Thursday, 15 September 2011

Malaysia-based Aura out to cheat Indians in Vijayawada

Here comes another racketeer from Malaysia. Aura, the Malaysia-based company has launched its activities in India with its headquarters in Vijayawada.
India has become a happy hunting ground for all kinds of racketeers to make a fast buck playing with the greed of Indians. After all these scams, Indians never learned that they would be skimmed once again by joining just another scheme which is offering huge returns in a short span.
The company website reveals the true colours of the comany. It offers young students a wide range of services like Dietician's and Nutritiionist's services, doctor's consultation for free, health insurance, training to children on physical activities, communication skills, debating skills, competitive activities, table manners, behavioural skills, hand writing, Abacus, robotics, general knowledge, brain games, aero-modelling, mathematics and accounting. In a nut shell, it is offering all the services a parent wants his child to get acquainted with.
Now the bait comes. Aura-India is appointing franchisees to entice parents to send their children here. It is also common. What is uncommon is the franchisees are being offered the opportunity to earn a bulk of amount in lakhs of rupees with a very low investment. The company offers three types of subscriptions -- Gold for Rs. 5,000 plus tax, Platinum for Rs. 7500 plus tax and Diamond for Rs. 10,000 plus tax.
These franchisees have to go around educational institutions for recruiting prospects into the scheme. The more one recruits the more would be earning.
Rings any Bell!
Yeah! This is nothing but an open money circulation scheme in the name of providing services.
Let us look at what facilities this fraudulent company has to provide such services to the young Indians. It is housed in a crammed single-bed room apartment on the third floor. There is no faculty to claim and the company is interested only in recruitment.
The franchisees really have a tough time-table for them. They have to prepare the list of educational institutions in the area they are allotted and identify the prospects. They have to impress upon the parents to part with their money with the offer of services which are going to make their children wonder kids. This is nothing but a spree of enrollment. If it is a job, it is OK. But the franchisees have to pay in advance in the name of subscriptions.
Let us hope that the Police would take a look at this fraudulent company before it vanishes with people's money.


hari said...

This is not a malaysia based company. At the bottom of the web page of Aura-India, you can find that the software is being provided by one Swasa Technologies, Vijayawada. Local police may be alerted to curtail their activities in the initial stages itself.

Shyam Sundar said...

Thanks Hari. I hope the police would take cognisance of the crime.