Friday, 5 October 2012

Sajeev Nair of Monavie arrested

By God's grace I received the 'India Today Business Wizard 2010' for Kerala on Nov 27, 2011

 from the Hon. Chief Minster, Shri Oommen Chandy. I am being honored by India Today for the 

contributions I have made as an entrepreneur, author and life coach.

That was the past.

Now the present.

Sajeev Nair is arrested for indulging in money circulation scheme as head of the Monavie. 

Sajeev Nair former head of Amway India. He joined Monavie and  started enrolling members 

into the scheme.

Kerala police arrested Sajeev Nair on the charges of promoting illegal money circulation 


In a less than a year, the India Today Business Wizard 2010 for Kerala has become an 

accused in money circulation scheme scam. It seems India Today did not look into what the 

business model was and whether the business he was into was legal or not.

This is how the national media is carried away by the misinterpretation by the multilevel 

marketing companies about the legality of their business. 


raju said...

Dear Sham Sunder Sir

When did he arrested sir & what was his company business plan detail can u forwad me sir

Mohankerala said...

Sajeev Nair was arrested for the violation of Prize Chits and Money Circulation (Banning) Act, 1978

Mohankerala said...

violation of Prize Chits and Money Ciruclation Act, 1978

raju said...

Dear Sham Sunder Sir
where do i get this book please inform sir

Unknown said...

dear , will u clear why sanjeev nair arrested .... due to doing monavie (bc u maintion monavie name) or any other reason... clear reason is what ????? thanks
and second one if as per ur last opinion direct selling is illigal so why RAJASTHAN AND KERLA govt make law for product base direct selling companies activity... not banned , make rule for run... is it not posible in A.P. ... AND ALSO WAITING MY LAST POST REPLY WHICH U NOT PUBLISHED.. THANKS

friend said...

ఈ వ్యక్తి న-మార్ట్ లో టాప్ లీడర్ & అక్షిల్ కోర్ బిజినెస్ అనే క్రొత్త కంపెనీ లో భారత దేశం తరుపున మొదటి వ్యక్తి ఈ అక్షిల్ కోర్ బిజినెస్ అనే కంపెనీ డైరెక్ట్ ప్రోడక్ట్ సెల్లింగ్ ముసుగులో ఒకొక్కరి దగ్గరినుంచి 4500 నుండి 50000 వరకు కట్టించుకొని 3 నెలల నుండి డబ్బులు కట్టినవారికి ఏమి ఇవ్వకుండా మోసం చేస్తుంది ఈ భూపేంద్ర గుర్ అనే వ్యక్తి చాలా తెలివైన వ్యక్తి ఎలాగంటే ఇప్పటికే న-మార్ట్ ఆగిపోయింది దాని ప్రభావం ఈ ఈ అక్షిల్ కోర్ బిజినెస్ అనే కంపెనీ పైన ఎక్కడ పడుతుందోనని చాలా జాగ్రత్తలు తీసుకుంటున్నాడు కానీ అతనికి తెలియడం లేదు మోసం ఎక్కువరోజులు చేయలేరని వీళ్ళ పాపం కూడా పండే రోజు వస్తుందని
ఇక వుంటాను సర్ నమస్కారం
మీ మిత్రుడు

Shyam Sundar said...

Bhupendra Gaur,
Is it true that you are into the direct selling of Axil Core and you are afraid you would targeted next after NMart. How much money you have in NMart? The police would come after you. Not only you. They would come after several team leaders who made wads of money by inducing more members into the scheme.

Unknown said...

Dear,that means u not get my point... read my post again... and i m not afraid bcs we have sufficient scope in various state which allow geniune direct selling company..

Shyam Sundar said...

Bhupendra, Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978 is an all India Act, enacted by the Central Government. But the implementation of the Act is left to the State Government and police force of those respective states. Many of our police force are not aware of the enactment let alone the bureaucracy. That is why these fraudulent companies are flourishing cheating millions of people all over country. If every State government takes action against such fraudulent companies, activites of this type of crooks would be curtailed. Days are numbered for such crooks. Awareness camps would be organised through out the country to sensitise the police force about the dubious activities of these direct selling companies which indulging in illegal money circulation schemes in the name of selling products and services.
Then these crooks would be sent to jails.

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