Thursday, 15 July 2010

Labyrinth of lies galore regarding frauds

Your readers should be aware that Ms. Jodie Bernstein (Director of Consumer Protection at the US Federal Trade Commission, 1997-2002) was solicited by the St. Louis-based law firm, Bryan Cave LLP, and that (in her new, much more highly-paid capacity) she then lied to her former colleagues at the FTC on behalf of the billionaire bosses of the ‘Amway’ mob - arguing that there was no need for government regulation of her client in particular, and of ‘Multilevel Marketing’ in general.
It should come as no surprise to your readers to learn that Bryan Cave LLP also defended Reed Slatkin. Indeed, Mr. Gerald Boltz (a former Securities Exchange Commission Administrator) was solicited by Bryan Cave LLP, and (in his new, much more highly-paid capacity) he then lied to his former colleagues at the SEC on behalf of Reed Slatkin, arguing (at the beginning of 2000) that there was no need to file a civil enforcement action to freeze his client’s remaining assets.
In 2003, it was reported that Reed Slatkin’s bankruptcy trustee, R. Todd Neilson (a former FBI agent) had complained to US Bankruptcy Judge, Robert Riblet, that Gerald Boltz and his associates at Bryan Cave LLP had deliberately mishandled Slatkin’s case and, thus, permitted hundreds of individuals to continue to lose their money. Neilson argued that Boltz (as a former top SEC lawyer) should have immediately deduced that Slatkin was running a Ponzi scheme, but (inexplicably) he did not.
Bryan Cave LLP subsequently filed a ‘tentative settlement’ with the US Bankruptcy Court, in which the law firm denied any wrongdoing, but (all the same) offered to pay Slatkin’s trust $650 000 to be distributed to its creditors. Limply, Bryan Cave LLP (a firm that promotes itself as being expert in financial fraud) posed as a wide-eyed victim totally deceived by Slatkin’s fake documentation. In any event, Gerald Boltz’ amoral defence was that, as Slatkin’s counsel, his duty was to his client: not to his client’s ‘investors.’
In 2003, Slatkin’s labyrinth of lies was still in process of being partially dismantled by Alexander Pilmer, the attorney acting for R. Todd Neilson. At this time, hundreds of Slatkin’s victims were owed around $240 millions, and more than 200 lawsuits had been filed to recover money from financial institutions which, and individuals who, had profited directly from Slatkin’s crimes. However, Pilmer was also in negotiation with attorneys acting for another labyrinth. The leadership of ‘Scientology’ had profited indirectly from Slatkin’s crimes - numerous'Scientology'-controlled corporate structures had received an unspecified number of payments (arbitrarily defined as ‘donations’) from 75 individuals who were core-‘Scientologists’. These people headed the list of those who had profited directly from Slatkin's crimes. For obvious reasons, Pilmer requested that all these payments of stolen cash to ‘Scientology' (allegedly totalling many tens of millions of dollars) should be immediately declared and returned. After 5 years of wrangling, the leadership of ‘Scientology’ coughed up $3.5 millions, but this included $1.7 millions that Slatkin ‘donated’ himself.
Many obvious questions have (apparently) never been asked by US law enforcement agents - principally:
Since, out of the 75 core-‘Scientologists’ who (over a period of 15 years) were proved to have received a total of $151 millions (arbitrarily defined as ‘profits on investments’) from Slatkin, a significant number were from the so-called ‘Sea Organization’ who are paid just $50 per week, where exactly did certain pious members of this poor ‘Scientology Religious Order’ suddenly acquire the odd quarter of a million dollars (in cash) to ‘invest’ with Slatkin?
David Brear (copyright 2010)

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