLM supporters bang on you.

I am not a network expert. But yes, after attending 2-3 different sessions on request of my friends and seeing them working in this business i can definitely say these:

- As soon as you join this business you change, you eventually become desperate to join someone else. The only thing which runs in your mind is greed.
Every person around you feels like a target to you. They say that it doesn't matter if you don't join, but still they keep explaining how your way of approaching life is wrong.

- It's like a Robot world in those conferences. Every representative gives the same speech to you. Same examples, Same theories, Same Logic. Its never
about like minded people, its always about i need you to think like me so that i can make some money.

- They make you feel like that everything else in this world in which you work hard is useless and you are a part of the 97% group who will die suffering and will
never have the accumulative weath for yourself or your parents.

- In case you think wisely and dont beleive in it, Even your best friend makes you feel small for the Job you love to do.

- They will give you examples of facebook, iphone etc. for which we do recommendations and earn nothing but they don't see Mark or Steve. Why to see it that way that
facebook is not paying me for my recommendations. why not see that Hey, you know Mark, he created a multi billion dollar company by beleiving and implementing
something. We use services of facebook, gmail, iphone because we are happy to use them and they make our life easy and fun. If they are not paying me, they are not also
asking for something in return or betraying me. These all products help me to be connected with my friends but MLM only destroys that.

- Its true that Business makes you more money than job but there are other businesses as well which one can do. There are so much facilities available to do so-
Take a loan, start you business, work hard, and own it...but no the only successful business is MLM. why? Because you just have to work hard to brainwash other people..its less of a work hard than a normal busines offcourse.

- They say its the business in which you work for yourself but eventually you are working for someone else only. May be a swiss watch is worth 20,000 but
most of them never wanted it or desired it. They just bought it to get into the business.

I agree that money matters a lot but there are lot of other ways to earn it, if you put your heart into it. MLM give it to you the easy way. So, opt for yourself.
But please, whenever you do "Make sure you think and really do in whatever you believe and feel confident to say no or take time even if you have the slightest doubt
about it".

"Just because your Job Sucks or you dont have sufficient funds to meet your daily ends, doesn't mean that MLM is your answer"

alokita said...

@glaks: Thank you for responding…that’s a good gesture! I am glad you taking pain…but you know, in all that is said so far – the point is really not out AND THAT’S WHY EVERY ONE IS HERE..; RESPONDING….. I just understand simple things and believe me people like me will be very happy if you could answer
1. What exactly number of transactions mean? Is it not the no.of units sold or rather the no. of people join by buying 2.5 or say 5 or 7.5 units worth of product? If I am right, its the business – and rest if there is re- purchase of product…its commission! Why joining of a person is primary? Secondly, if a holiday package serves for 10 years, how far vl it be a re-purchase…I am sure you would agree that most products are expensive and long lasting….
In short, how will the movement of products happen??and Is it possible without being actual representatives???
2. Also, that will really help me if you can give few quick pointers as to what are its good side, for me and my partners who will join.….(apart fm prospective earning ) What will be my status if there are no more members to join?
3. And one last point, do we get official business partner status….or r we just representing products and helping someone by being there against the commission tht we may earn…becoz there is huge diff b/w both of the terms!!!

And I must say no one is anti q-net here, I don’t know why you are forcing everyone to be ONE….its just an opinion and no one will question if a proper reasoning is put into place…

And nothing personal but I really respect one’s belief…and its good you believe and trying hard make others believe in it….
Ignoring the fact that you are qnet rep and your misunderstanding that I am anti-qnet…I would like to say I pity people in general who offend others by using statements mentioned below:

• that is where the prob with people like you lies.. (explain solution please, i am eager to learn)
• its a pity that you still dont understand it. (MAKE ME UNDERSTAND)
• Yes you have dreams and you are serious about them (if at all you are) and you cannot achieve it doing what you are doing right now... So this is just a way.. that is it.. you didnt find it suitable, good na... you would have failed if you started... (YES I HAVE DREAMS AND ENOUGH SKILLS TO FULFILL THEM WITH OR WiTHOUT QNET)

LG said...

Sry for the late reply. I was doing something more productive than posting to your reply now. Glad that somebody had the senses to ask right questions. Everybody else is just blabbering and bashing the comp without even knowing about it and the model it follows.
After reading your questions, I have realized that you have not understood the model properly. You are not required to be a parner if you dont want to. You can just buy a product and be only a customer. For being a partner, you have to register as a Independent Representative (IR) and then you get the right to promote the products and make money. Being a customer only wont give you any money.
I wonder why you are asking your questions and doubts here. It is next to impossible for me or any qnet person to explain the model here. You have to get back to the person who showed you the plan if at all you serious about it. But I dont think you are after reading the last line of your post. So why bother?? We are not here to give you gyan about our biz and how it works. If you are willing to do it with full commitment, all the support will be provided to you. We dont have time to entertain you for anything otherwise. Dont want to be rude but that is it!!

Swapnoneel Roy said...

@Alokita: My advice to you: Don't go into this shitty "business". It is just plain cheating others. And whom do you cheat? Your friends, your relatives, your family members who trust you. Because non acquaintances would immediately understand they are being cheated! Work hard in your studies, and excel. Trust me, that is a much better and respected way of earning your livelihood.

P.S: I generally use my blog name "Blue Dreamz" to post, but doing an exception here to reveal my actual identity.

alokita said...

Hey swapnoneel....thanks for the suggestion.... :)

@glaks thanks 4 letting me know what kind of stuff is entertained..u saved my time dude..however I am not sorry for the productive hrs u wasted in replyin to my posts

alokita said...

Hey swapnoneel....thanks for the suggestion.... :)

@glaks thanks 4 letting me know what kind of stuff is entertained..u saved my time dude..however I am not sorry for the productive hrs u wasted in replyin to my posts

RaviK said...

Please DO NOT engage in such kind of shoddy business practices.... it will only going to give you more headache and imprecations on personal levels than enjoying luxury of being rich(IF you ever managed to be somehow, which i clearly see impossible with such cheat schemes). I am saying this out of my own personal experience, when I realized that my own friend cheated with this scheme. After this incident I did able to help my other friends with not getting into this shit. So please make other aware of this - help & save them....

LG said...

@alokita.. you are most welcome... However, I dint understand the purpose of you posting your comment twice... perhaps you wanted me to read it!!

@ravik... Bhagwaan tumhare jaise dost dushmano ko bhi na de!!!

Unknown said...

i want to know about of my friend forcing me to invect money in qnet and saying within 5 year.i will get 5 crore..will it true..explain?? pls

Shyam Sundar said...

Dear Vikas, ask your friend how you will get Rs. five crore in five years. Their modus operandi is recruitment. You have to recruit and cheat your friends and relatives to become members and purchase the useless wampum at an exorbitant price. You have to convince the newly recruited members that they would also earn Rs. 5 crore in five years. It is a racket. And your friends and relatives would turn against you.

Unknown said...

Hi Shyam,
I recently came to know the Qnet is conducting

sessions in Hyderabad to lure the innocent people to this

MLM.... and i dont understand how come this highly

qualified, educated people falling into this

trap... the sessions are being conducted on

weekends regularly...i shall try to get the proofs

this time.... can you please post your email id so

that i can send you address of this sessions well

in advance so that they can be caught redhanded...


Unknown said...

Dear Qnet IRs
We wish to inform you that legal process is under way. Arrests and attachment of property should be due very soon. Chargesheet will be filed shortly by EOW, Mumbai Police after Mumbai High Court has urged EoW to file chargesheet quickly and then file supplementary chargesheets. Transview bank accounts are to be remain sealed as per court directions. Mr. Michael Ferriera, Actor Boman Irani are under the scanner of the police and will again be questioned regarding their involvement. ED has already registered a case and will be questioning IRs soon. SFIO is already investigating Questnet, Goldquest, its previous avatars.

Kindly read
Also read latest post on to know whether it is a scam or not.
Jai Hind

Anonymous said...

Whats the point? There are so many others who are still active and will always be active underground. People like Pushpam are arrested anc may come out in bail. There are many more IRs who dupe people in various schemes. Like Ashish Bhargav in Madhya Pradesh, Bikram Singh in Delhi/Haryana, Rajaram Iyer in Pune/Chennai,Amit Dsouza (think he is from Goa). These people change their locations, change their con schemes, some sell healthcare peoducts, healing products etc when Questnet becomes hot issue. When it cools doen, they will again come back to sell coins to dupe innocent people. Can you stop them?

Unknown said...

my family economic condition made me to join this chain.initially I didn't questioned myself that how we make money without selling a product? Join somebody and eat his money as profit.if the new comer wants to get his money he need to cheat someone and this follows.feeling shame on me for being a part of this alert guys.
Completely fraud.

Unknown said...

These guys are now operating in the UK under QNET. They are using the same method of flogging rubbish plastic disc to con people to spend large sum of money and recruit more 'members' into the chain. £30 membership and £800+ for compulsory 'product' One of the powers of the special products is that it can increased the amount of petrol in you tank if you hold the plastic disc in your hand while fill the tank. What a con. Stay well clear of these fraudster.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Dear Mr Shyam,
You are doing a great job. Can you look help people in Mumbai as well. QNet people have acquired targets in Mumbai as well. One particular moron (pardon my language) is Natraj Korgoankar. He has already brainwashed my friends Hiren & Deepti and am sure will dupe others as well. They normally operate from a coffee shop in Goregoan.

Shyam Sundar said...

Dear Rakesh, The Economic Offences Wing of CID in Maharashtra has already filed a criminal case and you can approach them with a complaint. However, generally the police want a complaint from the victim. Try to convince them that Section 7 of PCMC Act empowers police to act on mere information.

Unknown said...

Why not India government banned qnet till today if it is illigal.

Sunil Patel said...

Hello sir In Ahmedabad also so many agents are there who work for Qi group

Shyam Sundar said...

If you are socially- conscious, immediately go to the police and lodge a complaint against the company with the names of the members.

Unknown said...

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