Monday, 26 July 2010

Unlike India, one cannot raise voice against pyramid frauds in Canada

Currently, in Canada, if you deliberately instigate a self-perpetuating pyramid fraud by legally-registering corporate structures to peddle an 'Amway-style' fake 'Business Opportunity' - in which your front-companies steadfastly pretend to retail lawfully, but behind which your victims are actually unlawfully required to hand over cash in exchange for (effectively unsaleable) goods, and/or services, and to recruit their friends and relatives to duplicate the same economically-suicidal, and unlawful, closed-market strategy - then your chances of being held to account are virtually zero. Sadly, this type of pernicious fraud has infiltrated traditional culture in Canada to a degree which almost beggars belief. Numerous Canadian police officers, civil servants, church ministers, tax officials, etc., are known to have been deeply-involved. Indeed, at the present time, the only people who risk getting arrested in Canada in connection with 'Business Opportunity' fraud, are public-spirited citizens who try to warn the public about it. Typically, the fake 'businessmen/women' racketeers behind this profitable, Canadian crime wave, have had enormous quantities of stolen cash available to pay aggressive echelons of amoral attorneys, and to attempt to smear, and intimidate into silence, anyone challenging their self-proclaimed authenticity.
As your readers know Shyam, Dave Thornton is a public-spirited Canadian citizen who has been campaigning loudly against pyramid fraud for a long time. In the past, Mr. Thorton has been subjected to a (failed) multi-million dollar, malicious, private prosecution brought by the dangerously-deluded 'MLM' racketeer, Alan Kippax - now languishing in prison in Canada for causing the death (by reckless driving) of his cousin and for maiming an innocent young couple. Mr. Thornton has also been subjected to a vicious smear campaign (run by Kippax and his criminal associates) in which he was falsely-portrayed as a paranoid and violent conspiracy theorist and criminal. As a result of his refusing to be intimidated into silence, Mr. Thornton has previously been arrested by Canadian police officers, allegedly for making threats of violence and disturbing the peace. One month ago, Mr. Thornton was again arrested by Canadian police officers whilst peacefully distributing pamphlets explaining the dangers of pernicious 'Business Opportunity' fraud to high school students in his home town of Oakville, and for showing them photographs of three corrupt Canadian police officers taking part in a meeting promoting the pyramid fraud known as 'Global Wealth Trade,' at the Sheridan Hotel, Niagra Falls.
It seems that certain co-opted Canadian law enforcement agents are still attempting to destabilize Mr. Thornton personally and destroy his credibility publicly, by falsely-portraying him in court as a paranoid schizophrenic. Self-evidently, the only people benefiting from this latest 'Scientology'-style attack on Mr. Thornton, are the absurd, but nonetheless dangerous, racketeers whom he has valiantly tried to expose.
David Brear (copyright 2010)

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