Sunday, 25 September 2011

NTV busts Tupperware racket

The crew of NTV news channel headed by reporter Mr Damodar visited an apartment block to cover a kitty party organised by a group of women living in that block the other day. There they found a team of women selling some plastic kitchen containers. Out of curiosity they wanted to buy a small plastic container which they thought would be around Rs. 10. But to their utter shock, the saleswoman told them that it costs Rs. 150 as it is eco-friendly material. They learnt from them that the plastic containers are marketed by a company called Tupperware. All the containers of varying sizes are exorbitantly priced. A water bottle costs Rs. 250 and a small lunch box set costs Rs. 1000. 
As he has recently covered speakasiaonline extensively, the senior TV reporter, sensing a racket behind the sales, immediately called Corporate Frauds Watch to find out the details of that company. Learning enough about Tupperware, and about the criminal case filed against the Tupperware with the Ramachandrapuram police station, in the district of Medak by Corporate Frauds Watch, the NTV team filmed the Tupperware sales programme and presented it in its FOCUS programme on September 23, 2011. Just click to watch the video.

The programme starts with the same old rhetoric 'fulfill your dreams' by joining as distributor of Tupperware.
This programme has become very popular and Corporate Frauds Watch received a number of calls appreciating the efforts for exposing the fraudulent company.

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