Monday, 3 October 2011

Why RMP is not approaching the judiciary for redressal?

RMP Infotec Private Limited, which claims to be running a legitimate business and supported by a number of apologists in this blog, has, it seems, chosen to remain silent instead of approaching the judiciary seeking redressal to their grievance.
The dynamic and upright IPS officer and Superintendent of Police of Guntur District Mr S Syamsundar busted the money circulation scheme racket run by M/s RMP Infotec Private Limited and arrested some of the key persons. A criminal case is filed against the company and investigation is on.
The poor apologists raised hue and cry in this blog but did not approach the police nor the judiciary with their grievances. They could place the relevant documents of their 'good business opportunity' and the legitimate business model before the police officer and convince the police that their business model indeed legally right.
But they are appearing in this blog with their senseless arguments and trying to convince me and the free-thinking readers of this blog.
The reason is that the judiciary would throw the petition out if they file it and these crooks know it well. That is why they are not approaching the court of law.


manav roy said...

because no.1 never react they just act.RMP's all cheaters were called at President's house and addressed by her.aur bologe to agli baar is se bhi tagda jawab denge,aur waise bhi sab shyam sunder ki tarah khaali to nahi baithe naa,ab itna thanda dhandha chal raha hai ki shyam ji ko hottest matter mil gaya,waise haal hi me shoyeb akhtar ne bhi sachin ji ko neecha dikhane ki koshish ki thhi,shyam ji plz aasman me thookna band kijiye aap aged insaan hai is budhaape me kyu apne hi izzat ke saath khel rahe hai,RMP desh ka bhavishya hai agar apke koi bachche hai to use Rmp me join karwa do kyunki aapke proffession me jaayega to uska bhavishya kitna andhkaarmay hai vo aapka knowledge level dekhkar hi mai samajh gaya,

Shyam Sundar said...

Aise baath sab kaminein kampeni vale karte rahata hai.
Mein sach ko sach kaha raha hoon.
Ankhein khul ke dekho. aise kampeni vale tumhare jaise log to barbaad kar rahe hai.
GoldQuest, Gemini Techno, Speakasia aise baath bole and bandh hogaye hai.

RGervais said...

Abey bosideekey Manav roy, uska bachonsey tumka kya matlab hai? Tumhare bachon ko tera jaisa kamina banolo bhai hum bahuth khush hongey ki is desh ko aur ek gandu milgaya. Agar RMP hamara desh ka bhavishya hai, aur tum uska leading light ho tho is desk ko kaun bachayega. Kush raho kuch log Shyam Sundar ji jaisey acha log hai. Sab tumharey aur tumarey president jaisey nahi hai.

manav roy said...

chal teri zubaan padhkar mai samajh gaya ki rmp ka virodh karne wale logo ka standard kya hai,mai india ke president ki baat kar raha hu jinhone humare crorepati leaders ko bulaya thha,aur tujhe itna dard hai to tu hi kyu nahi complaint de deta?shyamsunder ki tarah hawa me kya teer chalata hai?abhi 19 ko vijaywada me kisi ki giraftaari ka blog diya hai,jabki hindu news paper me aisi koi news chhapi hi nahi,aur haa teri language se mujhe yaad aaya ki tere baap ne tujhe kya tameez seekhayee hai aur tune kya seekhaya hoga aur ha tere bahcho ko rmp me mat bhejna yah shareefo ka biznes hai badtameezo ka nahi

Shyam Sundar said...

Published: October 19, 2011 00:00 IST | Updated: October 19, 2011 04:19 IST
3 held on charge of operating money circulation scheme
Staff Reporter
The city police have arrested three persons on the charge of trying to cheat people in
the name of a multi-level marketing money circulation scheme. A laptop, a projector,
a screen, brochures, pamphlets, and some books have been seized from them.
On information, the Ibrahimpatnam police conducted raids on Palagani Hotel on
Tuesday and arrested Y. Bala Gangadhar of Miryalaguda in Nalgonda district, Sk.
Meera Vali of Kothareddypalem in Guntur district, and Y. Srinivas of
Ganganammapeta in Tenali town. They were accused of trapping the gullible people
by making them believe that money could be made easily without putting in much
hard work.
The police said the arrested persons began their operations under the name of
‘Resource Money Power Pvt. Ltd, Chennai' without getting any licence from any
department. They offered huge gifts such as suitcases and ovens if anybody became a
member by paying Rs.6,990 to Rs.8,990. The members were lured saying they would
get huge commissions if they enrolled more members and made distributors.
They offered fast promotions to those who bring new members. The promotions
include executive, silver executive, pearl executive, and so on. Each member was
bound to enrol two new members. As this chain of membership enrolment grew
wider, there would be a dead-end suddenly when many people would be left cheated,
the police said.
West Zone Assistant Commissioner of Police T. Harikrishna said there were many
instances of such money circulation companies fleecing the people and most of the
affected categories were middle and lower income classes, unemployed youth, and
women. People should not get misled by such wrong claims that easy money could be
made, he added.
Information on such companies should be immediately furnished to the police
control room at ‘100' so that timely action could be taken, Mr. Harikrishna said.
Printable version | Oct 19, 2011 10:49:24 AM |‐paper/tp‐national/tp‐andhrapradesh/article2550750.ece?css=print
© The Hindu

Shyam Sundar said...

RMP sharifonkaa business hai our Police sharifonkaa giraftaar kar raha hai. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Hai sir
I heard that "RMP INFOTEC PVT LTD"
has filed a pittion in AP high court and case is under progress.
my i know when this result may decleared?

Vikas Sharma said...

Manav Roy, I appreciate the restraint you showed after the post by RGervais. You truly acted like a true RMPian and proved that we RMPians just act and do not react.

As far as the latest news goes, Mr. Shyam Sunder, the company website has been restored and the bank accounts have been checked and are now allowed to transact. So much for the hullabaloo you raised!

Be graceful and accept that you made a mistake and that you did not do your homework fully before writing your blog. To err is human, after all. And not accepting it is foolishness.

Shyam Sundar said...

Crooks spread such canards. RMP website is not restored and bank accounts were not released. This is a ploy to attract more victims into the scam.
My dear fellow Indians! do not fall for such crap and lose your hard-earned money.

aa_kkash said...

Respected Shyam Sunder ji,
You are of my father's age and also on a good position and hope must be a respectfull person in your family & society. Sir you are very intelligent but lot of happenings are going in this wonderful world.
You dont know, which you dont know.
RMP is a wonderfull opportunity for those who want to do somethingh in their life pls help us by correcting us on the points which need to be corrected. Pls dont make it your prestige issue. Lets all help everybody to Grow.
Around 50,000 people are planning to come at your home from North India to ask you little few questions, it will create a gr8 mess up in your life also.
Help Us! Correct Us!!

Shyam Sundar said...

The problem with such people like these is that they think they are living in a different planet.
The business model of RMP is illegal and apart from the company only a handful people are making money. Most of the people are working for illegal and unjust enrichment of the company. They are receiving only pittance.
Moreover, they are cheating their own friends and relatives to join such schemes.
This young man is threatening that they i.e. about 50,000 people would come to my place to chastise me. I take it as a threat to shut me down.
But I don't quit from my mission to bring awareness among people all over world about the perils of such schemes run by such crooks.
You are most welcome to my home.
Here is my address:
60-27-3/3, Siddhartha Nagar,
Vijayawada - 520 010.

gaurav said...

respected shyam sunder ji
sir my name is gaurav,sir in other countries mlm is a legal buisneess but india it is not
but in such a way rmp is not cheating to any 1,co says whenever u sell a product u get ur incentive,sir b4 dis buisness i was working 4 media,my brother is head of reputed media chanel,n i know how dis headline made n news come but dis dosnt shows dat rmp is froud,pls calm down n with cool mind see a presentation of rmp i m shore ull like it.