Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Reality-inverting propaganda by Lyoness apologosit

I observe that a tedious person signing himself/herself 'SMRnana' has posted reality-inverting propaganda (in the form of a scripted-comment) on Corporate Frauds Watch, in defence of the European-based 'income opportunity' racket known as 'Lyoness.'
In brief, 'SMRnana,' has claimed that 'Lyoness' is just an innocent cash-back company which he uses to do a bit of discount shopping, and that anyone who says otherwise, has some hidden dishonest motive or does't understand how the company functions.
Sadly, we've heard essentially all of this familiar bullshit before from the transparent propagandists of other 'income opportunity' racketeers.
If 'Lyoness' really is just an innocent cash-back company, as 'SMRnana' pretends, then perhaps he/she could offer an explanation to the free-thinking readers of CFW as to exactly what was happening at the pay-through-the-nose-to-enter 'Lyoness' mass-meeting which features in this alarming video. 

Self-evidently, all these deluded people have not joined 'Lyoness' just to do a bit of discount shopping. They have signed up in the false belief that they are all going to make lots of money by recruiting their friends and relatives.
The quantifiable evidence proves beyond all reasonable doubt that 'Lyoness' has been the corporate front for a classic 'prosperity gospel' cult, and that its instigators are racketeers who have been peddling an unoriginal Utopian lie.
David Brear (copyright 2012)


Unknown said...

watch positive statement of chief minester...ummanchandy...
India vision channel 09/10/2012 Chief Minister Ummanchandy's posi
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askkevincampbell said...

Lyoness is a brilliant company that offers cash back on shopping with ZERO investment. There is a down payment program for those desiring to earn additional income in the future as the company numbers grow. This down payment is 100% optional and offers no income guarantees of any kind. It is also important to note that no commissions are paid to anyone on these down payments. That makes Lyoness a very clean and respectable business model. With over 2.5 million members, and with an expected 5 million more to come on board in the next 24 months, this is a company that will be around for a very long time. A Giant in the industry that is simply too big to fail, and an opportunity that has no losers. A win-win opportunity.