Saturday, 8 October 2011

RMP Infotec's business is definitely an illegal money circulation scheme

The apologists of RMP Infotec Private Limited started attacking this blog with their half knowledge of law and legal procedures.
The members of speakasiaonline also with the pseudonym 'proud speakasians' raised the same issues with the same 'zeal' stating that their company is hundred per cent genuine company conducting surveys and paying huge amounts to the panelists.
However, the senior counsel for speakasia could not convince the Andhra Pradesh High Court with his argument regarding the hollowness of the business of speakasia. Ultimately the Honourable High Court threw it out.
Likewise, RMP Infotec is also afraid that if it moves the Andhra Pradesh High Court to pronounce its business is legal, it would be thrown out ultimately. That is why it is not approaching the judiciary.
Instead of getting a clean chit from the judiciary regarding the legitimacy of its business, the apologists of RMP are unnecessarily trying in vain to convince the free-thinking readers of this blog.
Why don't they just show their 'legal documents' in the possession of RMP Infotec to the AP High Court and get a clean chit from it. Thus they could also give a fitting reply to the 'high-handed' behaviour of the police of Guntur.
Whatever they say the business undertaken by RMP is nothing but a money circulation scheme disguised as product sales. If they think otherwise, they should prove it.

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Unknown said...

But Rmp do have a FICCI membership, has LLC license in Dubai.

Doesn't that proves that it is leagal?