Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Crooks like Amway always try to buy critics

The reaction of the American celebrity, fraud investigators, Penn and Teller, to 'Scientology,' should be seen as a damning indictment of successive US administrations as well as of US law enforcement agencies.
To their credit, Penn and Teller had the guts openly to describe 'Scientology' as a dangerous and litigious organization. However, it is clear that Penn and Teller know that the executives of the 'Showtime' television Network would never agree to screen an exposé of 'Scientology', mainly because they fear the systematic reaction of 'Scientology's' agressive eschelon of attorneys. This (commercially-driven) attitude probably explains why Penn and Teller focused their recent exposé of the 'MLM' myth on smaller, and less litigious, organizations than 'Amway.'
It seems that, exactly like 'Amway,' most cosmopolitan Americans know 'Scientology' to be an absurd, but nonetheless pernicious, cult, with billionaire bosses who have been running a blame-the-victim fraud of global proportions, but, legalistically, cultism does not exist in the USA. Consequently, there has been no agency of US government tasked with tracing, let alone protecting the victims of 'Scientology', assembling their testimonies and taking effective action on their behalf. Furthermore, various US government agents (particularly in the State Dept.) have been so bedazzzled by the external 'religious/Hollywood' presentation of 'Scientology,' that they have actually criticized, as being 'anti-religious,' the courageous stance taken by various other democracies (particularly, France and Germany) whose own leaders and senior law enforcement agents have decided to ignore the pretty external presentation and place the ugly internal activities of 'Scientology' under close surveillance.
Whilst successive US leaders and senior law enforcement agents have never issued any clear statement concerning 'Scientology,' in the past, it has been left to a few courageous individuals to try to warn the public. . Amazingly, although 'Scientology' was once exposed by Richard Behar of 'Time Magazine' as the 'Thriving Cult of Greed and Power,' recently, the bosses of 'Scientology' placed expensive advertising in various editions of the same publication. One wonders if the bosses 'Amway' will now be tempted to try to advertise on the 'Showtime' television Network?
David Brear (copyright 2010)-