Saturday, 22 October 2011

Corporate Frauds Watch is not alone in asking for the rule of law to be restored

This week the deluded tyrant/revolutionary, Col. Gaddafi, was finally confronted with reality and deposed by the people of Libya whom the mainstream press have labelled as 'revolutionaries,' but who are self-evidently the true conservatives, because, in the face of Gaddafi's coup d'etat, they have simply fought to bring about democracy and establish the rule of law. For 42 years, Col. Gaddafi ran a reality-inverting, closed-logic, totalitarian system, presented as a 'democracy,' which systematically branded anyone challenging the absolute moral and intellectual supremacy of its self-appointed sovereign leader, as an evil traitor and a threat to leader's great project to build a world-wide Utopia. 
For many months we tolerated the lame attempts of the 'Amway' racketeers to infiltrate Corporate Frauds Watch and broadcast their own black propaganda that anyone challenging the authenticity of their so-called 'MLM income opportunity' is a crazy: 'communist', 'anti-capitalist' , 'conspiracy theorist', 'liar', etc., who can have no understanding of business and free enterprise. 
You finally banned the unmasked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, a.k.a. Mr. David Steadson a.k.a. 'IBOFB' a.k.a. 'Insider' a.k.a. 'Icerat,'  from CFW, on the grounds that all of his unsolicited, scripted-comments were based on anecdotal evidence, and that he never supplied any quantifiable evidence to support his inflexible, reality-inverting fairy-tale that the 'Amway' bosses are Christian-inspired, compassionate capitalists who have offered a viable, and lawful, 'income opportunity' in which millions of fully-informed participants around the world, regularly retail products, and/or services, to the public for a profit. 
The quantifiable evidence proves beyond all reasonable doubt that, without exception, all so-called 'MLM income opportunities' have been copy-cats of the original, dissimulated money circulation scheme now known as 'Amway/Quixtar', in which, endless chains of victims have been induced (by a fraudulent offer of afinancial reward), to make regular unlawful payments to totalitarian racketeers (in return for effectively-unsaleable wampum), and through which tens of millions of ill-informed individuals have been, and continue to be, secretly churned. 
Far from being left-wing nut-cases, the authors of Corporate Frauds Watch are self-evidently the true conservatives, because, in the face of a corporate coup d'etat, we are simply asking for the rule of law to be restored. 
Interestingly, the current protests on Wall Street, and elsewhere, have been attacked in exactly the same puerile way by the de facto agents of corporate racketeers. However, again, the 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters are self-evidently the true conservatives, because, in the face of a corporate coup d'etat, they are simply asking for the rule of law to be restored.
Readers of CFW should be interested to watch the dignified reaction of the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter/author, Chris Hedges, when a strangely-familiar apologist for corporate racketeers, Kevin O'leary, recently tried to character assassinate him, and provoke him into anger, on Canadian television. 
 I agree with Chris Hedges, the current world economic crisis has been caused by the unfettered greed of American corporate racketeers - revolutionaries posing as 'democratic conservatives' who have been allowed to use their stolen wealth to buy intellectually, and morally, bankrupt politicians, and regulators, who have then quietly dismantled all legal impediments, and regulations, which were originally put in place to protect the freedom of the American people from charlatans and would-be demagogues. 
For obvious reasons, the well-groomed and well-rehearsed puppets who steadfastly pretend to wield power in the USA on behalf of the people, have (so far) refused to restore the rule of law.
David Brear (copyright 2011)

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