Tuesday, 23 August 2011

AP High Court understood the business model of speakasiaonline

Justice Raja Elango of Andhra Pradesh High Court appears to be determined to grill speakasiaonline as he has already understood the dubious business model of the fraudulent company. The trial was adjourned today to 25th August, 2011 after the counsel of Corporate Frauds Watch, Mr Mastan Vali expressed no objection when the Government Pleader asked for the adjournment.
During the hearing on Friday last, the counsel for speakasiaonline stated that the business model of speakasiaonline is very complicated and very difficult to understand. However, Jutice Raja Elango in a sarcastic note wondered how he could understood that easily if it is that complicated and difficult to understand.
Immediately, The counsel for the petitioner changed the tack and started attacking the complainant, Corporate Frauds Watch and stated that it has no locus standi. The writ petition has gone to the extent of casting aspersions on Corporate Frauds Watch and stated that it was trying to be in limelight in filing such criminal cases against the petitioner company. At the end of that paragraph, the writ petition has also stated that Corporate Frauds Watch has been making unjust demands.
After hearing the petitioner counsel's argument, Justice Raja Ilango emphatically stated that he would look into the locus standi of Corporate Frauds Watch later and asked the counsel to put forward the argument justifying the business model of speakasiaonline.
In a helpless mood, the counsel for the petitioner asked for adjournment.
Now the trial is adjourned for 25th August, 2011, one has to wait and see what decision the Andhra Pradesh High Court takes. 


GuyReviews said...

Ah, the "you don't understand us" excuse at work. Unfortunately, he better explain it to the judge or he's gonna lose, right?

Good job in suing this scam.

John Deep said...

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BEWARE, this is absolutely a Pyramid Scheme, MLM, Ponzi... Beware..