Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The 'Speakasiaonline' lie is blown out of the water, but the 'MLM' lie sails on regardless


Although the recent news about 'Speakasiaonline' is encouraging, it is almost a pointless exercise to deal with 'MLM income opportunity' fraud on a case by case basis.
I challenge any gang of 'MLM income opportunity' racketeers anywhere in the world, to prove that a significant number of their constantly-churning adherents has ever earned any net-income lawfully from regularly retailing products, and/or services, to the public for a profit.
No one is going to accept my challenge, for the simple reason that the overwhelming majority of so-called 'Independent MLM Business Owners' have abandoned their so-called 'businesses' within a short period, whilst a significant minority (usually with access to independent funds) have become de facto slaves, unconsciously dissipating all their mental, physical and financial resources to the benefit of hitherto unknown 'MLM' bosses, whom they have continued to trust and follow no matter what suffering this has entailed.
The evidence (in the form of the tax record) proves that, for the previous 50+ years, all so-called 'MLM income opportunities,' have been variations of essentially the same addictive lie. This reality-inverting, self-perpetuating fraud was conceived by a pathetic little gang of narcissistic parasites in the USA, where it has never been rigorously challenged in the criminal courts.  As a direct result of this chronic failure of US law enforcement, certain American 'MLM' bosses have managed to become some of the most influential and wealthy racketeers in history. Not surprisingly, they have spawned countless copy-cats, including the bosses of the Indian 'MLM' racket known as 'Speakasiaonline'. 
Whilst US law enforcement agents have continued to do effectively nothing, 'MLM income opportunity' fraud has become a global, organized criminal activity generating billions of illegal dollars and poisoning the lives of tens of millions of ill-informed individuals. A significant amount of this stolen cash has been used to infiltrate traditional culture, and particularly to co-opt academics and corrupt government. 
Had common-sense been applied years ago in the USA, then  'MLM income opportunity' fraud could have been fully-identified, and stamped out. Instead, we are now in a crazy situation where the phenomenon still remains largely-unrecognised, even though it should be ranked alongside the sale of narcotics as an ongoing menace to democracy and the rule of law.
Quite obviously, it is now not in the interests of senior US law enforcement agents and politicians to admit their own shameful role in this shameful affair.
David Brear (copyright 2011)


av said...

Sir, a am aware of 1 such schemes operating in North.
Under the name corporate infocom pvt ltd ( )

They Sell Websites but actually they are using pyramid strategy or MLM strategy.
I dont know who to inform about such company.

They take registration fee of 7500 and after joining you become an associate after that you have to make references and on making 2 sales you get Rs2000 and so the cycle starts.
This is there incentive plan

I hope some action can be taken against them.

Shyam Sundar said...

Dear av
You could contact the nearest police station in the area and lodge a complaint with the police under the provisions of Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978. It would be better if you found a victim to the scam or you yourself is a victim. Just try this. If it won't cut ice with the police, you could file a private complaint in the court which may order the police to take the complaint on file.

av said...

Sir, I am not a victim of this company but one of the associates approached me to join this company. But as i know about MLM strategies i refused to join. They have a Seminars on Saturdays. Problem is these associates are totally sycophants keep chanting 'Jai Corporate'.

Bunny said...

There is another fraudulent network marketing company is establishing its roots in India. Most of the people in our Andhra Pradesh are falling in the trap of this fraudulent company named, " MY VIDEO TALK ( MVT ) ".

THe investment to join in this company is Rs. 16,500. If we join the people under us in 4:2 ratio, then company will give Rs.1000 for each member. So Rs.6000 for 6 people in 4:2 ratio.

I was very surprised about these companies and more over on the foolish people those who invest in it.

surbhi said...

dear av and shyam sunder ji,
i also heard about corporate infocom pvt ltd. that company is fully legal company and they are registered under govt. "companies act 1956".
and they are not circulating money. they give u commission if u sell the web package. dont mind but you are having incomplete knowledge about the company and incomplete knowledge is very dangerous. and its not a MLM, because they are not marketing at multi levels, they have only one product which is "website" and sale that product. i am pursuing bcom with CA, and i checked all legalities about corporate infocom. they pay you after deducting income tax through ur pan card...! thats all...! thanx...!

Unknown said...

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