Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Kerala bureaucrats copy & paste IDSA definition of direct selling

The Kerala police has taken initiative to curb the activities of an international crook who has been bleeding the Indian economy by closing down the operations of Amway India. In fact, it is a bold step on the part of the police to stop these fraudulent persons with honesty and integrity. However, the Kerala bureaucrats reversed the hard work done by the police by simply handing over the cheating business back to the crooks.
Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA) in its website http://www.idsa.co.in/Faqs.html describes What is direct selling?
Direct Selling means the marketing of consumer products/services directly to the consumers generally in their homes or the homes of others, at their workplace and other places away from permanent retail locations, usually through explanation or demonstration of the products by a direct seller.
Now let us take a look at what the Kerala Government said in its guidelines to regulate the direct selling.
1. Direct selling
Direct selling means marketing of consumer products/services directly to the consumers generally in their homes or homes of others, at their work place and other places away from the permanent retail locations, usually through explanation or demonstration of the products by a direct seller or by mail order sales.
Here it is amply clear that the bureaucrats who prepared the guidelines are highly influenced by the IDSA that is Amway India. The whole issue is stinking and one can imagine what actually influenced the bureaucrats to prepare such guidelines. I don't believe that it is coincidence and intellectuals thinking alike.
In this backdrop, how could anybody stop these crooks from looting our country.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ..."Never wrestle with a pig: You both get all dirty, and the pig likes it. ..."

RMP is not a fraud company said...

there is no defination of business orjob.from farmer to any new age business or services. the society has made over the years there own parameters, and laid down certain laws that a civil society has to follow. but one thing is true you cannot make anyone work forcefully, moreover if someone is not educated that is still put thumb impression on even property pappers, how can you expact him to be 100% sure that these papers are in his own name. but you have to trust someone in this world if you do anything there are people who are educated enough to tell you, what is written on the application form in the terms and conditions being laid by the RMP Infotec PVT LTD. i am really sorry to learn that such a learned man like mr shyam sunder having wrritten so much for one perticular company and even going to the court to stop the working of the company, law in india is easily available to all those who have ampel time to think for the betterment of massses. lets start empowering people by educating them like bill gates is doing in eradicating aids, instead of going to court as there are so many welfare schemes govt. is running but the actual benefit is not reaching to the actually suffered human beings.
so which problem is more serious if you have a eyesight problem or the heart attack, we must look to solve the bigger problem first, than to stop the working of a company which has thousands of people earning their part time income. how can a person is effected or feel cheated, if you have ready food to eat but you dont eat that doesnot mean that food is not good. but as an individual you might have perticular taste or liking or your quality of food is not good, no body is 100% correct always, so if mr shyam sunder has some personal problem or a group of people that doesnot mean you have right to speak for every indian, without having our opinion or request, my income is effected due to his action and with me there are thousands of people who are effected. i am not here to tell you what is good for you is good for others too. like gujrat has banned liquor, we are ready to fight with you to stop it in all india then stop it in whole world, liquor is not good for health & society.so fight for you individual problem and get compensation that court will give.
rmp distributor

Shyam Sundar said...

This gentleman did not divulge his real name. Why? Because he knows that he would be identified and would be arrested on the charges of fraud.
He claims that several thousands of people are losing livelihood. What livelihood? Depriving others of their hard-earned income?
Several millions have been losing their hard-earned money due to these illegal money circulation schemes every year.
It is high time such schemes were nipped in the bud and the gullible be protected.

Michael said...

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