Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Amway suddenly posing as a pious woman

Amway, nowadays, is heavily advertising throughout India spending several millions of rupees. What happened to its principle of no advertisement all these years.
An adage in Sanskrit says, "vriddha naari pativrataa". Suddenly this aged prostitute is posing as a pious woman. It says that there is no entry fee to become a distributor and there is no compulsion to purchase products at entry level. In the headlines of the Advertisement itself Amway says that it is regularizing its business activities. That effectively means it has been illegally and irregularly doing business all these years spanning over a decade. What is the punishment for Amway's illegal business activities all these years and what happened to the stolen money from the gullible all over India and the rest of the countries.
However, its business model is still enrollment which is a banned activity under the provisions of Prize Chits &; Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978. Amway's website states that if a Distributor sells Amway products along with his 'GROUP' they are entitled commission ranging from 6 % to 21 %. From where does this group emerge without enrollment. That is the crux of the racket Amway is indulging in.
Moreover, the price of these products is so exorbitant that no sane person would buy these products unless he is promised with huge returns by way of enrollment.
For instance, the price of Glister toothpaste ranges from Rs. 125 to Rs. 199. No fool would buy these products at such exorbitant price. A 250 ml coconut oil bottle is sold at Rs. 109, a toothbrush for Rs. 116, a 
250 ml shampoo for Rs. 379, one litre Dish washing liquid for Rs. 519. These are only samples. There are more.
Amway also states in its website the Distributor should give a hand written receipt to the purchaser while selling products. Is there any sanctity to the hand written receipt? Who would recognise it? IF there is any patent or latent defect in the product, will the consumer forum recognise it as an authentic receipt? 
The main issue is the money circulation scheme camouflaged with sale of products and services. If Amway believes  its products are of great value, it could sell them in the open market. Anyway, it is advertising heavily spending millions and there is now no justification for its camouflaged activity. It is high time, people realised its nefarious activities and throw Amway out.


Anonymous said...

Do you use 4 tooth brush at the same time..I am just asking as Amway sells 4 tooth brush pack, and by the way Oral-B very good quality tooth brush comes approx 70-/ rs, very costly....keep writing..Amway will grow bigger & bigger....but you keep writing..this proves that common sense is very very un-common..

Shyam Sundar said...

This poor fellow is singling out tooth brush conveniently skipping everything else.

Ashwin Ji said...

Dear Shyam,
Keep doing your nice work.
These MLM addicts are incorrigible. They bleed their own kith and kin and talk all high sounding words. Even God cannot save these people.

Mumbai Guy said...

Mr. Shyam ur comments r very interesting. i m luking to do something besides my regular job. Can u suggest me something ?
Based on your experience can u plz tell which sectors are expected to grow in near future ?

Michael said...

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Anonymous said...

Mr Shyam..can you please suggest to do something to Mumbai Guy..what happened to you....and I am also surprised that you could not do anything for those news papers which are writing articles....I hope you read 25th April Business Standard..and I hope there are more readers for those news papers then your blog....

Shyam Sundar said...

Ramesh Sharma
You could approach the police and lodge a complaint with them stating that the distributor of Amway tried to cheat you. You could cite the judgement of Andhra Pradesh High Court. If the police receive more and more complaints, they would certainly take action. I could not be everywhere. I have already filed five criminal cases all over Andhra Pradesh.
Regarding the story in the magazine, these magazines publish any bullshit if they are offered plum advertisements.

Anonymous said...

Shyam, you have totally mistaken...I am making money 2K-3K per month from Amway Business..and that too people come to my home and buy the products...what I was asking to you to let us know any other legal option to make extra income without any investment with guaranteed success ( if you work hard....)

Shyam Sundar said...

If you are making Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000 every month means at the rate of 6 per cent commission, how much products you must be buying from Amway and how much you are selling keeping them at your home. This is ridiculous.
Regarding the extra income point of view, you are running after money to make fast buck. You would be disillusioned soon and finally end up losing your hard-earned money. There is nothing like easy and quick money. You are already trapped in Amway. What is the point in looking for more traps.