Saturday, 29 October 2011

Weak leadership is allowing the rise of corporate-Fascism

It has been suggested to me that I have recently blamed the democratically-elected government of Kerala for 'MLM income opportunity' frauds.

What I actually said was :
'Based on their largely-irrelevant content, the persons who drew up these so-called 'direct selling guidelines' for the Kerala government, have demonstrated that they remain at a pitifully low-level of understanding of how pernicious "MLM income opportunity" frauds have functioned.' 
Obviously, in the final analysis, the narcissistic corporate racketeers who have pocketed most of the cash, are to blame for 'MLM income opportunity' frauds. However, all over the world, elected-leaders have taken their own lead from intellectually, and morally, bankrupt American politicians, and turned a blind-eye to 'MLM' charlatans - allowing them not only to operate without regulation, but also effectively to draft their own irrelevant 'direct selling regulations.'  Yet, it was weak leadership that led to the rise of Fascism in Europe in the aftermath of WWI and the 'Great Depression,' and it is weak leadership that is allowing the rise of corporate-Fascism today.
Despite the fact that the USA is supposed to be a republic, there exists an army of American citizens known as 'lobbyists' whose job it has been to 'influence' federal government policy. I believe that there are currently around 40 000 of these largely-amoral creatures officially-listed in Washington DC. In reality, this anti-democratic system has been operating exactly like a Royal Court. Indeed, certain insightful commentators have compared Washington in the 21st. century to Versailles in the 18th. century. What have laughably been referred to as  'Lobbying' and 'campaign donations,'  have permitted all-manner of criminals to buy political protection, and to acquire vast fortunes illegally without any risk of being held to account. Latter-day, posturing-courtiers known as 'lobbyists' have effectively drafted federal legislation which should have prevented their wealthy patrons' crimes.

In theory, in any republic, government is of the people, by the people and for the people. Due their amoral nature, no American 'lobbyist' is ever going to come out and openly-confess that he/she has been a loathsome intellectual-prostitute - a traitor to the American Republic, paid to execute a corporate coup d'etat  in which government has secretly become that of racketeers, by racketeers and for racketeers.
Sadly, this is exactly what generations of weak American leadership has produced.
David Brear (copyright 2011)

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