Wednesday, 3 October 2012

There is nothing like easy and quick money

One of our readers Anshuman Sharma raised a very good query.

Mr Shyam, please give me answer for my blog. 20 lakh distributors who liked the product and services don't have the problem. It's like prepaid system Airtel DTH or mobile services you can pay in advance and use it for a year. BY stopping NMart facility due to your action against our Indian MLM company now those who were regularly getting product monthly basis is not getting, and those who were getting commission and job in the days of unemployment for their hard work is stopped. So you TELL ME RESPECTED SIR, are YOU saving Indian distributors or creating loss to them.
If you are really against corruption and well wisher of common people who are unemployed so please help them in positive manner like in America out of 5 lakh millionaires 1 lakh are from direct selling industry. Now this INDUSTRY SIZE IS 100 BILLION DOLLERS (Rs 50,000 Cr APPROX) AND PLS FIND OUT STATEMENT OF EX PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON , WARREN BUFFET, BILL GATES , DONALD TRUPH (sic) (actually it is Donald Trump) AND THERE ARE SO MANY IN GOGGLE, THEN YOU WILL REALISE the scope for country and common people. THANX ANSHUMAN SHARMA.

Dear Anshuman, 
You Said that 20 lakh distributors like the products and services and don't have a problem. You have also said that the distributors are getting commission. You did not elaborate how they are earning commission. May I say how they are earning commission. They are earning commission by enrolling more members into the scheme. These people are happy with Rs. 200 per enrollment. But the company is pocketing more than Rs. 5,000. That is illegal. Enrollment is illegal and unjust enrichment by the company is also illegal.
It is not like prepaid system. Nobody would pay Rs. 5500 if they are offering products and services for the same amount. That company is offering double the amount in 48 months. That is the inducement to pocket your money. Not only that they are inducing you to make your friends and relatives to become members to rob their money too. 
This is what is called chain marketing and it is illegal. The chain is going break sooner than later and every distributor in the downline are going to lose their money. 
You said that it is employment. This is not employment but it is a bid to encash the friendships and relationships.
It seems you are also carried away by the propaganda the direct selling is flourishing in the USA. It is not true. The truth is entirely different.
In India, the pyramid scheme, direct selling, network marketing, referral marketing are banned under the  Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) act, 1978.
You are only losing your friends and relatives by enrolling them in such schemes. They will never trust you in future. That is the dangerous part of this money circulation schemes. 
Don't fall prey to it. Come out of it. There is nothing like easy and quick money. 


Shyam Sundar said...

Kya bak rahe ho tum? Khel khatam hogayi mu bandh kar baith jaa.

Shyam Sundar said...

Police tumhara peecha padeto tab maloom padega. tumhe puchhegaa kitne member ko enroll kardiya aur kitna kamayaa. aba ayega majha.

Unknown said...




Shyam Sundar said...

Sharma it is proved that you have no sharam to write anything. That is why your comment is deleted. You have no decency.
You indulge in illegal activities and if I complain it is a crime for you. I only lodged a complaint. Police won't act if there is no crime in it and the court won't accept if there is no crime in it.
Try to realise it is a crime and you are indulging in more criminal activity by hurling abuses at me. You are not honest in your approach. You should ashamed to call your self Sharma.

Shyam Sundar said...

Peter you are a mad dog. That is why I banned you from this blog. Still you are hanging around here.
You are a cheat and how many you have enrolled and cheated your own friends and relatives. You don't mind to stoop to any level to achieve to cover your crime.

Shyam Sundar said...

Mahesh, Why don't you go to the court and appeal to release your money.

Unknown said...

shaym tu to gaya ab hum to beroggar ho chuke he pariwar to hum pal nhi pa rhe he me to barbad ho chuka hu ab hum tujhe nhi chhodenge tu bachh sakta he to bach tera samay pura ho gaya he

raju said...

Shyam Sunder Sir

Please let me know
what is todays High Court Updates Sir

Shyam Sundar said...

Bombay High Court posted the next hearing to October 29. The counsels of Gopal Singh Shekhawat asked for more time to present their arguments. They are not in a hurry even to seek bail since they know it would be denied.
The accused Gopal is hiding in his affluent friends' place avoiding arrest.

raju said...



Unknown said...

Dear shayam, my point no.
1)11000 rs is giving AGAINST for purchase of 72000 rs product in 48 months.

2) best price and wall mart etc sell their product on cheaper price bcoz they do bulk purchasing.

3)nmart is giving product on2% discount on M R P and rest margin paying to purchaser.

4) their are different comission structures in the company getting 200rs or what it may be every industry and product has its comission value depends upon product to product.

Unknown said...

Dear SHAYAM JI,1978 act prize chit fund made in the year 1978 and networkmarketing entered in india 1993 oriflame WAS first companYHOW THEY CAN MAKE ACT WITHOUT KNOWING THE SYSTEM..THANX ANSHUMAN SHARMA

Unknown said...

THIS FOR ALL ,my humble request to all , please don,t use abusing words and please don,t critesize and absuse any bodies profesion every profesion has its moral values neither all directsellers are cheaters nor all advocates are innocent we have to respect eachothers profesion and fight against corruption. THANX ANSHUMAN SHARMA

Shyam Sundar said...

Oriflame, Amway, Herbalife, Forever Living Products entered India the same year. They are also members of Indian Direct Selling Association. They all follow the same business model. After police filed a criminal case against it Amway filed a writ petition in AP High Court stating that its business model is legal. However, The AP High Court held that the business model of Amway is illegal under the provisions of Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978.
If you could study and understand the judgement I will forward to you. It is well settled and even the Supreme Court upheld that judgement against Amway.
Still they are doing business due to political reasons and oversight of the police force.

Zeddy B. said...

Hi,every body.I just couldnt resist myself to ask you some question....
1ST Q.What is the profit NMART is earning from the selling of products?

2ND Q.Is this sufficient enough to disburse all the commissions & expenditures?

3RD Q.Is NMART disburse the commissions of the senior line ups from the money are being deposited as registration fee?

4TH Q.If NMART doing as 3RD Q then somehow the process 1:2 leads towards number indefinite.Then how can this business model be viable?What will happen with the last level joiners? Because law of average or 80:20 rules or any such rules which based on success rate can not or should not be legal in terms of monitory transactions where it is mathematically proved to be broken(as it much higher than birth rate)after some time. Don't you agree?If not please let me know as I may not be aware of any other equations(Please dont add emotional equations in it).

Mangilal Kajodia said...

Dear Mr. Shyam sunderji,
Nmart takes Rs.5500/- from a person and gives goods for Rs. 220/- per month upto 48th months. It means nmart takes Rs.5500/- and returns Rs.10,560/- in the form of goods in four years. No nationalise bank gives interest on deposit not more than 9%.
A person deposits Rs.5500/- in a Bank for four years. After four year, with interest of 9%, he will get Rs.7767/-. Nmart gives Rs.10,560/- in four year. Thus, what does nmart do wrong? What is wrong, if nmart gives other benefit also?