Saturday, 10 July 2010

Indian police should take a look at the second KKK

Indian legislators, law enforcement agents and journalists are not alone in failing to realize the potential menace posed by the creators of fake 'direct selling companies'.
Historically, membership fees and overpriced-insurance policies have been just two of the many lucrative enterprises run by the wealthy bosses of totalitarian, organized crime groups camouflaged as 'businesses.' Indeed, almost a century ago, the instigators of the 'Second Ku Klux Klan' (who posed as 'Patriotic Protestant Americans') hid behind various (apparently independent) corporate structures, and raked in millions of dollars, by charging all manner of fees to their wide-eyed recruits, including $10 dollar annual subscriptions and the peddling of life insurance
During the 1920s, the 'KKK' was presented to potential recruits as an alternative American way of life and a proven path to becoming admired, respected and financially independent. The organization had its own (frighteningly familiar) compensation plan tied to promotion in a paramilitary hierarchy. In theory,the more fresh recruits/customers an adherent brought into to the 'KKK', the higher he climbed in the command structure and the more commission he was paid.
Just a brief look on the Net., reveals that many well-informed observers compare 'Amway' to the 'KKK'. However, I would go much further. In reality, 'Amway' is the 'KKK'; for its billionaire bosses have copied the same old, proven, criminogenic system, but (for obvious reasons) they have thrown away the spooky white costumes for suits and ties, and changed the impressive-sounding, made-up ranks and titles. We now have 'Amway Sapphires, Diamonds' and 'Emeralds' instead of 'KKK Goblins, Wizards' and 'Dragons.'
If senior Indian law enforcement agents want to know just how dangerous and deceptive 'Amway' and its many criminogenic clones are, then they should take a long hard look at the'Second KKK.'
David Brear (copyright 2010)


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Not just reading, Yun Yun Mao Mao, study it and take it to heart to understand the dubious ways of Amway in cheating people.

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