Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Canadian police, too, do not care for court judgements

When you look more closely at the deaf, dumb and blind attitude taken by senior Canadian law enforcement agents towards blatantly-obvious, blame-the-victim pyramid scams dressed up as 'Business Opportunities,' you begin to understand the enormity of the problem with which Dave Thorton has grappled. As far as I am concerned, senior Canadian law enforcement agents have been a significant part of this criminogenic phenomenon, not the solution to it. Indeed, it would appear that several Canadian police officers should be imprisoned; for according to Canadian law, anyone indicted and convicted in Canada of establishing, operating, advertising or promoting a scheme of pyramid selling, faces a prison term of up to 5 years.
Given the evidence, no honest person could seriously dispute the fact that Alan Kippax is a dangerously-deluded racketeer - a practised-liar who has maliciously hidden his abusive pyramid scams behind various legally-registered corporate structures in the UK and Canada. In 2005, the UK government's Dept. of Trade and Industry succeeded in shutting down Kippax' UK front company, 'Treasure Traders Corporation Ltd.' Despite the fact that Kippax was judged by a UK civil court to have stolen millions of pounds from thousands of UK citizens, no criminal investigation or indictment followed. Instead, Kippax was allowed to abscond back home to Canada where, in association with certain police officers, he continued his vile activities until he was imprisoned for causing death by reckless driving. Typically, when Dave Thornton tried to warn the Canadian public about what lurked behind the fake 'Direct Selling' companies known as 'Treasure Traders International Corp.' and 'Business In Motion Corp.,' Kippax posed as an innocent victim under attack. However, this illegally-funded, reality-inverting strategy back-fired when a Canadian Judge decided that Kippax was in all probability running a fraud and that Dave Thornton was within his rights to say so.
Even after this damning judgement, senior Canadian law enforcement agents took absolutely no action against Kippax whilst other Canadian law enforcement agents continued to harass Dave Thornton to the benefit of racketeers.
In their wisdom, the members of the democratic government of Canada passed a law designed to protect the Canadian public from thieves, but which senior Canadian police officers have mysteriously refused to enforce. Thus, these officers have arbitrarily authorized the very thing which their elected government sought to prohibit.
This begs the question: Who actually governs Canada?
David Brear (copyright 2010)


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