Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Andhra Pradesh High Court refuses to grant any relief to NMart

Justice K C Bhanu on Tuesday heard the arguments of NMart's counsel in the writ petition filed by NMart which is accused of indulging in money circulation schemes and criminal cases were filed against the company.
The counsel for NMart pointed out that the police have been registering more FIRs against the company when the writ petition is being heard in the High Court. However, when Justice Bhanu asked for the copy of second FIR he could not show.
The counsel requested the Bench to grant interim stay on the investigation into the case against NMart.
Justice Bhanu said that when the original plea under the writ petition was not maintainable how could an interim stay could be granted. He refused to grant any relief to the NMart.
When the NMart's counsel appealed to give more time, the hearing is adjourned and would be heard only on Dasara vacation.
In effect, the members of NMart have to wait till at least October 29 to know their fate which would anyway be sealed by then.
It is a lesson to the greedy people who want to make fast buck by way of cheating their own friends and relatives though they knew well that it is a crime.
People like Gopal are always try to make easy and quick money by playing with the greediness of people who too want easy money. Ultimately, it is Gopal who made wads of money laeaving several lakhs of people  in the lurch.
The smooth talk of such crooks is the most dangerous part in our society which would be broken with mistrust among people.

My Dear Fellow Indians and world citizens! Do not fall for the easy and quick money lure. 
There is nothing like that. These crooks are out there to grab your hard-earnings. 


pinank said...

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Pinank u seem to be deviating the public from the main topic...ALL MLM ARE BAD FOR THE SOCIETY...
the fight is now to make the people whu have lost money take it back from people like u...
c some more complaints posted by no-maal supporters,on grahakseva...
by Hs Kiran Singh
I am a distributor in guntur,andhra pradesh.I supplied wheat flour,salt,deodorants,chilli powder etc to nmart on regular basis.They told me they will give money next day.But the next morning they declared bankruptcy and ran away from the place and cheated so many distributors like me............
Sukhen Dhar
After my joining I have joined 10 person under my ID.Now they are presurised me to return their money as earliest.Otherwise they can do anything against me.
Now what can I do ?
thank you your's faithfully
sukhen dhar....
Srihari Tripathy
Aya-ram gaya-ram bahut hua
isbar dekho 'nmart' aya,
lekin sale too baap neekla!
Nilesh Rasal
Since last 4 months I visited to n mart sangola, dist-solapur outlet.. but I can not purchase the items because they told me that we do not have the stock...because of this I am mentally disturbed. I called the outlet 10-12 times..but gott the same answer.
Please advice asap.
Nmart pvt ltd cheated me worth of rs.35,000/-
By Hs Kiran Singh on 09th Oct. 2012
Nmart tumse hasu ya royu !
By Sukhen Dhar on 09th Oct. 2012
Nmart starter kit not received
By Priya on 08th Oct. 2012
Last two month nmart shop can't open in salem branch
By M.Shanthi on 08th Oct. 2012
Nmart product not received yet
By Pooja Garg on 08th Oct. 2012
Nmart welcome kit and coupon not received
By Pankaj on 08th Oct. 2012
Nmart smart card not received
By Waghmare Maruti Mahadeo on 08th Oct. 2012
N mart retail outlet closure
By Nilesh Kawlekar on 08th Oct. 2012
Nmart not refund the money back
By Ramu Dhanavath on 06th Oct. 2012
Nmart outlet closed without any informations
By Ramu Dhanavath on 06th Oct. 2012
Nmart retail- outlet closed
By Sangeeta Lahiri on 05th Oct. 2012
Nmart retail, no receipt no registration
By Sunil Shrivas on 05th Oct. 2012
Cheating by n-mart
By Parag Kandi on 05th Oct. 2012
Forget the nmart password
By Kapoor Singh on 04th Oct. 2012
Nmart company lo joining loss of my money
By Banna Peddulu on 03rd Oct. 2012
Loss of my amount in n mart
By Raghavendra M on 03rd Oct. 2012
Nmart ki website kyun nahi khul rahi hai?
By Shivam Singh Rajawa on 03rd Oct. 2012
Loss of money rs 16500 in Nmart
By Syam on 02nd Oct. 2012
Nmart cheating customer main person in nellore AP
By Peteti Maheswari on 02nd Oct. 2012

pinank said...

Dear Shyam
Why are you and your team not focusing onto this KBC fraud.
What is this than ????

Unknown said...

Dear shyam I have seen the Decision of AP HighCourt Where It is Totally Unmatched With Your Post. Tell me the reason why you have written wrong

MAHI said...

Shyam Sir,

You said writ no 27101/2012 posted after Dasara Vacations, but in AP High Court Official Website it is showing that the said writ no has disposed on 9th October 2012. Can u pls let me know the exact info on that..?

hare krishna said...

s this is to be stopped. Rs.6/- may be small thing for single person but makes crores to all 4 of this.One more point Real estate people also earning lakhs in hours days and months simply by keeping a phone contact of owner of that plot/flat/land.one of my neighbors sold his house @Rs.50lakhs now this new party trying to sell @60lakhs.No control on every thing.Real estate brokers are raising prices simply to earn more from more transactions on a bit of land.Rich people becoming more wealthy. poor people middle class people r victims.Earning 10millions is simple to them difficult thing is earning 1million.All companies rising prices By paying crores to actors,players and models.Direct selling people(uplines) are looting downlines by high prices.Even this nmart fellows promised all brands but in their outlets only failure brands in public market.

pinank said...

dear koraputhia bandhu
i m not diverting any bodies attention nor i m hard core nmartian.
i just see all the blogs n wish to disclose the huge income of KBC producer from us and giving penny from them.

Unknown said...

Dear pinank nobody forced to do sms, that is the individual option. Its like a lottery pay Rs.6/- and get Rs.2 lacs by win. so do not compare this to nmart case. here like u hard core nmatians forced us to join. now we joined and loosing my hard earned money of Rs.5500/- its not just Rs.6/-. why this was happened u know u like people told lies to preyed quick money. if gopalji is gentleman why he was hiding, why he closed the website, why he closed the malls. why dont u like people ask to open website and propanda your voice.its just indicating the pre-planned white collar crime. nithing else. we lost the money, shame every thing bcaused of like ur people.

Shyam Sundar said...

abey Anil. Mera baap ne bola kyaa tumhe NMart ko join karne ke liye. Kiskaa paisaa lootne ke liye tu join hogaya bey. Kitne paise tumhare doston se tu cheenlee. Tu jaisa kamine society ke liye harami hai. Jaa jaa bey. Tumhe sharm nahin hai aisa baat karne ke liye. doston kaa paise cheene vaale narak ko jaroor jayegaa. agar narak rahe to.

pinank said...

my dear prasad babu
u pls read my comment, i wrote NOR I M HARD CORE NMARTIAN ..

GIRI said...

good afternoon shyam sir plz don't approve KORAPUTIA BANDHU'S comment that comment is not interesting to read .It disturb other valuable inforamation

Shyam Sundar said...

And what about your earlier comments which used a very abusive language against me.
I always prefer to give information and for the welfare of the society this is blogging is dedicated.
People rather wrongly think that I have other intentions. My intention is public welfare. I don't have any other motives. If you understand that it is well and good.

peoplechoices said...

abey Anil. Mera baap ne bola kyaa tumhe NMart ko join karne ke liye. Kiskaa paisaa lootne ke liye tu join hogaya bey. Kitne paise tumhare doston se tu cheenlee. Tu jaisa kamine society ke liye harami hai. Jaa jaa bey. Tumhe sharm nahin hai aisa baat karne ke liye. doston kaa paise cheene vaale narak ko jaroor jayegaa. agar narak rahe to.

how can you say that you are social worker by using this language?
shame on you Mr.shyam!

Shyam Sundar said...

Ok These people keep on hurling abuses and I have to silently bear it. Is that what you are suggesting?
Do you know what that fellow said? Be happy for not calling him 'suvar ke aulaad'. He deserved that kind of abuses in return. I restrained myself from calling him names.
And what about you? Are you gentleman? you are calling my activities are foolish. You know well what I have been doing but refuse to acknowledge because your eyes are closed with greed for easy and quick money.
Grow man. There are many things other than money in life. Money is not everything. Money is only a part of our life. Human relations should be given far more importance. In supporting such schemes you keep on losing your friends and relatives. That is the dangerous part of these schemes.

Unknown said...




reality said...

shyam ,,, bcs of you only all 20n lacs people crying noww..,,,and u creat lot of problems also,,..

Unknown said...

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